Top 10 YouTube Shorts Content Ideas 

Top 10 YouTube Shorts Content Ideas

Whether you’re a full-time content creator, an amateur looking to use content as a way of building a side hustle, or simply a consumer who wants to try their hands at making viral short-form videos, chances are you’ve considered using YouTube Shorts at some point.

While making videos seems easy enough, especially with the wealth of AI tools available today, making content that stands a high chance of going viral and generating any form of revenue can be challenging. If you’re finding yourself wondering what kind of content you can post to YouTube Shorts, this guide will help. 

We list 10 interesting and engaging YouTube Shorts content ideas for you to take inspiration from. We’ll also take you through some examples of creators who have successfully made such formats of content for you to take inspiration from. Let’s dive right into it. 

Top 10 YouTube Shorts Content Ideas for 2024

In this section, we dive right into ten engaging YouTube Shorts content ideas that you can consider. 

1. Sharing Quick Tips

One of the key benefits of being a content creator today is that no topic is out of bounds.

However, this statement does come with certain limitations because if you want to stand a chance of earning via YouTube’s Partnership Program (YPP), you must ensure that your content is free of found or inappropriate language, dangerous acts, and adult content. 

Whether you’re a homemaker or a content creator, a sportsperson, or a digital marketing professional, sharing quick tips that can make people’s personal and professional lives easier can make for valuable content. 

The key benefit of sharing such content is that it can build your reputation as a subject-matter expert in your viewers’ eyes. So, the next time someone needs a tip on how to optimize their LinkedIn About section, for example, you could very well be the first person they think of. 

Sharing tips on YouTube

Check out this example of the digital creator Umar Naqshbandi who’s based in Malaysia. As a photographer, a huge chunk of his YouTube Shorts involves sharing tips on how to achieve certain effects or apps that one can use to streamline image editing. 

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2. Discuss Your Favorite Apps and Products

Say, for example, you’re a professional photographer who uses a set of apps as a part of your photography tech stack. This could include a mix of well-known apps like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, but also other apps that your audiences may never have heard of. 

Sharing these apps with your audiences can be a great way of engaging them, as it offers an immense amount of value and can also drive engagement. If your viewers find your videos helpful, they will like, comment, and even share your content with others who have similar interests. 

You can do the same thing with a product, as shown by the Canadian tech content creator Canoopsy

Sharing reviews for products

3. Post Shorts About a Day in Your Life

If you’re already a well-established creator or even someone in the process of getting there, chances are your audiences would love a peek into your daily routine.

Videos that show viewers what a day in your life looks like can be a great way to build a personal connection between them and yourself while also offering much-needed inspiration. This makes them one of the best YouTube Shorts content ideas you can implement. 

For example, if you’re someone who creates fitness content, a video showing how you plan your routine around waking up early and prioritizing going to the gym can be a great idea for a YouTube Short. 

4. Record What Happens Behind the Scenes

Behind-the-scenes videos are a great way to show your audiences the fun behind the scenes of your business or your life as a creator. Once again, videos like these are great tools to help build engagement, as your audiences get to see what happens behind the perfection they see in your videos on other occasions. 

As a business, this can be a great example, as a lot of consumers tend to view businesses as being faceless. As a result, if you can help your audiences see how you work or perform certain tasks while making engaging content out of it, you’re more likely to appeal to them and garner increased engagement. 

5. Post Travel Videos

Travel content creation is an extremely popular niche the world over. In fact, according to statistics, 38% of Americans already use social media to blog about their travel experiences.

For the vast majority of people, high-quality travel videos can offer a mini-escape from their mundane daily lives, allowing them to dream and feel inspired. 

Whether you travel solo, with your partner, or on a motorcycle, posting engaging content about your journey can be a fantastic way to build engagement and increase your following on YouTube. One of the best-known examples of a travel content creator who has now built a strong following is Freddie Dobbs

His content primarily revolves around the world of motorcycles, from reviewing them to recording travel videos with his partner. 

Travel video on YouTube shorts

6. Before and After Videos

We’ve all been seeing before and after videos for years on social media, and they continue to be a hit to date. Be it the transformation of someone’s skin after a specialized treatment or that of an old house repurposed with swanky new interiors; the list is endless. 

You can make before and after videos no matter which niche you create your content in, from photography, videography, home decor, and architecture to skincare, fashion, and so much more. 

These videos can also be a great option for businesses. If you own a hair care company, for example, you can create a video that showcases a model’s hair before and after using your product. 

Take the example of Erin Killeen, a content creator in the fitness space. She creates a host of videos about her workouts, from tips and tricks to several videos about transformations. 

7. Create Mini Vlogs

Long-form vlogs can be great fun to watch and, when created well, can truly engage your audience for the entire duration. However, with short-form content dominating the content space, we’d suggest dipping your toes in the world of mini vlogs. 

These can be a great way of creating engaging stories, be it about travel, your experience with a specific product, or a host of other ideas. If you’re someone who already creates long-form vlogs for YouTube, you can also record your content in portrait mode to create a mini version for it. 

8. Bust Myths in Your Industry

With short-form content being consumed at such a large scale, it’s no surprise that a lot of people tend to rely on it for the information they get about a particular subject. However, the downside with this approach, rather than relying on respected publications, is that the information you get can often be misrepresented and, sometimes, even false. 

YouTube short - busting myths

From fake news to posting myths about an industry, you can consider creating content that clarifies information and busts these myths. A fantastic example of a creator who creates such content is Doctor Youn, a nationally recognized and board-certified plastic surgeon in the United States. Some of his content revolves around busting myths related to food and health, as you can see from the image. 

9. Answering Questions From Your Followers

Nothing shows your respect for your audience than your willingness to engage with them and answer their questions. While you can respond to their comments, you can also turn these responses to your audiences’ questions into YouTube Shorts. 

You can do this in several ways. For example, you can ask your audiences to put down their questions in the comments of your long-form videos. You can then pick out one question at a time and answer these questions in individual shorts.

Another idea is to recycle the same content you create for other short-form content platforms like Instagram, where you answer questions from your viewers. 

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10. Condense News and Current Events Into Shorter Snippets

With people’s lives becoming increasingly busy, a lot of people struggle to keep up with what’s happening in the world around them. With news bulletins and reports being time-consuming to consume, it can help to condense these reports or news events into shorter, minute-long videos. 

Such content can help offer your audiences a great deal of value while ensuring they keep coming back to you for updates day after day. Guardian News, for example, is a fantastic platform that uses YouTube Shorts to give its audiences updates on what’s happening around the world.

In Conclusion

Creating content for YouTube Shorts and other short-form content platforms can be challenging, both for beginners and seasoned creators. The former take some time to figure out what kind of content they’d like to create and what their audiences would resonate with, while the latter may reach a point of mental saturation where they struggle to think of fresh ideas. 

This guide has listed ten different YouTube Shorts content ideas, along with some key examples you can use for inspiration. If creating such content seems like a daunting task, you can make use of the power of AI to streamline your content creation., for example, is a tool that allows you to auto-generate videos and captions and even convert blogs to posts for your social media channels. What’s more, can also help you with a range of content ideas with just a few simple inputs, ensuring you never suffer from the creator’s block. If you want to learn how can help, create a free account and start exploring Predis right away!

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