Quiet Mode on Instagram Explained

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Quiet mode on Instagram

Due to its appealing interface, Instagram has attracted such a wide audience that the USA has almost 170 million active Instagram users currently. But people’s social media attachment is often detrimental to their personal life and work. For that reason, Quiet mode on Instagram has been introduced, especially for teenagers who want to concentrate on their studies or other activities. This can reduce distractions for a while and maintain a healthier relationship with social media.

What is Quiet Mode?

Quiet mode on Instagram is a newly launched feature that’ll allow you to take a break from the app and limit your notifications.

Enabling Quiet Mode

1. Open the Instagram app.

2. Go to your profile page.

3. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.

4. Select “Settings”.

5. Scroll down and tap on “Notifications”.

opening notification settings on Instagram

6. Tap on “Quiet Mode”.

7. Toggle the switch to enable quiet mode.

enabling quiet mode on Instagram

8. Quiet mode is now enabled from 11pm to 7am. This is the default setting. Change it as per your requirement.

You can change the time schedule as per your requirement. Once the quiet mode is enables you can tap on the time and edit.

You can turn off the quiet mode the same way by toggling the switch and then click on “Turn off the quiet mode”.

skipping quiet mode

Features of Quiet Mode

  • Disabling notifications: When quiet mode is enabled, Instagram notifications are silenced, including likes, comments, and direct messages. When quiet mode is on, it shows on your profile.
  • If someone sends you direct message while quiet mode is enabled, an auto reply goes to them.
  • Customizable settings: Users can choose specific time periods for quiet mode to be active, such as during work hours or at night. The default time setting is 11pm to 7am.
Quiet mode on Instagram

  • You can turn on the quiet mode for up to 12hrs. at a time.
  • Temporary access: Quiet mode can be temporarily turned off to access notifications if needed.


Benefits of Quiet Mode

  • Reducing distractions: Quiet mode helps you to concentrate on your work, study or more on quality time in your personal space. This mode disables all the notification.
  • Improving mental well-being: When we take breaks from social media, we can spend it to other activities which is good for our mental health. Our anxiety and stress levels get reduced when we are in a healthy mental state.
  • Improving sleeping habit: There are numerous benefits of enabling quiet mode during the nighttime hours as we can have a good night’s sleep as this mode prevents disturbance.
  • Increasing productivity: Social media does harm to our work life also as it makes people addictive. Thus quiet mode is very helpful. You can give more time to your work and can increase productivity.

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Quiet mode on Instagram is a much needed feature in current time. It allows users to take control of their notifications and reduce distractions.

users can experience improved mental well-being, better sleep quality, and increased productivity. It is a useful tool for maintaining a healthier relationship with social media.

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