Can’t change thumbnail on YouTube Shorts – Solved!

Can't change thumbnail on YouTube Shorts - Solved!

Today, almost everyone knows what YouTube Shorts is – a fun way to share amazing, bite-sized videos with the world through YouTube. The fact that the videos are just about a minute long makes them an extremely popular viewers’ choice.

Did you know that in October 2023, YouTube Shorts recorded 70 billion views daily? The Shorts you create have the potential to woo such a large audience every single day – and custom thumbnails can help your videos stand out amongst a crowd.

This blog solves the problem of “can’t change thumbnail on Shorts” in only a few easy-to-follow steps.

Is It Important to Have a Good Thumbnail for YouTube Shorts?

To boot, a good Shorts thumbnail works to tell your audience what your video is all about. Think about it this way: the thumbnail is the first glimpse your viewers see of your short video. When it is relevant to their search terms or queries, there are higher chances that they will click on your video and start viewing.

In short, the thumbnail increases the chances of your video getting viewed amidst a huge competition of other content. In fact, Google revealed an interesting statistic recently: about 90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails!

Thumbnails help to establish the first impression of your video in the minds of the viewer.

For example, the Failarmy channel on YouTube features Shorts with thumbnails that imprint a kind of curiosity in the minds of the viewer. This is what invites them to click, giving them an anticipation of a “fail” that is about to happen in the video, as seen from the thumbnail.

Therefore, thumbnails are also important to induce curiosity in the viewer, which entices them to click on the video and find out what happens next. It is important to customize your thumbnails to help your Shorts videos perform better on your channel.

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Why Can’t You Change the Thumbnail on the Shorts?

You may have run into trouble trying to customize your YouTube Shorts thumbnails. There is a reason why:

YouTube's reply to the question "Can I upload any custom thumbnail in shorts (not from video itself)?" on Twitter

In 2022, YouTube removed the option to apply custom thumbnails using Studio for the reason that the whole process was getting confusing. YouTube changed up the entire process a little bit to make things easier, but it triggered a flurry of confusion among users as to how it was actually done.

People could only select one of the thumbnails that was recommended by the system automatically. Thankfully, there is a simple workaround, as mentioned in the reply posted by YouTube – just use your phones.

So, while the thumbnails edited on desktops or laptops aren’t compatible with the channel, compatibility is retained when the same operation is executed using smartphones. Let’s see how.

Easy Steps to Fix “Can’t Change Thumbnail on Shorts” Problem

Let’s get down to understanding how you can change the thumbnail of your YouTube Shorts video easily. Follow the steps below:

  • Launch your YouTube app, and sign in to the account you wish to upload Shorts videos to.
  • You will see a “+” icon that lets you create or upload new content right from your phone. Select the “Upload a video” option.
  • Locate the “Edit” button. When you click on it, it will show an option to “Change thumbnail.” Select it.
  • The interface then allows you to select any frame as the new thumbnail for your video. You can navigate the frames to select the one that defines your video best.
  • Once you are done selecting the thumbnail, select “Done” to apply it to the Shorts video.
  • You can finish up your Shorts video by adding a caption to it using keywords to further enhance its visibility on people’s feeds.

It is important to note that these steps apply to only the users who are trying to change the thumbnails using an Android device.

Alternatively, you can also use the following method to change the thumbnails on your YouTube Shorts videos:

  • Open your YouTube app and navigate to “My Channel.”
  • The interface will show you a variety of sections like Playlists, Thumbnails, etc. Select the Thumbnails section.
  • You will see three auto-generated thumbnails, but you can skip that. Another pop-up window will appear that allows you to “Choose or Upload Thumbnails.”
  • You can now upload a custom thumbnail or drag and drop from the three choices provided.
  • This option also lets you choose a frame from the video which you are changing the thumbnail for.
  • Once done, you can save and publish the video as you like, with the thumbnail of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are bite-sized, one-minute videos that allow users to share interesting content quickly for on-the-spot entertainment.

2. What is a thumbnail?

A thumbnail is the cover image that appears as the icon of the video on social media channels like YouTube.

3. Why are thumbnails important?

Thumbnails give the viewers an idea of what they can expect to see in the video, which works as a magnet for clicks if used properly.

4. Does YouTube not allow thumbnails?

YouTube provides its own thumbnail suggestions to choose from when uploading videos from Studio. However, you can customize them when you upload videos using an Android device.

Yes, YouTube Shorts are an extremely popular content type that people prefer to view because their duration is within one minute.

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