How To Revamp Your Instagram in 13 Different Ways?

By: Tanmay Ratnaparkhe

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How To Revamp Your Instagram

You might be a determined Instagram influencer having a great content calendar in hand and posting regularly. But at the end of the what do you get to see?

Some 30-40 impressions that too from your family and friends. It hurts right? 😞

It does HURT a lot!!!!

So, how do you get your Instagram to stand out from the crowd in 2023?

Obviously by your optimizing your profile appearance and the content that you post!

But even after doing these things you’re not getting desired results then my friend, you need to revamp your Instagram!

Don’t worry! We’re here to guide you.

Are you searching for some easy and simple strategies to revamp your Instagram?

There are several little changes you can make to substantially improve the appearance and vibe of your Instagram profile. Continue reading to discover our top ideas and strategies for giving your Instagram feed a revamp.

People are more likely to like your images, follow you, and return for more if your feed appears excellent overall. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to find your visual tone if you own a business.

Your feed is your business card as well as the public face of your company. There is a personality behind every face. That personality is reflected in your Instagram theme. This is why it is critical to do it correctly.

1. Select a Consistent Theme To Revamp Your Instagram Feed

Select a Consistent Theme To Revamp Your Instagram Feed
Source: @alek.octopus

An Instagram theme is the overall appearance of your Instagram feed. It represents your visual identity.

So, what would you like your theme to be? Grunge, melancholy, bohemian, tropical, bright, minimal, or white?

Before you begin revamping your Instagram, it’s a good idea to establish a mood board of how you want your Instagram feed to appear. 

Would you like your feed to appear light and airy? 

Or is it bright and daring? 

We suggest browsing other Instagram feeds and bookmarking some of their posts to acquire ideas for your Instagram mood board.

2. Set A Color Pallete

Set A Color Pallete to revamp your instagram

If you don’t already use a color palette on Instagram, this approach will immediately change your feed. Instagram is such a visual platform that the “look” of your profile is really important.

Use your brand’s colors and stay to a consistent color palette for all of your postings to help bring your branding to life.

One step ahead. Your photographs should be color coordinated. Coordination of colors such as:

  • Choose 2-3 hues that you know you’ll always utilize in your images.
  • Then, to balance your theme, space out your photos in your grid.

For example, if your logo incorporates a lot of greens and blues, you may want to avoid sharing anything with reds or yellows to help you build a more coherent and visually appealing Instagram feed.

3. Stick To Your Font Rules

Stick To Your Font Rules
Source: @_socialsam_

It is critical to constantly utilize the same font styles when sharing custom-made visuals. If you use the typefaces available with pre-made templates to create visuals, your feed will rapidly get congested. 

Instead, utilize the same 2-3 fonts in each graphic and adhere to basic font-usage guidelines. Some typefaces, for example, can always be capitalized or only be used for quotations.

4. Choose a Grid Layout

Choose a Grid Layout
Source: @freshlypictured

What exactly is a grid layout?

Your posts are displayed in your feed using a grid structure. It assists you in determining which photo to place next to another. A layout makes it simple to begin (and maintain) a consistent Instagram theme.

After you’ve established some standards for the colors and photos you’ll be uploading; you can start to plan out the style of your Instagram profile by defining grid layout rules.

For example, you may vary your posts by including a photo and a quotation graphic in every other post. Following grid guidelines like these is the quickest method to revamp your Instagram page and create a more uniform appearance and feel.

5. Tweak The Sequence of Your Posts

Tweak The Sequence of Your Posts
Source: @mcdsg

At this point, you have a plan in mind. You have an idea of how you want your overall theme to appear. You have already prepared the topics that you want to post. Apart from this, you also have a filter.


Your theme is coming together nicely! You must now make it flow. Why do certain Instagram accounts appear to be so good?

They appear so amazing because they know which posts work well together. The idea is to modify the sequence of your posts to improve the overall flow of your feed.

Take your time moving your photos around until you’re satisfied with the overall appearance of your feed. It will be simple to determine what to post and when if you use a grid style. For example, if you’re designing a tiles layout, you’re aware that you’ll need to alternate between a quotation and a photo. Easy!

Your aim, if you are not utilizing a specific grid arrangement, is to balance your feed.

Space out your images based on the colors in them, or even the subject or backdrop, to balance the look of your feed. People often avoid placing photos that are too similar next to one other. They take their time. They also create contrast between each post by spacing off photographs that are too similar. This will give your feed a more balanced appearance.

6. Rework on Your Instagram Bio

Rework on Your Instagram Bio to revamp your Instagram

You have 150 characters to tell everyone about yourself or your brand concisely. If you haven’t updated your Instagram bio in a while, it’s usually a good idea to check over it and see if there are any critical modifications that need to be made. Include a link to your website and, for fun and easy-to-read Instagram bio, don’t be afraid to include emojis.

7. Make Sure To Double Check The Photo Background

Make Sure To Double Check The Photo Background
Source: @jeffmindell

This one technique will completely change your feed: Take note of the background of your images and posts. Maintain a clean environment.

Don’t allow the backdrop to distract from your main subject unless it’s part of your purpose to capture people’s attention, such as a great feature wall or the Eiffel Tower.

8. Always Prefer High-Quality Photos

Always Prefer High-Quality Photos
Source: @mich.elle.imagery

This tip appears to be a joke. However, it will influence the number of likes you receive. A fuzzy photo can be viewed from a long distance. A high-quality photograph seems crisp and appealing. It entices us to DOUBLE TAP and check out the rest of your Instagram feed. When you share a photo, be sure it’s of high quality:

  • Lower Quality – Try to avoid using your front camera 
  • Higher Quality –  Always take pictures from your back camera.

Here are some quick editing tips that you can follow:

  • Add some contrast to your picture
  • Add some sharpness to your picture

9. Don’t Play With Different Filters or Presets

While we’re on the subject of consistent color palettes, a wonderful method to give your brand’s Instagram a gorgeous makeover is to apply the same 1-3 filters on each and every photo you publish. Simply choose a filter on Instagram or another free image editing software that complements your color scheme.

10. It’s High Time To Research For New Hashtags

Did you know that it’s crucial not to use the same hashtags on every single post? It may appear that constantly researching and testing out new hashtags is a lot of effort, but it is a terrific method to ensure that your Instagram posts perform better and help you connect with new audiences.

Finding new hashtags every time you publish a new post is a daunting process. Isn’t it?

No worries, has got you covered!

Try out our new Instagram hashtag generator tool to get the best performing hashtags for your posts!

11. Reorganize Your Instagram Highlights

Reorganize Your Instagram Highlights

Once you’ve started posting Instagram Stories, you’ll need to keep all of that excellent stuff for your followers to enjoy. You can utilize the Highlights feature to pick a collection of Stories to display on your profile page and reuse content you’ve already shared.

Create and manage several highlights on your Instagram profile to keep your best Instagram stories, answer FAQs, showcase new products, and more.

12. Design New Icons For Your Highlights

Design New Icons For Your Highlights
Source: @thetylerarcher

While we’re on the subject of highlights, did you know you can also modify the appearance and vibe of your highlights?

This is a terrific method to instantly transform and revamp your Instagram account and bring your branding to life. To produce consistent and ‘on-brand’ highlight cover icons, you can quickly build new icons using your brand font styles or colors.

13. Try To Reach Out To A New Audience

Finding some amazing Instagram accounts to follow to help you understand what is working for other companies or influencers is the greatest method to discover inspiration while you revamp your Instagram profile. Follow accounts that inspire you with their color schemes, content, image style, as well as other characteristics.

Wrapping It Up

We believe that these simple tips will assist you in giving your brand’s Instagram a gorgeous makeover. Remember to have fun with it!

When it comes to building an appealing Instagram feed, there might be a lot of ‘rules,’ yet Instagram is a social media medium, and posting should still be enjoyable.

Therefore, if you want to revamp your brand’s Instagram, try applying some of these methods and discover which ones perform best for you.

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