Why Is My Instagram Story Blurry When I Add Music? Explained and Resolved

Instagram Story Blurry When I Add Music

You spend hours crafting the perfect Instagram story: the lighting’s on point, the angles are fire, and you’ve chosen the perfect song. But then disaster strikes – your masterpiece uploads as a blurry mess.

What went wrong? You meticulously captured everything in high-definition on your phone; the dimensions are optimized for the platform, which is 1080×1920 pixels, so what remains?

But fear not, because we’re here to diagnose the culprit and get your stories back to stunning sharpness, stat. Buckle up because we’re about to unravel the mystery of blurry Instagram stories and restore the clarity your content deserves. With a few tweaks and fixes, your stories will be Insta-worthy masterpieces in no time, ready to mesmerize your audience!

Why Are my Instagram Stories Blurry?

So sometimes while uploading your Instagram stories you might face a problem where your stories appear to be blurry after uploading. Here is a breakdown of the common culprits and how to combat them:

1. Internet Issues

  • Weak Connection: A poor internet connection, be it Wi-Fi or cellular data, is the prime suspect. Ensure a strong, stable connection before uploading.
  • Data Saver Woes: If using mobile data, disable data-saving options that might compromise upload quality.

2. App Apathy

  • Cache Clutter: Clear your Instagram app cache regularly (especially on Android) to prevent performance issues and potential blurriness.
  • Quality Compromise: Check your Instagram settings and ensure “High Quality Uploads” is enabled for both photos and videos.

3. Content Conundrums

  • Media Overload: While fun, adding excessive stickers, GIFs, or long music clips can compress your story, impacting quality. Use them strategically.
  • Size Matters: Instagram imposes size limits (30MB for photos, 4GB for stories). Exceeding these limits leads to compression and, you guessed it, blurriness.

4. Tech Troubles

  • Instagram Hiccups: While rare, Instagram itself might be experiencing server issues. Check online for outage reports before troubleshooting further.
  • Resolution Rampage: Ensure your stories are captured in the recommended resolution (1080×1920 pixels) for optimal clarity.
  • Camera Calamity: Double-check your phone’s camera settings and ensure they’re optimized for high-quality capture. A dirty lens can also contribute to blurriness, so give it a quick clean!

5. Beyond the Obvious

  • Copyright Conflict: If your story content violates copyright regulations, Instagram might blur it. Ensure you hold the rights to all used elements.
  • App Bug Blues: If many users experience the same blur issue, it might be an app bug. Report it to Instagram and wait for a fix.

Remember, most of these solutions are quick and easy to implement. With a little work and these handy tips, you can do away with the blur and ensure your Instagram stories shine brightly, captivating your audience with their clarity and engaging content. 

Why is it essential to fix blurry Instagram stories?

So now you know the reasons why your Instagram stories are blurry. But knowing isn’t enough, right? If there is a blurry story problem, you should work to fix it. Moreover, if you know how important it is to fix a blurry story, it will work as a motivation for you. Here is why it is essential to fix your blurry Instagram stories:

Effective communication

The stories you post on Instagram are to make proper communication with your followers. This means the content you post should be engaging, high quality as well as attractive. If the stories you upload are blurry and unclear, your audience might get frustrated with the content. If you want to have effective communication with your audience, make sure your stories are clear and stand out.

Better user experience

With millions sharing Instagram stories daily, blurry uploads pose a significant problem. Not only do they frustrate viewers, but they also potentially hinder ad revenue: a significant source of income for Instagram. Blurry stories reduce engagement and deter viewers from watching ads, impacting their effectiveness and the platform’s bottom line. 

Does it interest you to use a service or product if you have a bad user experience? Well, the same goes for your social media platforms. Your users, i.e. your audience, communicate with you through your stories. If your stories are blurry, your audience might lose interest. So make sure you fix the problem that makes your Instagram story blurry for a better user experience for your viewers.

Therefore, ensuring clear, high-quality stories is crucial for both user experience and Instagram’s financial success.

Smooth delivery of the message

You will hardly find a popular influencer, business, or brand that doesn’t use Instagram stories. The stories you post on Instagram are to communicate and deliver a message to your audience. So if the stories you post are blurry, it will disrupt the whole concept of delivering a smooth message. This makes it necessary to understand why your story is blurry and fix the problem with a proper solution. 

Fruitful audience engagement

Remember, that the main aim for posting an Instagram story is to have a strong connection with your viewers. While creating stories, you invest your time and money to build a strong community on social media. This makes it necessary to have strong engagement if you want to build a strong community.

So if you put all your hard work and dedication into creating your content, it should bring more engagement. However, your blurry Instagram stories work against this aim. Your audience will lose interest if the concept isn’t clear, affecting your engagement. So make sure your stories are not blurry but clear.

Capitalize on the marketing opportunity

According to a survey, people prefer to discover products on Instagram stories. This allows brands to capitalize on the marketing opportunities. But if your story is blurry, it will affect your existing customers, target audience, and fans. You surely don’t want to lose your marketing opportunity with your customers losing interest. So fix your stories if they are blurry and make sure they attract your customers.

These are some of the few reasons why it is essential to fix your blurry Instagram stories. Do not settle on the thought that blurriness won’t affect you on social media platforms. Fix this problem as soon as possible.

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How to Fix Blurry Instagram Stories

Now you know what is the cause of blurry Instagram stories. You also know the importance of fixing the blurry stories. So now let’s see how to fix the blurry stories. let’s begin with checking your internet connection to troubleshoot the issue. Here are 11 ways, each with step-by-step procedures:

1. Check your Internet Connection.

Before we delve into any solutions, it’s crucial to make sure your internet speed and connection are in top-notch condition. This plays a significant role in why stories sometimes fail to upload or end up with a considerable quality drop when partially uploaded to the servers.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you have a strong Wi-Fi connection or an active cellular network. In case you come across any connectivity issues, it’s prudent to reach out to your service provider for prompt assistance and resolution.

2. Clear Instagram Cache on Android

The cache serves as temporary storage for data that applications store on your device. Its primary function is to facilitate the quick loading of specific elements within the app, eliminating the need to download them repeatedly whenever you access the application.

However, an accumulated cache can lead to certain issues, as some stored data may trigger bugs that cause Instagram stories to appear blurry. Regularly clearing the cache is a good practice to mitigate this.

If you want to understand more about what happens when you clear the cache on Instagram, check out our comprehensive guide. Please note that, unfortunately, clearing the cache is only feasible on Android devices. For iPhone users, you can proceed to the next method. Follow these steps to clear the Instagram cache on Android:

  • Step 1: Long-press on the Instagram app and select “App Info.”
  • Step 2: Click on ‘storage usage.’
  • Step 3: Next, select the “Clear Cache” to complete the process.
How to Clear Instagram cache on Android to fix blurry story.
Clear Instagram cache on Android

The interface and navigation may be different on some Android devices. If you’ve already cleared the cache but your Instagram stories still appear to be of low quality, let’s optimize your settings by following these steps: move on to the next set of fixes.

3. Enable High-Quality Uploads on Instagram.

Isn’t it interesting that Instagram offers an in-built feature to ensure high-quality uploads of media within the app? Now that you know, here’s how you can enable it to resolve any issues with Instagram stories appearing in poor quality:

  • Step 1: Access your profile tab and tap on the menu button.
  • Step 2: Choose “Settings and Privacy.”
  • Step 3: Tap on  “Data Usage and Media Quality.”
  • Step 4: Now, ensure that you enable the toggle for ‘Upload at highest quality.’
Steps for enabling High Quality uploads on Instagram to fix blurry story.
Enable high quality uploads on Instagram

Additionally, there’s another essential toggle to consider: the data saver toggle. Make sure to check that one as well to further enhance your experience. Once you enable high-quality uploads on Instagram, all your stories and content will upload in high quality.

4. Turning Off the Data Saving Option

Instagram offers a data saver toggle to cut down on data usage, but it might lead to compromised media quality while uploading through mobile data. This could be the cause of the blurry appearance of your Instagram stories. To fix this:

  • Step 1: Access your profile tab and tap on the menu button.
  • Step 2: Choose “Settings and Privacy.”
  • Step 3: Tap on “Data Usage and Media Quality.”
  • Step 4: Now, ensure that you disable the toggle for “Data saver.”
Turning off Data Saving option to fix blurry story.
Turn off data saving option

5. Choose the Right Format for Better Quality.

To ensure top-notch Instagram stories, refining your images’ dimensions, compression, and format is vital. Proper formats will help in the smooth process of uploading your stories. Here are valuable tips to enhance your visuals effectively:

  • Go for an optimal resolution of 1920 x 1080, ensuring a 9:16 aspect ratio for a perfect story fit.
  • Ensure your image has a minimum of 72 ppi (pixels per inch) or higher for clarity.
  • When uploading images, prefer vertical ones or those that naturally fit the screen without the need to zoom in (sticking to the 9:16 resolution).
  • Utilize tools like Photoscape to resize and fine-tune your resolutions.

By following these guidelines, you can significantly reduce the chances of encountering blurry Instagram stories and enjoy better image quality. So make sure that you use the proper format for photos and videos you upload for Instagram stories.

6. Utilize the Instagram Story Camera

Dealing with blurry Instagram stories can be frustrating, and not knowing the reason behind the issue can be disheartening. One of the most underrated Instagram hacks is to leverage the Instagram Story camera for recording videos or capturing photos for your Instagram story. The design of Instagram and Snapchat cameras enhances appearances, as these social media apps prioritize improving the user experience and boosting engagement.

Moreover, using the in-app Instagram Story camera might potentially resolve the blurry Instagram Story problem some of you are facing. Social media platforms always provide features and tools with a purpose in mind. Give it a try—record videos or snap pictures using the Instagram native in-app camera feature. You can always save the photos or videos for later posting, just in case.

Utilizing the Instagram story camera to fix blurry story.
Instagram story camera

7. Use photo and video Editing Applications.

Numerous video editors, like FlexClip, Inshot, Canva, Google Photos, Filmora, GoPro Quik, etc. can come to your rescue. come to the rescue by enabling you to effortlessly trim and compress videos to fit Instagram’s story format without any quality loss.

In just a few clicks, you have the power to adjust the aspect ratio, video length, and size precisely as needed. These applications offer a plethora of other video editing tools to elevate your content, such as seamless transitions, artistic filters, and the ability to alter video speed.

Photo/Video editing application
Photo/Video editing application

8. Update or reinstall the App

Updating your application is necessary if you want to enjoy the latest features and smooth functioning of the app. Sometimes there might be a bug in the version you are using, so updating the Instagram app to the latest might be quite helpful. 

Similarly, if you delete and reinstall the application, it will reinstall with the latest version. Now, this might not be a guaranteed solution to your problem. But it will give you a clean copy of the application, with potential fixes of any quality issue.

9. Check if Instagram Is Down

At times, the problem causing your stories to appear blurry may not be from your side but from Instagram’s end. This is why you need to make sure that the Instagram server is up and running properly. If a problem arises from Instagram’s end, it might not be able to fully upload the content. At such times, you need to check for proper news that lets you know if Instagram is down. Here are some places where you can check for any updates on Instagram:

  • The official Twitter account of Instagram.
  • Check the downdetector website to know if there is any problem on Instagram.
  • Simply search on Twitter with the word ‘Instagram’ to see if other users are facing the same blurry problems.

10. Use Less Media in Your Stories

Everyone wants to grab the opportunity to customize their Instagram stories according to their desire. But be careful with all of your selection or it may cause your story to go blurry. 

You can add music, stickers, gifs, and other elements to your stories, but only up to a certain limit. Excessive media added can lead to an increased content size. Instagram will compress the size of your photos or videos for the stories which may result in a blurry story.

If possible, try to upload your stories without the use of any media such as music, stickers, or gifs. This is a tried hack by many social media experts to fix the blurry Instagram stories. So give it a try and see whether it works for you.

11. Never Upload Photos/Videos Restored from a Backup

What if you lose a photo or video you want to upload and decide to use it by restoring a backup? It would be better if you did not use the restored version. The photo or video you restore from a backup may lack the original high quality. This will affect the overall quality of the story you upload on Instagram, making your story blurry.

However, if you are using restored photos/videos, make sure you download a high-quality version of the photo/video. For an iPhone user, restore the media from the Apple iCloud gallery. Then in your phone gallery, search for that media and simply tap on it to restore original quality. 

If you are an Android user, the process will happen manually. First, go to the Google Photos app. Then search for the photo/video you want to restore. Now, download it manually to your gallery.

Bonus Tip: How to Create Instagram Videos Faster

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Moreover, it offers trendy and relevant hashtags for your stories along with easy scheduling and seamless collaboration with team members. So don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to create polished and appealing stories with just a few clicks.

Predis Instagram Stories Maker
Predis Instagram stories maker

Wrapping it up

So there you have it! With these simple fixes under your belt, blurry stories should become a distant memory. Remember, prevention is key: choose strong internet connections, update your app regularly, and keep an eye on content size and resolution. By following these tips, your stories will shine bright, captivating your audience and maximizing your impact.  

However, if none of these methods work, there’s still one more option available. Follow the below steps and submit the problem you’re encountering, and then patiently wait for feedback and a possible fix from Instagram. You can report the problem to Instagram support by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Help.
  • Select “Report a problem.”

Now, go forth and share your vision in stunning clarity! For more social media tips and updates, follow us on our Instagram!

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