How To Revamp Your Instagram in 13 Different Ways?

How To Revamp Your Instagram

Social media isn’t just a virtual hangout anymore; it’s a dynamic marketplace where 82.5% of users actively seek information about various brands and products.

Here’s the clincher: More than 60% of these savvy researchers specifically prefer the visual allure of Instagram during their consumer journey. That’s right — Instagram isn’t just a photo-sharing platform; it’s a digital storefront where your brand can make a lasting impression.

Now, you may have already tinkered with your profile appearance and content, but if the results are still eluding you, it’s time for a serious Instagram makeover. And guess what? We’ve got your back!

Don’t sweat it—we’ve got some nifty, easy-to-implement strategies that can breathe new life into your Instagram game. Imagine the joy of people not just scrolling past but actually stopping to admire, like, and follow your feed. It’s not a dream; it’s a revamped reality waiting to happen.

In this post, we will take you through 13 different ways to revamp your Instagram and elevate your brand presence. Read on!

1. Select a Consistent Theme To Revamp Your Instagram Feed

An Instagram theme is the overall appearance of your Instagram feed. It represents your visual identity.

Your feed is your business card as well as the public face of your company. There is a personality behind every face. That personality is reflected in your Instagram theme. This is why it is critical to do it correctly.

So, what would you like your theme to be? Grunge, melancholy, bohemian, tropical, bright, minimal, or white?

Select a Consistent Theme To Revamp Your Instagram Feed
Source: @alek.octopus

Before you begin revamping your Instagram, it’s a good idea to establish a mood board of how you want your Instagram feed to appear. 

Would you like your feed to appear light and airy? 

Or is it bright and daring? 

We suggest browsing other Instagram feeds and bookmarking some of their posts to acquire ideas for your Instagram mood board.

2. Set A Color Pallete

Color psychology delves into how colors influence human emotions and behavior. Hues evoke specific associations, shaping moods and decisions. In marketing, color choices profoundly affect brand perception. Aligning tones with business goals and target audience preferences is vital for creating impactful brand experiences.

Set A Color Pallete to revamp your instagram

If you don’t already use a color palette on Instagram, this approach will immediately change your feed. Also, the use of color aids brand recognition and awareness by 80%. This showcases the importance of strategic color choices on Instagram.

One step ahead. Your photographs should be color coordinated. Coordination of colors such as:

  • Choose 2-3 hues that you know you’ll always utilize in your images.
  • Then, to balance your theme, space out your photos in your grid.

For example, if your logo incorporates a lot of greens and blues, you may want to avoid sharing anything with reds or yellows to help you build a more coherent and visually appealing Instagram feed.

3. Stick To Your Font Rules

Sophisticated research shows that the profound impact of good typography on a reader’s mood and cognitive performance. Microsoft, despite a mixed reputation among creative professionals, stands out for its dedication to understanding reading, fonts, and typography. 

Stick To Your Font Rules
Source: @_socialsam_

Fonts play a crucial role in Instagram marketing, influencing user perception and engagement. Choosing the right fonts aligns with visual storytelling, enhancing brand identity and communication. 

It is critical to constantly utilize the same font styles when sharing custom-made visuals. If you use the typefaces available with pre-made templates to create visuals, your feed will rapidly get congested. 

Instead, utilize the same 2-3 fonts in each graphic and adhere to basic font-usage guidelines. Some typefaces, for example, can always be capitalized or only be used for quotations.

As Instagram thrives on visual appeal, strategic font selection contributes significantly to creating a captivating and memorable brand presence.

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4. Choose a Grid Layout

What exactly is a grid layout?

Your posts are displayed in your feed using a grid structure. It assists you in determining which photo to place next to another. A layout makes it simple to begin (and maintain) a consistent Instagram theme.

Choose a Grid Layout
Source: @freshlypictured

After you’ve established some standards for the colors and photos you’ll be uploading; you can start to plan out the style of your Instagram profile by defining grid layout rules.

For example, you may vary your posts by including a photo and a quotation graphic in every other post. Following grid guidelines like these is the quickest method to revamp your Instagram page and create a more uniform appearance and feel.

5. Tweak The Sequence of Your Posts

Ever wondered why some accounts just look so darn good? It’s not a happy accident; it’s a carefully orchestrated dance of posts. Think of your feed as a visual story, and each post is a page. The key is knowing which posts play well together.

Tweak The Sequence of Your Posts
Source: @mcdsg

Here’s the hack: shuffle those photos around until your feed sings in harmony. If you’re into the grid style, like the trendy tiles layout, it’s a breeze—just alternate between a killer quote and a stunning photo. Easy, right?

But, even if you’re not sticking to a grid, the golden rule is balance. Spread your images out based on colors, subjects, or backdrops. Mix it up. Avoid twinsie posts that look too similar side by side. Give each post its moment to shine.

And guess what? People love a little contrast. So, if your pics are too alike, space them out. This not only adds visual intrigue but also gives your feed that polished, balanced vibe everyone secretly craves.

So, get in there, play around, and create that Instagram masterpiece. Your feed is not just a collection of photos; it’s a visual journey, and it’s time to make it a scenic one!

6. Rework on Your Instagram Bio

Rework on Your Instagram Bio to revamp your Instagram

You have 150 characters to tell everyone about yourself or your brand concisely. If you haven’t updated your Instagram bio in a while, it’s usually a good idea to check over it and see if there are any critical modifications that need to be made.

Here are a few tips to craft a compelling Instagram bio:

  • Introduction: Kick off by letting them know who you are and what you’re all about.
  • Content Preview: Paint a clear picture of the awesome content awaiting them on your profile.
  • Value Proposition: Give them a solid reason to hit that follow button—make it irresistible.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA): Intrigue them with a call-to-action that nudges them toward taking action.
  • Sentence Structure: Keep it short, sweet, and attention-grabbing—no room for rambling.
  • Account Type: Upgrade to a business or creator account for those cool contact features. Say goodbye to cluttering your bio with phone numbers and emails.
  • Link Optimization: Make that link work for you by adding a title. It’s like a roadmap for what they’re about to discover.
  • Emoji Usage: Sprinkle in some emojis to break up the text and add a dash of personality. 🚀✨ Your bio is your Instagram introduction—make it pop!

7. Make Sure To Double Check The Photo Background

This one technique will completely change your feed: Take note of the background of your images and posts. Maintain a clean environment.

Make Sure To Double Check The Photo Background
Source: @jeffmindell

Don’t allow the backdrop to distract from your main subject unless it’s part of your purpose to capture people’s attention, such as a great feature wall or the Eiffel Tower.

8. Always Prefer High-Quality Photos

This tip appears to be a joke. However, it will influence the number of likes you receive. A fuzzy photo can be viewed from a long distance. A high-quality photograph seems crisp and appealing. It entices us to DOUBLE TAP and check out the rest of your Instagram feed. When you share a photo, be sure it’s of high quality:

Always Prefer High-Quality Photos
Source: @mich.elle.imagery

  • Lower Quality – Try to avoid using your front camera 
  • Higher Quality –  Always take pictures from your back camera.

Here are some quick editing tips that you can follow:

  • Add some contrast to your picture
  • Add some sharpness to your picture

9. Don’t Play With Different Filters or Presets

While we’re on the subject of consistent color palettes, a wonderful method to give your brand’s Instagram a gorgeous makeover is to apply the same 1-3 filters on each and every photo you publish. Simply choose a filter on Instagram or another free image editing software that complements your color scheme.

10. It’s High Time To Research For New Hashtags

Did you know that it’s crucial not to use the same hashtags on every single post? It may appear that constantly researching and testing out new hashtags is a lot of effort, but it is a terrific method to ensure that your Instagram posts perform better and help you connect with new audiences.

Finding new hashtags every time you publish a new post is a daunting process. Isn’t it?

No worries, has got you covered!

Try out our new Instagram hashtag generator tool to get the best performing hashtags for your posts!

11. Reorganize Your Instagram Highlights

Reorganize Your Instagram Highlights

Once you’ve started posting Instagram Stories, you’ll need to keep all of that excellent stuff for your followers to enjoy. You can utilize the Highlights feature to pick a collection of Stories to display on your profile page and reuse content you’ve already shared.

Create and manage several highlights on your Instagram profile to keep your best Instagram stories, answer FAQs, showcase new products, and more.

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12. Design New Icons For Your Highlights

While we’re on the subject of highlights, did you know you can also modify the appearance and vibe of your highlights?

Design New Icons For Your Highlights
Source: @thetylerarcher

Beyond mere organization, consider them as dynamic visual elements that can instantly elevate your profile’s aesthetic. By crafting bespoke cover icons with your brand’s fonts or colors, you’re not just organizing content — you’re creating a visual narrative. For influencers and marketers, this becomes a potent tool to reinforce brand identity. 

This is a terrific method to instantly transform and revamp your Instagram account and bring your branding to life. To produce consistent and ‘on-brand’ highlight cover icons, you can quickly build new icons using your brand font styles or colors.

It’s a creative opportunity to infuse life and personality into your Instagram presence.

13. Try To Reach Out To A New Audience

Finding some amazing Instagram accounts to follow to help you understand what is working for other companies or influencers is the greatest method to discover inspiration while you revamp your Instagram profile.

For instance, IKEA cleverly guides Instagram followers to shop for their showcased products with a strategic bio link. Utilizing tools like Curalate, Linktree, or Leadpages, they enhance the user experience by directly linking each Instagram photo to its product page. 

This approach ensures seamless navigation, offering followers immediate access to desired items. Incorporating such bio links beyond the homepage provides audiences with convenient options to connect directly with the visually appealing content on their feed.

Wrapping It Up

There are tons of “rules” out there for building the perfect Instagram feed, but let’s not forget—it’s called social media for a reason. Posting should be a joy, not a chore.

So, if you’re on a mission to revamp your brand’s Instagram game, give these methods a spin and see which ones sprinkle that extra magic on your feed. Remember, it’s not about rigid guidelines; it’s about finding what works best for you and your brand.

Imagine turning your feed into a visual marvel effortlessly. Curious? Dive in, try out these tips, and let take your brand’s Instagram from good to utterly unforgettable. Ready to transform your feed? Let the magic begin! 

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