450+ Best Hashtags for TikTok To Make Your Videos Go Viral in 2024

Trending TikTok hashtags

Looking for a way to make your videos go viral on TikTok? TikTok is the 4th largest social media platform around the globe by MAU with 1 billion monthly active users. This gives you a chance to grow your brand on TikTok. Hashtags have the capacity to make your content viral on TikTok, thus we have some most popular hashtags for you. We will tell you all you need to know about TikTok’s trendy hashtags. We will tell you all you need to know about TikTok’s trendy hashtags.

Right from what are trendy TikTok hashtags, how they work, and why to use them. We have also provided a list of the most trendy TikTok hashtags in 2024 along with tips to find and use them. If you are new to TikTok, you will get to know how many hashtags to use, and how to create and find one on the app itself. Moreover, you will also get to know how to go viral using TikTok hashtags. So let’s get started to know all about trendy TikTok hashtags and the positive impact they will bring for your brand.

So a TikTok hashtag is a clickable hashtag that categorizes your content and allows content discovery to increase visibility. Now talking about trendy TikTok hashtags, it means the one which is currently popular and in talk about more. Thus it gets more recognition from users resulting in increased impressions, interactions and mentions.

TikTok trending
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But does it matter if you use trendy TikTok hashtags? Of course, it does!! Trendy hashtags matter as they allow users to highlight and identify what type of content the audience currently prefer. This provides you with an opportunity to create content as per your audience preference. 

They also play a great role in content discovery and marketing on TikTok. Typing a hashtag in the Discover tab will present you with videos using the latest hashtags. Now the algorithm captures this search which shows you videos with similar content on the for you page.

So for marketers, it will be a great opportunity if they use these trendy hashtags in their videos. Because then the videos they prepare with the latest hashtags will feature on the for you page of other users. So let’s see how these trendy TikTok hashtags work for the content you create.

How Do TikTok Hashtags Work?

TikTok hashtags function similarly to Instagram hashtags. They are generally included in the video captioning. TikTok has increased its character restriction to 2200 characters. So now you can freely use hashtags for your content keeping in mind about the perimeters.

They can help you go viral and have your video listed on the “for you” page if applied correctly. The “for you” tab, which is similar to Instagram’s Explore page, is full with customized videos based on each user’s preferences. This is also the first thing customers see when they launch the app, so being here will boost your profile significantly!

In brief, hashtags assist TikTok in identifying your specialization (for example, beauty), categorizing your content within that niche, increasing your exposure, and assisting you in reaching the “for you” page.

Why Should You Use TikTok Hashtags on Your TikTok Videos?

TikTok video
Source: Mag El Comercio

Using TikTok hashtags on your TikTok videos will work wonders for the content you present on the platform. There are many valid and profitable reasons behind using a hashtag for your content. Some of them are present below:

  • TikTok hashtags allow you to label your content and make it more discoverable on the platform.
  • Hashtags help you in broadening your reach by presenting your content to a wider audience.
  • They help to enhance your visibility which in turn increases the likes, comments and followers.
  • You can even use them to find rivals in the same niche you represent. Because there is a certainty they will be using the same hashtags as yours.
  • Hashtag allows you to study your rivals’ content and plan a proper strategy to present your content.
  • If you are searching for someone on the platform to collaborate with, hashtags are here for your help.
  • You can even search for content using the hashtags if you are new to the platform.
  • If you use hashtags to create challenges, you can easily gather lots of user-generated content.
  • It is a good chance for you to create your community using your branded hashtags on TikTok.

These are only a few reasons why you should use hashtags for your videos on TikTok. Once you start using hashtags, you will understand and learn more new reasons to use hashtags for your videos. Eventually, your engagement and impressions will increase making your content viral.

We’ve got you covered with the most popular hashtags right now, which you can use on any kind of content. You have no idea how many people search for stuff using irrelevant tags. Try not to dismiss the wider hashtags as ineffective just because of their simplicity. Also, keep in mind that the combo method produces good outcomes.

1. General TikTok Hashtags

Hashtags on TikTok

So first, let’s start with a general category of TikTok hashtags. These hashtags are the first ones to popup in your mind if you post a video regarding a particular topic.

  • #tiktoktrend
  • #mexico
  • #duet
  • #artistsoftiktok
  • #momsoftiktok
  • #meme
  • #behindthescenes
  • #love
  • #follow
  • #new
  • #tiktokmademebuyit
  • #family
  • #tiktokfamous
  • #challenge
  • #video
  • #dadsoftiktok
  • #slowmo
  • #youtube
  • #like
  • #youtuber
  • #tiktokchallenge
  • #explore
  • #viralvideos
  • #reallifeathome
  • #repost
  • #followforfollowback
  • #viralpost
  • #tiktok
Most popular TikTok hashtags

These are the ones that are trendy and are mostly preferred by users over other hashtags. Using these hashtags will likely increase the visibility of your content as they highlight current trends and challenges.

  • #TikTokFamous
  • #FunnyVideos
  • #mexico
  • #gaming
  • #duett
  • #CuteBaby
  • #football
  • #FollowForFollowBack
  • #DuetWithMe
  • #video
  • #TikTokers
  • #TikTokPhilippines
  • #funny
  • #CoronaVirus
  • #challenge
  • #ExplorePage
  • #photography
  • #anime
  • #iloveyou
  • #featureme
  • #FollowForFollow
  • #fashion
  • #duet
  • #GoodVibes
  • #BestVideo
  • #video
  • #tik_tok
  • #dog
  • #ThisIs4You
  • #fun
  • #live
  • #stitch
  • #meme
  • #like
  • #follow
  • #bts
  • #DogsOfTikTok
  • #trending
  • #food
  • #storytime
  • #MakeUp
  • #India
  • #likes
  • #CoupleGoals
  • #awesome
  • #comedia
  • #ForYouPage
  • #TikTokDance
  • #ForYou
  • #lol
  • #DanceChallenge
  • #humour
  • #fypchallenge
  • #GreenScreenVideo
  • #trend
  • #GoViral
  • #LearnOnTikTok
  • #quotes
  • #viral_video
  • #happy
  • #music
  • #explore
  • #TikTokTrending
  • #GreenScreen
  • #cat
  • #artist
  • #cute
  • #memories
  • #TikToker
  • #fy
  • #loveyou
  • #LoveYouTikTok
  • #ViralVideo
  • #TikTokBrasil
  • #lfl
  • #FollowMe
  • #TikTok
  • #FollowMe
  • #TikTokChallenge
  • #TikTokIndia
  • #memes
  • #gamer
  • #MakeUpTutorial
  • #quotes
  • #dueto
  • #futbol
  • #TikTokViral
  • #bhfyp
  • #LikeForLike
  • #love
  • #TikTokTrend
  • #dance
  • #comedy
  • #viral
  • #fyp
  • #art
  • #prank
  • #CatsOfTikTok
  • #TikTok4Fun
  • #soccer

3. Fashion TikTok Hashtags

Fashion tiktok hashtags

You can use these hashtags if your content is regarding clothes, accessories and style. So all the fashion enthusiasts who love to share fashion tips and trends and participate in challenges can use them.

  • #fashionista
  • #outfitinspo
  • #photography
  • #PhotoOfTheDay
  • #StreetStyle
  • #FashionTikTok
  • #dress
  • #FashionInspo
  • #FashionInfluencer
  • #model
  • #FashionBlogger
  • #design
  • #moda
  • #shoes
  • #ootd
  • #clothing
  • #OutfitOfTheDay
  • #fashion
  • #TikTokFashion
  • #style
  • #ClothingBrand
  • #beautiful
  • #shopping
  • #fashionable
  • #outfit

4. Motivational TikTok Hashtags

Ready to inspire and uplift the spirits of your audience? We present you with these motivational TikTok hashtags. Now your content may consist of positive speech and messages, even personal achievements that boost positivity. Give these hashtags a try.

Motivational hashtags

  • #FitnessMotivation
  • #entrepreneur
  • #goals
  • #leadership
  • #QuoteOfTheDay
  • #MentalHealth
  • #QuotesToLiveBy
  • #anxiety
  • #determination
  • #motivation
  • #MyVoice
  • #MotivationalQuotes
  • #talk
  • #success
  • #love
  • #quotes
  • #mindset
  • #TikTokMotivation
  • #inspiration
  • #MotivationMonday
  • #HungryForSuccess
  • #LiveMoreChallenge
  • #business
  • #SelfCare
  • #inspirational

5. Food and Cooking TikTok Hashtags

Food and Cooking Hashtags

These fit well with all the food-related content on TikTok. It may be, new creations, recipes, food hacks, culinary skills, food adventures, food enthusiasts as well as chefs. Share your love for food with these hashtags.

  • #TikTokFood
  • #dinner
  • #TikTokRecipe
  • #chef
  • #chef
  • #FoodBlogger
  • #FoodTok
  • #foodie
  • #MyRecipe
  • #cook
  • #NewRecipe
  • #delicious
  • #HealthyFood
  • #yummy
  • #EasyRecipe
  • #tasty
  • #FoodRecipe
  • #MySecretRecipe
  • #lunch
  • #kitchen
  • #eat
  • #homemade
  • #VeganRecipe

6. Fitness TikTok Hashtags

Fitness TikTok Hashtags

Use these hashtags for all the content that relates to fitness and health. Your content may include daily routines, exercises, challenges, tips and tricks, demonstrations wellness advice and much more.

  • #WorkoutRoutine
  • #exercise
  • #motivation
  • #FitnessGoals
  • #BodyBuilding
  • #FitFam
  • #training
  • #BestForHealth
  • #HealthTips
  • #FitnessMotivation
  • #health
  • #HealthyLifestyle
  • #GymLife
  • #nutrition
  • #StayHealthy
  • #WeightLoss
  • #fitness
  • #HealthIsWealth
  • #PersonalTraining
  • #GymTok
  • #gym
  • #lifestyle
  • #HealthyFood
  • #workout
  • #GymMotivation

7. Travel TikTok Hashtags

Travel Hashtags

These hashtags are used for all the content highlighting traveling. You may be a traveler or an agency, who wants to share content or attract customers. Share your travel experiences, destinations, adventures, journeys, advice, hacks as well as hidden gems around the world.

  • #travel
  • #adventure
  • #traveling
  • #TravelLife
  • #summer
  • #tourist
  • #TravelBlogger
  • #tour
  • #travelTikTok
  • #trip
  • #travelgram
  • #TravelInfluencer
  • #TravelPhotography
  • #holidays
  • #wanderlust
  • #explore
  • #photography
  • #beach
  • #nature
  • #traveler
  • #TravelTok
  • #vacation
  • #holiday
  • #TravelBucketList
  • #TravelPhoto

8. Relationship TikTok Hashtags

Your content may include romantic relationships, friendships or interpersonal dynamics. You can use these hashtags to share love stories, advice, memories and connections. It’s a great way to boost social bonds.

Relationship Hashtags

  • #life
  • #dating
  • #girlfriend
  • #cute
  • #couples
  • #CoupleGoals
  • #gf
  • #couple
  • #RelationshipQuotes
  • #wedding
  • #marriage
  • #goals
  • #together
  • #lovers
  • #relationship
  • #kiss
  • #bf
  • #LoveYou
  • #boyfriend
  • #LoveQuotes
  • #RelationshipAdvice
  • #ily
  • #forever
  • #RelationshipGoals
  • #love

9. Funny TikTok Hashtags

Funny TikTok Hashtags

Excited to share your funny and humorous content with others to spread the joy of laughter? Share your skits, anecdotes and challenges with your viewers using these funny TikTok hashtags.

  • #laugh
  • #vines
  • #meme
  • #1MinComedy
  • #comedy
  • #funny
  • #comedian
  • #featureme
  • #DarkMemes
  • #prank
  • #dank
  • #humor
  • #lmao
  • #15sVines
  • #FunnyVideos
  • #haha
  • #trending
  • #1MinAudition
  • #FunnyMemes
  • #MemesDaily
  • #blooper
  • #memes
  • #trick
  • #FeatureThis
  • #lol

10. Lifestyle TikTok Hashtags

Is your niche all about lifestyle? Here is a great chance to boost your lifestyle post using these wonderful lifestyle hashtags. Share your hobbies, habits, routines and much more with your users with these hashtags.

Lifestyle background

  • #life
  • #DubaiLifestyle
  • #LifestyleBlog
  • #PlantTok
  • #travel
  • #LifestyleChange
  • #VeganLife
  • #lifestyle
  • #health
  • #CleaningTips
  • #fashion
  • #CleaningHacks
  • #love
  • #MomLife
  • #TravelTikTok
  • #LifestyleBlogger
  • #MorningRoutine
  • #DadLife
  • #FashionBlogger
  • #CleanTok
  • #PlantLife
  • #HealthyLifestyle
  • #PlantLover
  • #TravelTok
  • #workout

11. Nature TikTok Hashtags

Nature background

Many people love natural beauty and want to share it with others. Share your wildlife adventures and experiences, beautiful scenic views and love for the environment. You can use these hashtags so that your content can reach a wider audience on TikTok.

  • #landscape
  • #hiking
  • #fishing
  • #photography
  • #NaturePhotography
  • #PhotoOfTheDay
  • #outdoors
  • #garden
  • #natureTikTok
  • #winter
  • #summer
  • #nature
  • #GetOutdoors
  • #travel
  • #camping
  • #hunting
  • #forest
  • #snow
  • #NatureLovers
  • #flower
  • #mountains
  • #sky
  • #wildlife
  • #adventure
  • #sunset

12. Lip-Syncing TikTok Hashtags

Do you enjoy making lip-syncing videos on TikTok. Create amazing videos of lip-syncing with popular songs, dialogues and challenges. Now to give them a proper boost, use the below hashtags for your videos.

Lip-Syncing TikTok Hashtags

  • #LipSyncVideo
  • #PopSong
  • #dusically
  • #fun
  • #musically
  • #LipSyncing
  • #song
  • #singing
  • #famous
  • #LipSync
  • #music
  • #filter
  • #ChristmasSong
  • #Snapchat
  • #YouTube
  • #featureme
  • #pop
  • #drag
  • #songs
  • #duet
  • #DragQueen
  • #LipSyncBattle
  • #MusicallyApp
  • #TikTokSinging
  • #PopMusic

13. Dance TikTok Hashtags


Time to showcase your performances, steps, skills, choreography, routines and challenges with other dancers and viewers. So try to use these hashtags as they will help your videos to reach a wider audience.

  • #DanceTutorial
  • #DanceVideo
  • #TikTokDance
  • #dancing
  • #DanceTime
  • #DanceChallenge
  • #dancers
  • #DanceInPublic
  • #choreography
  • #choreographer
  • #DanceLife
  • #party
  • #dancer
  • #ballet
  • #tutorial
  • #MusicVideo
  • #hiphop
  • #TikTokChallenge
  • #music
  • #DanceKPop
  • #dance
  • #DanceCrew
  • #DanceMoves
  • #DanceCover
  • #TikTokViral

14. Friendship TikTok Hashtags


Showcase and highlight the best moments of your friendship, your friends and all the tips and advice to maintain your friendship. You can also take part in friendship-themed challenges with your best friends. Try to use these best friendship hashtags for your friendship-themed posts.

  • #FriendshipLove
  • #GoodTimes
  • #GoodFriends
  • #bff
  • #friendship
  • #friend
  • #bestfriends
  • #FriendGoals
  • #FriendsGiving
  • #BestFriendGoals
  • #family
  • #bestfriend
  • #smile
  • #life
  • #FriendshipDay
  • #fun
  • #FriendsForever
  • #sisters
  • #friends
  • #memories
  • #besties
  • #FriendshipGoals
  • #best
  • #FriendsForLife
  • #Friends4Ever

15. Music TikTok Hashtags

Music background

Is your content related to music? Or are you a great musician? Well, let’s show the world the wonders of your vocals. You can also share content related to music, performances, singers, song covers or music challenges. Additionally, use these hashtags for a better boost.

  • #OriginalSong
  • #LifeOfAMusician
  • #TikTokSong
  • #MusicianLife
  • #dj
  • #singer
  • #guitar
  • #HipHop
  • #SingerSongwriter
  • #music
  • #musician
  • #musica
  • #NewTrack
  • #rapper
  • #MusiciansOfTikTok
  • #concert
  • #rap
  • #NewRelease
  • #IAmAMusician
  • #TikTokMusic
  • #songwriter
  • #CoverSong
  • #LiveMusic
  • #NewMusic
  • #StreetMusician

16. Gaming TikTok hashtags

gaming tiktok hashtags
Gaming TikTok hashtags

So all the pro gamers who want to share your tips and experiences this is a great chance for you. Create content showcasing your gaming skills and strategies for other gamers around the globe. Do not forget to use these hashtags so that your content can reach the proper audience.

  • #gamer
  • #gamingontiktok
  • #gamingmemes
  • #gamelancer
  • #tiktokgaming
  • #games
  • #ps5
  • #xbox
  • #gamingworld
  • #gamingpc
  • #playstation
  • #videogames
  • #nintendo
  • #free_fire
  • #mortalcombat
  • #gameplay
  • #callofduty
  • #gyat
  • # cs2
  •  # hololive
  •  #trivia

17. Beauty-related TikTok hashtags

beauty hashtags tiktok
Beauty-related TikTok hashtags

This is a great chance to share your beauty routine, hacks, products, tips and tutorials to maintain a perfect glow. Not to forget about all the makeup transformation videos which are quite popular. Use these hashtags with your content.

  • #beauty
  • #beautytok
  • #beautytips
  • #beautyhacks
  • # beautyblogger
  • #lipfiller
  • #curlingiron
  • #redlips
  • #fragrancetiktok
  • #spookynails
  • #cosmetology
  • #makeuphacks 
  • #makeupartist
  • #makeuptransformation
  • #makeupreview
  • #transformation
  • #makeupchallenge

18. Animals TikTok hashtags

Another great content idea is to create videos based on animals. You can share pet and animal videos as well as wildlife videos and documentaries. Content regarding animal safety also works great. Make proper use of these hashtags for your videos.

Animals TikTok hashtags
Animals TikTok hashtags

  • #catlover
  • #petlover
  • #petoftiktok
  • #viralcat
  • #insecthaus
  • #animals
  • #animale
  • #puppylove
  • #goldenretriever
  • #animalplanet
  • #animalsreact
  • #animalsdoingthings
  • #animalstok
  • #animalsanctuary
  • #petstory
  • #petsimulator

19. Sports TikTok hashtags

Sports TikTok hashtags

Share your love for sports using these hashtags. Be it cricket, football, hockey soccer or basketball, everything works great. You can even share training tips and challenges or simply showcase the best players. They have a separate fan base which will be amazing for your content.

  • #boxing
  • #nfl
  • #cricket
  • #rugby
  • #cricketlover
  • #collegefootball
  • #huntingseason
  • #touchdown
  • #basketball
  • #athlete
  • #sportslover
  • #sportstok
  • #ronaldo
  • #sportschallenge
  • #messi
  • #footballedit
  • #premierleague
  • #worldcup

20. Entertainment TikTok hashtags

Entertainment TikTok hashtags

You can include movies, reviews, TV shows, celebrity interviews, industry trends or celebrity news, everything. But other than creating perfect content, make sure they get wide recognition with the help of proper hashtags.

  • #bgt
  • #movie
  • #entertainmentnews
  • #movieclips
  • #movietok
  • #films
  • #cinema
  • #actor
  • #hollywood
  • #justforfun
  • #photography
  • #media 
  • #standupcomedy
  • #comedyclub
  • #celebnews
  • #jimmyfallon
  • #latenightshow

5 Helpful Tips To Find the Best Hashtags for TikTok:

This aspect of social media marketing, like any other, requires critical thought. The basic idea is to choose hashtags that appropriately describe your content and highly used for search.

Try to conduct proper research before using hashtags if you want to increase the reach of your content on TikTok. If you use a hashtag that is not relevant to your content, the algorithm will fail to make your content reach the proper audience. For example, adding #gamelancer to a makeover video would have a significant impact on your statistics. Now we’ll go through the five most common ways to find the best hashtags for TikTok. Let’s get started!

1. Create a Solid Strategy

Have you planned a proper hashtag strategy to use for your TikTok videos? Finding and utilizing the finest TikTok hashtags requires a well-thought-out approach. First, you must choose your objectives.

Are you thinking of expanding the reach of your brand on TikTok?

Do you want to boost participation?

Are you attempting to target a certain audience?

Consider the following questions. Once you know what you want to achieve, you can develop a hashtag strategy. Conduct some research on the best hashtags for your objectives and incorporate them when posting content.

Studying influencers is one of the greatest methods to discover what TikTok hashtags to utilize. Your first step is to track down those influencers! The official platform for influencer and brand partnerships is the “TikTok Creator Marketplace.”

You will be able to examine any influencer’s data once you join. This information includes demographics about their audience, profile growth, and even their most popular videos. Now you can search for influencers and get ideas for your content that is relevant to your business. You can observe how people interact with their content and use some of the same tactics to help promote your brand.

TikTok is heavily influenced by “trend culture.” TikTok’s popularity is far more unpredictable than on other social media sites, and it fluctuates often. You can check which hashtags are presently trending on the Explore page.

There are many categories and content types like education, friendship, health, cuisine and many more. You may search these categories for hashtags related to your brand or company.

4. Take Part in TikTok Challenges

TikTok Challenges
Source: YouTube

One of the most popular features of the TikTok app is the challenges. They are also one of the quickest methods for TikTok to get popular! These challenges often include a mix of words, noises, and motions (most often a dance). Individual users, influencers, and even companies may launch them.

Creators are urged to participate in the challenge and develop their own take on the trend. Find a challenge that corresponds to the content of your brand and upload your own version.

You should include hashtags in the challenges in your posts. You can also build your challenge using a TikTok hashtag that is unique to your company. Encourage your followers to build their versions and to use the hashtag!

5. Find Your Audience

You’ll have a better understanding of who your target audience is once you start posting on TikTok. You will also be able to access your TikTok analytics if you have a TikTok Pro account. You can check your video views, profile views, and follower growth in the Overview area.

Try switching between 7 and 28 days of data. The Followers section is the most useful for locating your target audience. You can learn about your follower’s location, their activity and the content they viewed on your page.

Now you can use this data and create a proper profile of your target audience. After that, you can look into what exact hashtags you might use to target them. you can take a look at the tips for how to use hashtags on TikTok.

Tips for using hashtags on TikTok:

So now we know about which hashtags are the most trendy ones on TikTok. But other than knowing which hashtags to use, you should also know how you will use them for your TikTok. You can take a look at these tips we have gathered here:

1. Use a mix of hashtags to reach the most people on TikTok

Using the most trendy hashtags on TikTok will indeed allow your content to reach a wider audience. But then, your post will just be one among many others who use those trendy hashtags due to a high competitive rate. So it’s necessary to stand out even if you’re using the most trendy hashtags.

Mixed hashtags

The best way is to mix them with hashtags that relates to your niche. For Instance, You want to use a trendy hashtag for holidays i.e. #TikTokHolidays. Your TikTok will reach a wider audience but will be one among many. But if your niche relates to the environment, you can add a niche-related hashtag such as #EcoHack or #FoodWasteTip. This will help your post to reach a broad audience who are interested in your content.

2. Create your own hashtag challenges on TikTok

Hashtag Challenge

It’s a great idea to participate in other hashtag challenges. But never forget to create one of your hashtag challenges with a branded hashtag. This will provide your brand exposure and attract many other TikTok users to your page.

You can start by creating a branded hashtag challenge and ask users to participate. It can be about anything from dance steps to makeovers to sharing a unique recipe using a specific product. Your users will then create content on your given challenge and use your branded hashtag. You will also get a lot of user-generated content for your brand through these challenges.

3. Add extra hashtags to your TikTok video in the comments

Hashtags in comments

So, the character limit for TikTok captions is 2200 including your hashtags as well. You will need to manage how you add your captions along with hashtags. Suppose you want to add more hashtags but what if there is no more space to add them?

Here, you can use the comments in your TikTok videos to add in more hashtags. However, the TikTok algorithm will give more priority to hashtags that people use in the captions. But again, the hashtags that you add in your comments will help with boosting your discovery in the search.

4. Use hashtags to describe your audience

Hashtags to describe audience

Is it important that the hashtags you use should only be the ones describing the content or people in the video? It’s a NO!!! Hashtags used on your video can also include the type of people for whom the video is suitable. Not to forget those who would love to watch the video.

For instance, you are a small beauty brand on TikTok. So tag your videos with #MakeupArtist #FestiveReady instead of #SmallBusinessOwner so that your content can reach a whole new audience.

5. Save hashtags for future use

save hashtags on tiktok
Save hashtags in notepad for future use

At times you might be using the same hashtags for your videos as they are your favorite ones. Moreover, you may often post content that relates to similar topics. So the hashtags set you use can also be the same ones you used earlier.

Now to make your job easy, you can just copy the set of hashtags in your phone notepad. This will be convenient, as you can just copy those use-specific hashtags and paste them into your caption for future use.

6. Pop keywords into your caption too

Use keywords in caption

Other than using the latest and trendy hashtags, you should also consider putting keywords in your captions. As other social media platforms move towards SEO-based search strategies, TikTok is trying to match them. So it would be naive to think the TikTok algorithm won’t be able to identify keywords from your caption.

So with changing times, it would be better to plan strategies accordingly. Try your best to add relevant keywords in your caption along with trendy hashtags. Eventually, it will help boost your reach to a wider audience.

keep an eye on which hashtag is deriving more engagement and traffic on your profile and post. This will help you to know about the hashtags that are working wonders for your videos. Additionally, it will make a great improvement in the hashtag and content strategy. Moreover, you should be aware of at least how many hashtags you can use on TikTok.

How many hashtags to use on TikTok?

So earlier the capacity of captions for TikTok was about 300 characters but now it is as high as 2200 characters. Do you feel like squeezing in as many hashtags as possible looking at the character limit? This may happen if you are unaware of how many hashtags to use for your TikTok.

Though the capacity is now 2200 characters, you can leverage it by including more description details and keywords. Rather than loading it with too many hashtags try to use a minimum of 4-5 hashtags. Otherwise, it will leave the algorithm confused about what the video is about and fail to reach the correct audience.

Thus, it would be better if you conducted proper research to know which hashtags are more suitable for your content. For instance, if you are creating food videos, your main hashtag will be #food. Now, you can search for relevant hashtags in the TikTok app itself in the search bar of your Discover icon. Next, you can:

  • Search for food videos
  • Select hashtags and a list of food videos with hashtags will appear
  • Open the ones with the most likes and views and note down the hashtags used
  • You can also consider the number of searches for a hashtag before using it

Additionally, you can also use customized hashtags for your videos. These hashtags can be different from the ones that others are using. In fact, you can also try creating your hashtag for your videos.

How to create a hashtag on TikTok?

Creating your hashtag on TikTok is not a tough job. So conduct proper research about what hashtags will be a proper match for your content. Also, it would be better if you take a look at other niche-related profiles and brands to get a rough idea.

Once done with your research, you are good to create your hashtag on TikTok. Select the perfect combination of words that consist of simple spelling, are self-explanatory and easy to remember. 

 You can even try to include the name of your brand or the name of your product, For instance, #nescoffeecurious. Creating your hashtag is a fun activity. But if you insist on using just the trendy hashtags, we are here to help you find trendy hashtags on TikTok.

How to find trendy hashtag on TikTok?

Are you curious about how to find trendy hashtags on TikTok? Above in this blog, we have given you a list of the most popular hashtags. Now, we will also tell you how to find trendy hashtags on TikTok itself. So follow these steps to find trendy hashtags on TikTok:

  • First, update the latest version of the TikTok app.
  • Use the browser of your computer or phone and go to TikTok.com.
  • On the for you page, tap on the search icon you will find in the top right corner.
  • Type in the term you want to search and click on search.
  • Right below the search bar you will be able to see the tabs top, users, videos, sounds, live and hashtags. Select the hashtag tab.
  • A list of the most popular hashtags related to your search word will appear.

Now, you can select any hashtag you want based on the number of views, likes or searches. You can click on the hashtag to check the likes and use them accordingly for your post. This is the time to use the perfect TikTok hashtag to make your video go viral.

6 ways to use TikTok hashtags to go viral 2024:

Now you know all about trendy and most popular hashtags and how to use them. But here, I will be providing you with some amazing tips. So try to use these tips so that the hashtags you use for your content can go viral.

1. Stop using #FYP & it’s analogues

So FYP ‘for you page’ is the landing page when you open the TikTok app. Here, TikTok showcases content based on the individual’s activity on the platform. Many TikTokers believe that using the #FYP #4U #ForYou hashtags will help them to increase their reach. They believe these hashtags will let their content reach the for you page of other users on TikTok.

But what do you feel about it being true? I would say that it is not exactly guaranteed. In fact, according to users, this tactic fails to make any difference in the views of the videos. So when you check, videos that are trending will have fewer #FYP than any other videos on TikTok. Instead of the #FYP and its analogs, it would be better to use hashtags related to your niche and video content.

The name trendy itself means the one that changes according to the trends. So the trendy hashtags will keep changing from time to time. You cannot just pick up any trendy hashtag and use it for your video. In fact, you need to check whether that hashtag is still trendy used widely by people.

Before using trendy hashtags, be sure it is current and is actively and widely used by many users. Though the older trendy hashtags were widely popular, they don’t attract the same amount of audience currently.

Niche specific hashtags
Niche specific hashtags

One common drawback of every trendy hashtag is that you will be facing a lot of competition. So how to grab user’s attention in such a situation? Well, the trick is to use niche related hashtags which are less competitive and more attention-grabbing.

And how to find less competitive trendy hashtags? Here, you must know the thought structure of your audience. You should know what they will search on the app. So avoid using only popular hashtags and make use of a proper set of combined hashtags. This will help you greatly if you want your content to go viral.

4. Number & frequency of hashtag use

The Ideal number of hashtags used for each TikTok video should be around 4-5. So you should try not to add in excessive hashtags. Adding in too many hashtags can create confusion for the Algorithm and discomfort for the audience.

Number and frequency of hashtags

It’s your choice after all if you decide to use limitless hashtags. But still, you should know the caption has a limit. The longer the caption, the fewer hashtags you can add. If your description is short, you can increase the number of hashtags.

If you decide to go with a single letter or number hashtags, you will require at least a space for 3 characters. It will be a space, a hashtag symbol and a single letter or number. This way, you can add an increased number of hashtags in your captions.

You need to remember that you cannot always go with single-letter hashtags. Additionally, you will also have to write a proper description and add keywords. So if you run out of characters, use the comments to add some more hashtags. After all, it’s the quality that matters rather than quantity.

5. Use hashtags at the end of the description

Use hashtag at the end of the description

It depends upon the user about where he wants to place the hashtags in his videos. At the same time, you should also know that the hashtags placed should work towards attracting an audience and not the contrast.

It is not proven that adding hashtags to the beginning of your description will attract more viewers. However, it may feel that your content is spam. So users may just ignore your hashtags completely. Rather, research shows that using hashtags at the end of the description will tend to attract more audience. This makes it necessary to use the right number of hashtags and place them wisely. 

6. Use hashtag challenges or branded hashtags

Use branded hashtags on tiktok
Use branded hashtags

The use of branded hashtags will help the followers of a brand discover their trendy content with ease. Moreover, you do not need to sponsor or run any sort of TikTok ads to make your hashtag go viral. 

You can start a hashtag challenge where your users will create content and use your hashtag to compete in the challenge. Now your users will create content for the challenges at the same time inspiring others to participate in the challenge. This will allow your brand to get all the necessary exposure and your hashtag may go viral.

Wrapping It Up

We now know the importance of using trendy TikTok hashtags along with amazing tips to find and use them. In fact, for those who just got started on TikTok, we shared all the basics you need to know about TikTok hashtags. How many hashtags to use and how to find and create one of your own and make it go viral?

You can easily find the most trendy hashtags on the app itself through the Discover tab. Add them to your description along with proper keywords, ensure proper placement, and use them in the comments if necessary. Make your video go viral by using a perfect combo, placement and several trendy and niche-related hashtags.

Remember to use hashtags only as a part of your overall TikTok marketing plan. They are great for boost viewership on TikTok, but they’re merely a promotional tool. Your content must be engaging for the hashtag effort to pay off.

Other than hashtags, you can use AI TikTok video maker for your video to prepare the best content. Stay connected to Predis.ai if you want to learn more about developing a successful TikTok social media marketing plan. including working with TikTok influencers and growing your TikTok account.

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