How to Hide Likes on Instagram?

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How to hide likes on Instagram

Instagram users can now hide likes on their own photos as well as those in their feeds. This decreases the urge to seek acceptance from others, providing mental health advantages, among other things. Furthermore, since its debut, this feature can be used for both old and new photos.

This was an admittedly long-overdue measure, with Instagram even considering deleting like counts completely from the site at one point. However, it has not gone that far, but the ability to turn the like counter on or off has surely been well received. So the question is how to hide likes on Instagram?

To hide likes on Instagram, Create an Instagram post, then click Advanced Settings at the bottom of the ‘New Post’ page, then enable ‘Hide’ like and view counts for this post.

hide likes on Instagram
Hiding Likes on Instagram

Why Does Instagram Likes Matter?

Instagram likes are part of complicated social signals that determine the success of a post for the current Instagram algorithms that dominate the feed.

To determine how your material is doing, combine likes with comments, saves, and shares in connection to your follower numbers. This is also one of the reasons why many companies and marketers rely on paid services to monitor and manage their performance.

Why Does Instagram Likes Matter?
Source: Status Brew

Instagram likes are one of the most apparent and simple gestures that signify a post’s approval and support (if they are visible to the user). Even if a user decides to hide their Instagram likes, they will still have an influence on the build-up of their feed; that is, posts from the creator you like the most will appear in your feed more often.

The major criterion for enhancing your total engagement is the number of active, genuine people engaging with your content. As a result, the likes that result from purchasing are unrelated to the real condition of the material on your account. It cannot be used in any manner.

Today, many Instagram users want to hide likes. This allows them to concentrate only on their interests and frequently avoid popular trends that they are not interested in. Hiding likes also helps to maintain a healthy mental state and to leave a competitive mentality behind. Instagram combats fraudulent engagement by disguising the number of likes, which may lead to pressure and unhealthy competitiveness among marketers and influencers.

Why Is Instagram Allowing The Users To Hide Likes?

Why Is Instagram Allowing The Users To Hide Likes?
Source: Status Brew

Instagram states in the app message sent to users who participated in the first testing phase that they want your followers to concentrate on what you share rather than how many likes your posts get; hence, they want you to know how to hide likes on Instagram.

There has definitely been no shortage of studies on the different ways social media has been detrimental to our health. While these social platforms were intended to bring us together, they have instead harmed our mental health by instilling feelings of poor self-esteem, loneliness, anxiety, sadness, and isolation in many.

Hide Instagram likes is an action made by Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, to enhance the quality and safety of its users. The objective, according to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, is to depressurize Instagram, make it less competitive, and allow users more room to concentrate on interacting with people they enjoy and things that inspire them.

Instagram hopes that by putting less emphasis on the number of likes, users will post more and fewer posts will be removed due to low like counts.

This choice was made for numerous reasons:

  • From the perspective of users: Instagram aims to provide its users greater flexibility when it comes to engaging with content, less social pressure, and less comparing themselves to others.
  • From the perspective of influencers or creators: Instagram wants influencers and producers to concentrate on generating good content and establishing connections with their followers rather than the number of likes they get.
  • Perspective of Instagram: Instagram is still fighting against purchasing likes to establish a safer environment for its users.

Why Should Brands Hide Likes on Instagram?

With Instagram likes bearing such significant weight, it seems that many users have been forced to publish stuff that would make them famous online, according to the company. As a result, the site has been chastised for generating a poisonous, misleading, and heightened atmosphere for its users.

In fact, Instagram discovered in an early trial that users who elected to hide likes on Instagram felt less pressured and had more control over their activities.

By deleting likes, the internet giant hopes to alleviate the stress associated with online publishing and the desire for social comparison. But is it the sole reason to hide the number of likes? Here are some more reasons to hide Instagram likes:

1. More Qualitative Content

When Instagram users are unable to see the number of likes on other people’s postings, it may encourage them to think more creatively. The goal here is to divert users’ attention away from the number of likes and toward the quality of the material, such as photographs and descriptions, rather than focusing simply on the number of likes.

As a user, you may even see how many people like your postings. When combined with other indicators, you can learn what your followers like seeing from you and what they don’t. Instagram expects that users will dare to share more high-quality material without fear of the post being seen as unimpressive based on the number of hearts – when in fact, the reverse is true.

Even if you want to hide likes on Instagram, they are still a measure that influences the success of the post. It even has an impact on brand-influencer cooperation.

2. Doesn’t Bother Instagram Algorithm

The engagement percentages estimated by Instagram algorithms for all purposes remain unchanged. When the original publisher of the post decides to keep the likes counter hidden, just the ‘likes’ counter vanishes from its original location at the bottom of the post.

Visitors may still use the heart emoji, and the invisible counter continues to accumulate likes in the same way. The overall amount of likes the post has earned is still visible to the post originator.

3. Removing Social Bias

People can’t help but allow social prejudice to impact their decisions at times. If customers see a brand’s account has fewer likes than others, they might conclude that it isn’t worth their attention. In such a case, hiding likes on Instagram helps to prevent users from passing judgment on any account on the site and encourages them to evaluate your material more objectively.

4. Eliminates Need For Social Validation

When you don’t get enough recognition or praise for your efforts, it may be difficult to cope with performance anxiety. When you compare the likes on your post to the likes on posts from large companies, you may conclude that you are not good enough to compete with such large businesses. Hide the Instagram likes to count to lessen such sensations.

How To Hide Likes On Instagram?

Instagram pondered deleting public like counts from the app completely while testing this functionality. The company then made it optional for users who want to concentrate on the photographs and videos being posted rather than the amount of likes postings get while maintaining the functionality.

Removing public like counts from the platform would be counterproductive since Instagram likes are an important audience engagement indicator for companies. However, for some users, likes may be a source of distraction. Not everyone who uses Instagram hopes to amass a large following.

The ability to hide likes on Instagram is ideal for people who would rather concentrate on sharing and reading photos without getting distracted by popularity and statistics.

Instagram users can disable the display of likes and views on their own picture and video postings. Furthermore, if you want a completely ‘likes-free’ experience, the app now enables you to hide the likes and view counts on all items in your timeline.

There is currently no method to hide Instagram likes for all of your posts. You can simply disable the likes counter for every new or existing post one at a time.

Other users will not be able to see how many likes your post receives, but you will still get alerts anytime your post is liked. You can also disable the likes counter on all of the posts on your timeline.

1. How To Hide Likes on Instagram From Other Instagram Account’s Posts?

How To Hide Likes on Instagram From Other Instagram Account's Posts?
Source: Status Brew

If you want to hide the like count on a post from other Instagram users as you view them in your feed, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to your profile and select the hamburger menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Select ‘Settings,’ then ‘Privacy.’
  3. Tap ‘Posts’ under ‘Interactions.’ Hide Like and View Counts is an option that you may enable to hide likes on Instagram.

You will no longer be able to see the number of likes and views on any posts on your timeline. However, this has no effect if others can see the number of likes and views on your own postings.

2. How To Hide Likes On Instagram While Creating Your Post?

How To Hide Likes On Instagram While Creating Your Post?
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When other users view your post, Instagram gives you the option to hide the like count. To hide likes on Instagram on your post while making it, follow the instructions below for each new post you create:

  1. Create an Instagram post by opening the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  2. Click Advanced Settings at the bottom of the ‘New Post’ screen.
  3. Switch the button to the right in the Like and view counts area to enable ‘Hide’ like and view counts for this post.

3. How To Hide Likes On Instagram on an Already Published Post?

Source: Status Brew

Here are the procedures to stop the like count display on your post even after it has been published:

  1. Navigate to your profile and choose the post for which you want to hide likes.
  2. Click the three-dot icon in the post’s upper right corner.
  3. Tap Hide Like Count from the pop-up menu to hide likes on Instagram after you’ve published a post.

How Can You Find Hidden Likes On Instagram?

If you prefer a like-free Instagram experience or want to see what all the commotion is about, turning on the hide likes on Instagram function is simple.

When likes are hidden, you can still express your gratitude with a double-tap. However, instead of viewing the complete number of likes, you will just see ‘Liked by [Instagram user] and others.’

If you select ‘others,’ a list of everyone who liked that post will appear. You can count them as you go through the list (if you want to). You can also return to your preferences and enable the likes count. This simply implies that companies and influencers will not be unaware of their like count (only their followers will be).

How Can You See Likes on Instagram Again?

It is important to realize that none of these adjustments have to be permanent. If you hide Instagram likes on your own or other people’s posts, you can always change your mind and go back.

To view likes on other people’s Instagram photos again, go to your ‘Privacy’ settings and uncheck the box next to ‘Hide Likes’ and ‘View Counts.’ To see Instagram likes on your own posts, go to the post, hit the three dots, and then choose ‘Unhide Like Count.’

Whether or whether you utilize this function, knowing how to hide likes on Instagram photos might be handy. If nothing else, the function is Instagram’s way of giving you more control over your posts and feed, which we can all appreciate.

Should you hide Instagram likes?

It is up to you if you want to hide your Instagram likes. Overall, withholding likes communicate to your followers that those metrics are unimportant to you. It’s one less thing to consider while sharing your images.

If you want to utilize your Instagram account to become an influencer or collaborate with businesses, you should keep those like numbers public. Brands will likely only collaborate with accounts that are prepared to divulge how many likes each post receives since they want to see a return on their investment.

Wrapping It Up

Instagram likes can be obtained by regular and consistent efforts. But you don’t have to focus on this indicator itself for your Instagram development. Instagram likes are a component of the system that is responsible for the platform’s increased engagement rate.

Many more likes would be generated by valuable material supplied on a regular basis for the correct audience. Because content is king on Instagram, you should always focus on increasing the quality of your material and keep an eye on your statistics to see how far you’ve come.

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