How to add Shopify Link to TikTok?

How to add Shopify Link to TikTok?

Launched in 2016, TikTok has undoubtedly been a trendsetting social media app that has withstood competition from the giants, namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others. In 2023, the app had over 4.1 billion downloads worldwide and captured a sizeable audience between the ages of 15 and 25.

So, if you have a business or product targeted towards this young audience, TikTok is the perfect platform for you to grow your brand.

Take the recent example of Revlon’s Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick that has been trending since a video went viral on TikTok. This lipstick was first seen on Tiktoker @catherine.abreu’s video, which has garnered over 9 million views ever since it was shared and reshaped by other creators and created a buzz that got everyone’s notice.

Turns out, it is not just influencers or top creators that can generate this buzz. You can, too! If you have a Shopify store that is geared for success, let TikTok help you amplify your store’s reach.

This guide unlocks the secrets of bridging the gap between TikTok’s captivating content and your thriving Shopify store. We’ll show you how to seamlessly add a Shopify link to TikTok, turning casual viewers into dedicated shoppers in just a few clicks.

Why Should You Integrate Shopify and TikTok?

Integrating Shopify and TikTok can be a game changer for your online brand. It allows your TikTok followers and casual browsers to discover your Shopify store and helps you in more ways than one.

Some of the benefits of doing this include the following:

1. Capitalize on Your Engagement

Let’s face it: TikTok is a captivating vortex. Its audience is massive, its content is addictive, and its trends spread like wildfire. By integrating your Shopify store, you gain access to this vibrant ecosystem, showcasing your products to millions of potential customers in a fun, engaging way.

2. Frictionless Purchasing

Connecting Shopify with TikTok allows you to add a clickable link directly to your profile. This means the moment one of your viewers gets the impulse to buy, it can be instantly satisfied. Your audience no longer has to switch applications or close TikTok to go to Shopify and search for your store.

3. Generates Additional Revenue

For any Shopify business, the goal is not just to get attention but to generate new sales. By adding a clickable link to your bio, you can significantly increase traffic to your store, and this happens when your brand products or content is fresh in the mind of the user. Thus, they are more likely to purchase from your store, helping you improve your revenue.

4. Build Brand Loyalty

The success of any online brand lies not just in that one-time purchase but in repeat business. TikTok has the power to do just that for your Shopify store.

You’ll forge strong connections with your audience by creating engaging content, showcasing your products authentically, and interacting with your viewers. They’ll see you not just as a seller but as a relatable personality they can connect with, increasing brand loyalty and fostering future purchases.

This helps you build a community and get more repeat customers, creating a success story that the world will talk about.


Ready to unlock this eCommerce alchemy? Well, you can’t start just yet. 

To add a Shopify link to TikTok, you need to meet a few requirements. These include:

  1. Having a verifiable address in your Location settings.
  2. Having a store in the United States or supported countries.
  3. Having a TikTok for Business account.
  4. Having a return policy page on your Shopify store page.
  5. Meeting TikTok’s product guidelines.

If you meet these requirements, you can install TikTok Sales Channel on your Shopify Store and get started with the next steps. 

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To add a Shopify link to TikTok, you need to first connect TikTok to Shopify.

For this:

  1. Download the TikTok app from the Shopify App Store.
  2. Install and connect your TikTok Business account with your Shopify Store. (Create a new account if you do not have one)
  3. Create TikTok Pixel, which lets you track user behavior and improve engagement.
  4. Check that TikTok Pixel is live by going to the “Assets” tab and check if you have a “TikTok for Pixel” box.

Once connected, navigate to your Shopify dashboard and select “Settings.” Then, under “Sales Channels,” click “TikTok.” Choose “Add Channel” and follow the on-screen instructions. This will help you to connect your Shopify and TikTok accounts to seamlessly understand how many leads you are getting via TikTok.

Once you integrate Shopify and Tiktok, go to your TikTok Business Account and follow the steps below:

1. Go to TikTok Business Profile and click the “Edit Profile” option.

2. This will open the Edit Profile option. Locate the “Website” field and enter your Shopify Store link. Since this feature is only available in select regions, we only have the Bio option, where you can also add your Shopify Store link (this can be copied but won’t be clickable).

How to Put a Link in TikTok Bio (and Drive More Clicks)

3. Tap the “Save” button and apply the changes to your profile. Once saved, your Shopify store link will be seen in the bio, and users can easily access your store.

Remember, integration is just the first step. To truly conquer the sales mountain, consistently create captivating content, engage with your audience, and nurture your brand persona. TikTok is a community, not just a marketplace, so build relationships and let your passion shine through.

Best Practices and Tips for Succeeding with Shopify on TikTok

Once you integrate Shopify and TikTok, the next step is to optimize your profile and start creating content that resonates with your audience. For this, follow the best practices below to help you stand out and grow your brand quickly:

  • Optimize your profile: Craft a compelling bio that reflects your brand and highlights your products.
  • Embrace authenticity: Ditch the polished sales pitch. On platforms like TokTok, authenticity sells, and people will connect with your brand only if you showcase your products in action. Highlight their real-life benefits, and let your personality shine through. People buy from people, so be relatable and genuine.
  • Tap into trends: Don’t just ride the wave – become part of it! Create content inspired by trending sounds, dances, and challenges, but seamlessly integrate your products in a fun and natural way.
  • Go short and sweet: Attention spans are fleeting on TikTok. Keep your videos concise, engaging, and under 60 seconds.
  • Tell a story: Don’t just showcase products – weave a narrative. Highlight the problem your product solves, show its transformation potential, and evoke emotions that resonate with your audience.
  • Experiment and iterate: What works for one brand might not work for another. Try different formats, test out various product placements, and analyze your results to see what gets the best response.
  • Respond to comments: Show your audience you care! Answer questions, address concerns, and spark conversations. Building relationships fosters loyalty and encourages future purchases.
  • Run contests and giveaways: Entice your viewers with interactive campaigns. Offer discounts, free products, or early access to new launches in exchange for likes, shares, or tags.
  • Collaborate with creators: Partner with relevant TikTok influencers who share your target audience. Their endorsement can give your brand immense reach and credibility.
  • Track your results and adapt: Don’t be afraid to experiment and analyze your data. See what types of content perform best and which hashtags lead to conversions, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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That concludes the blog! Armed with these insights, you can connect Shopify and TikTok to create a thriving eCommerce business and use the short-form video content to captivate your audience and build a solid community.

To help you build outstanding videos and visual content, you can use AI-driven platforms like This AI assistant helps you build sales-driven and professional-looking TikTok videos in minutes, even if you have zero editing experience. Simply input your text or choose from the extensive library of templates, making the process a lot faster and smoother.

After this, let AI work its magic as it analyses trending content and suggests relevant hashtags, ensuring your videos reach the right audience and ignite the flames of viral engagement.

So don’t wait! Head over to TikTok Video Maker and unlock the full potential of your Shopify-TikTok journey.

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