How to Create a YouTube Short on Desktop?

How to Create a YouTube Short on Desktop?

Undoubtedly, YouTube reigns as the premier platform for long-form video content.

Yet, what about short-form content?

With the introduction of YouTube Shorts in 2020, YouTube has solidified its status as both a short-form and long-form content hub.

Current data reveals that YouTube Shorts are amassing an impressive 50 billion views per day, a statistic that demands attention from both creators and marketers.

With that said, the following article explains the step-by-step process of how to create a YouTube Short on desktop.

Plus, we’ll also have a look at some of the pro tips for creating YouTube Shorts for maximum impact and some amazing YouTube Shorts ideas so that you never run out of content ideas.

Let’s dive right in!

How Do You Create a YouTube Short on Desktop?

Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to upload a YouTube Short through a PC.

Creating and Uploading a Video

1. Go to YouTube Studio.

2. Click on the CREATE button and then click on “Upload videos.”

Upload videos on YouTube

3. Click on “Select file” and choose a video file from your device. Make sure that the video you select is up to 60 seconds.

If it’s up to 60 seconds, YouTube will automatically identify it as a Short. If you upload a longer video, it will be uploaded as a regular video rather than a Short.

Adding Details to Your Short

4. After selecting the file, you will be taken to the Short settings. The very first thing you need to do is write a suitable title for your video. Make sure to include your keywords in the title.

Also, include relevant hashtags here to boost your Short’s discoverability.

Adding details to YouTube shorts

5. Although a YouTube Short description isn’t visible to viewers until they click the three dots and access it, it is advisable to add a description including your keywords for better discoverability of your Short.

Add description to YouTube Short

6. You can’t set up a thumbnail for your Shorts on a PC yet. But you can if you’re uploading a Short from a smartphone. So, we’ll skip this section.’s YouTube Thumbnail Picker generates thumbnails from your video, analyzes, grades them based on aesthetic appeal, and gives you the best thumbnail for your video.'s Thumbnail Picker

7. If you have multiple playlists on your channel, you have the option to choose the playlist to which this Short will be added with the “Select” button.

8. To comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), you need to choose whether your video is made for kids or not. Choose accordingly.

Choosing whether content is made for kids or not

9. Further, by clicking on the “Age restriction” tab, you can choose if your video is meant for an 18-year-old plus audience or everyone.

Age restriction settings for YouTube Shorts

Additional Settings

10. Next, if you click on “Show more,” you’ll be taken to further setting options such as:

  • Declaration if the video is a paid promotion
  • Your video’s chapter settings (Shorts don’t have chapters)
  • Tags (not to be confused with hashtags)
  • Your video’s language and caption certifications
  • Recording date and location
  • Comments settings
  • Category of your video

Note that these additional settings aren’t necessary for Shorts and are optional.

'Show more' settings

11. Click “Next,” and you’ll land on the “Video Elements” section. Here, you can add any other videos to connect with your first video. You can add up to 15 short videos, but the total duration shouldn’t be more than 60 seconds.

Add related video

12. Click “Next“. In the “Checks” section, YouTube will look for any issues with your content, such as copyright claims. If there are no issues, you can proceed.

Content checks on YouTube

13. Almost done! Click “Next” and choose who can see your Short:

  • Private: Only you and the people you choose can watch
  • Public: Everyone can watch
  • Unlisted: Anyone with the link can watch

Privacy settings for your YouTube short

Publishing Your Short

14. In the same section, you also have the option to schedule your Short for a later time or date. If you want to schedule it, set the date and time and click on “Schedule,” and it will be scheduled.

Scheduling a YouTube Short

If you want to publish it immediately, click on “Publish,” and BOOM, your Short is live.

15. You may have overlooked something or made an error. If you wish to make any edits after publishing your short, simply head over to YouTube Studio and access the “Content” section in the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

All your videos can be found here, where you can conveniently make edits as needed.

You can also check metrics like views, comments, etc., for all your videos.

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Pro Tips for Creating YouTube Shorts

1. Optimizing your content for Shorts

Do not treat your Shorts like a normal YouTube video. A Short is different than a normal video in many ways:

  • Duration: Shorts are concise, while regular videos are long.
  • Speed: A Short should generally move (change frames) faster than a regular video. A slow transitioning Short isn’t something that gets success. If you’ve ever seen those Shorts about recipes and cooking, you must have seen how fast the frames transition into the next ones.
  • Aspect ratio: Shorts are mostly watched over mobile phones, so they should have an aspect ratio of 9:16 (vertical), unlike a regular video that is shot in landscape mode.
  • Content types: Shorts are often suited for content that can grab attention quickly, such as comedic skits, short tutorials, or captivating moments, while regular videos can include a wider range of content types, including long-form discussions, documentaries, or educational content.

Make sure to keep these points in mind while creating a YouTube Short.

2. Choosing the right tools and software

Make sure to get your hands on a variety of video editing software to get into some advanced editing and visual effects. Some of them are even designed specially for editing YouTube Shorts.

Check out’s tools to create YouTube Shorts with one-liner inputs.

Once you input a one-liner description for your video, you can also browse through video templates that have AI-generated voiceovers in them.'s video with voiceover feature

3. Creating eye-catching thumbnails

Currently, custom thumbnails for Shorts are not available on desktop devices. However, if you’re using a smartphone to upload Shorts, you do have this option.

Be aware that YouTube does not permit custom thumbnails for Shorts at the moment. Instead, you can select a specific frame from your video to serve as your thumbnail.

Ensure that your video includes some text to explain or describe its content, and utilize that frame (with text) effectively as your thumbnail.

4. Writing compelling titles and descriptions

How do you write a title that leads to more views? Here are some actionable tips:

  • Craft accurate titles that aren’t clickbait. Clickbaits will earn you views but not loyalty and trust.
  • Spark curiosity with intriguing questions or descriptions.
  • Incorporate relevant keywords for Shorts SEO.
  • Stay concise to fit within the 40-character limit. Anything longer will result in truncated titles.
  • Make every word (and emoji) count to maximize impact.

5. Promoting your shorts

Broaden your audience by distributing your YouTube Shorts on diverse social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can share a teaser with a link to the full Short to boost views on your YouTube channel.

For instance, utilize Instagram Stories’ “Link” sticker to showcase a preview and direct viewers to your Short via a link.

Link sticker on Instagram

YouTube has a convenient feature allowing users to explore all Shorts featuring specific music or soundtracks.

Within each short, details about the soundtrack are displayed at the video’s bottom. By simply clicking on the soundtrack, viewers gain access to a collection of videos featuring that particular soundtrack.

Incorporating trending music or soundtracks into your shorts increases the likelihood of your content surfacing at the top of related search results.

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Some YouTube Shorts Ideas

1. Before-and-after

YouTube Shorts can be a great way to present before-and-after videos. This can mean revealing the making of a painting from start to finish, documenting the growth of a garden over time, or explaining the effectiveness of a product (such as a car cleaner).

2. Show a secret hack

Everyone loves life hacks, and YouTube Shorts is the perfect platform to showcase them! From using ChatGPT to organizing hacks, simplify day-to-day tasks for your viewers.

3. Vlog-style Shorts

While vlogs remain popular, they’re often linked with longer content. Consider condensing your long videos into shorter, visually appealing videos, focusing solely on the highlights. Think of it as a bite-sized vlog.

4. Answer questions

If you’re a brand or influencer, chances are you’ve gathered inquiries from your audience over time. Instead of dedicating an entire YouTube video to addressing these questions, consider creating a brief FAQ YouTube Short to address your most frequently asked ones.

5. Sneak peek into your upcoming full-length video

You can use Shorts to showcase a teaser for your upcoming long video. Or, you could extract a part of your existing video and post it as a Short to give a chance to your viewers to watch your long video.

6. Give instructions

People love to watch Shorts of recipes and cooking. Likewise, you can also give instructions for workout routines or arts and crafts tips.

7. Repost your TikToks or Reels

Finally, it is never a bad idea to post your existing TikToks and Instagram Reels to your YouTube channel to reach a wider audience with the same content.

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Summing up

YouTube’s expansion into short-form content with YouTube Shorts has transformed it into a versatile platform catering to both long and short video formats.

If you want to create stunning YouTube Shorts, try your hands on our AI-assisted tool that lets you generate impressive YouTube Shorts with just one-liner inputs. You can choose from a variety of available templates and edit and schedule your Shorts.

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