Enhancing Instagram Content with Mobile Photography Tips for Landscapers

Instagram Aesthetic for Landscaping

Instagram is a massive online platform that boasts more than 500 million daily users and 2 billion monthly active users. It is the fourth-largest online channel that is used by industries and businesses for promotions.

Instagram photography for landscaping helps you grab eyeballs and, thus, is adopted by most Instagram and landscaping businesses.

Gone are the days when you needed sophisticated cameras, equipment, focal lengths, lenses, and sensors to deliver the perfect picture. Today, all you need is a smartphone that comes with wide lenses, doesn’t cost much, gets everything in focus, and is conveniently portable.

Almost 69.7% of Instagram and landscaping business posts are images and videos, and almost every landscape photographer has tested skills and presence on Instagram.

However, to survive through the masses, you must think outside the box, understand the “Instagram algorithm,” learn how to edit your landscapes, and be consistent. Hence, we bring to you the best mobile photography tips for landscapers!

Benefits of Using Mobile to Capture Landscaping Content

For all kinds of Instagram and landscaping businesses, using a smartphone with exceptional features can offer several benefits:

Mobile Phones Are Cost-Saving and Time-Effective

Of course, mobiles are reasonably inexpensive and save a lot of time and effort as compared to capturing pictures using professional and bulky cameras.

Mobiles incorporate transformation in their technicalities and are perfect for taking some aesthetic and attractive pictures.

You Can Easily Integrate with Other Apps

Whether you want to add background music to your images, edit the blur, or completely get rid of a photo bomber in your images, you can do everything with a click of a few buttons on your smartphone.

You simply need to integrate your work with modern apps and complete the entire procedure of taking pictures, editing them, and posting them on Instagram.

Person sitting on top of a hill

Always Ready

Smartphones are both popular and notorious at the same time for being available 24/7.

These versatile and portable devices are always in your hands, and after performing a quick setup, you can simply start taking pictures wherever and whenever you want. Just learn the art of clicking the perfect landscapes and then posting them on Instagram.

Instant Connectivity

With mobile, you have the leverage to immediately engage with your audience after you schedule your postings.

You can instantly deal with queries, appreciation, reviews, and feedback regarding your products. Overpower your competitors and take your Instagram and landscaping businesses to the next level.

4 Mobile Photography Tips to Enhance Content with Landscape Photography

A person using a black smartphone taking a photo

Here are some of the key techniques that will help Instagram and landscaping businesses take beautiful landscape photos and add a creative touch to their Instagram profiles:

1. Use the Right Technique

Before you start using your mobile phone to capture the most exquisite landscape pictures, you must learn some unique techniques that can help you get the most out of it.

Here are some mobile photography tips for landscapers:

The Zoom Feature

Use the zoom feature smartly. Some mobiles have a higher megapixel count, because of which the zoom feature works perfectly. The other way to use the zoom feature is to take a photo and then crop it later after experimenting with wide and zoom lenses. 

The Right Exposure

Get the picture exposure right, and use the rule of thirds according to your convenience. You don’t need complicated editing apps but a simple one to adjust the right exposure of certain items within your landscape.

Phone Settings

Work on your phone camera settings and explore the “pro” mode that gives you manual control of settings like ISO, shutter speed, and white balance.

Go Low

Getting low or bending down while clicking landscapes can elongate the foreground and make subjects more interesting. It can help the foreground meet the background and display a thirds overlay that’ll help you keep the photos straight.

Check the F-number

For most landscape photos, get a higher F-number to maintain sharpness and focus. The higher the F-number, the slower the shutter speed.

Picture Composition

The landscape picture composition is a critical element that draws your eye toward the key subject of your picture. Most mobile phone cameras are well-equipped to deal with exposure and maintain the right composition to get the best images possible.


Mobile phones also help with leveling photos using a tripod or stabilizer.

2. Watch the Weather and the Lighting

Weather and lighting play a massive role in Instagram photography for landscaping, as both can transform your scene, alter the lighting and colors, and create a dramatic effect.

As several have experienced, the golden hour always has the best light, as it adds contrast to the scene, casts larger shadows, and adds mesmerizing colors to the sky.

Woman taking a photo of brown house

3. Edit Your Photos Like a Pro

Choose the best online mobile editing app and enhance the potential of your landscape pictures.

You can use the app to adjust exposure and color, work on the contrast, saturation, highlights, and shadows within the photo, fine-tune colors and shades, and correct white balance. The editing app will also help you crop, straighten, sharpen, and add more clarity to the picture.

4. Use the Right Equipment

You must use an elite mobile phone that competes brilliantly with the beautiful landscape photos taken by a good DSLR or mirrorless camera. You can also invest in various bits of gear and start with the basics.

Here is a list of accessories and equipment that you can use to elevate your Instagram photography for landscaping:

A Wide-Angle Lens

Use a wide-angle lens that is compatible with your mobile device and comes with high-quality optics. Choose a field view that complements your picture composition and controls distortion. Look for a lens that performs well in low light and is portable and easy to carry.

Travel Tripod

Use a travel tripod that is lightweight, inexpensive, has strong legs, and has a reliable locking mechanism. Check the maximum and minimum height of the tripod before you invest, as it is critical in assessing the versatility of landscapes. 


You can get a drone as they are lightweight, a one-time investment, and can get you stunning pictures with unique angles and perspectives. However, if you are traveling, you need to check protocols before using a drone and then always use it responsibly.

7 Instagram Mobile Photography Tips to Enhance Instagram Content

An image of white flowers

Now that you have posted beautiful images on Instagram, it is time to grow your following!

Instagram and landscaping businesses should follow the below-mentioned mobile photography tips for landscapers to spread the word:

1. Understand the Instagram Algorithm

It is not possible to gauge the exact workings of Instagram algorithms. However, you can keep track of a few essentials that will help you navigate the facts that influence follower growth.

You must understand that the Instagram algorithm favors content that is high on engagement, consistent, relevant, and diversified. It is equally substantial to build relationships with users and encourage saves and shares.

2. Post Regularly, Consistently, and at Appropriate Times

Understand different time zones, identify peak engagement hours, and formulate a consistent posting schedule. Out of sight, out of mind stands true in the case of Instagram postings, especially when your posts are all about visually landscaped delights.

You can experiment with posting times if you understand the Instagram algorithm well. This will help you analyze the optimal time and peak days for posting.

3. Use Hashtags and CTAs

It is highly recommended to use effective call-to-actions and hashtags for Instagram photography for landscaping to enhance and promote your Instagram and landscaping business posts. 

Do thorough research, create branded hashtags, and explore some trending ones after developing deeper insights. CTAs help you encourage engagement, promote followers, and share exclusive content to maximize the visibility of your landscape pictures.

4. Use Different Instagram Features

It is highly recommended to explore various Instagram features like Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, IGTV, Posts, etc.

You can consistently update your profile using features like polls and questions, branding, advertising, and collaborations, which can resonate with your audience better.

5. Collaborate With Influencers

Partnering with followers on Instagram is a smart strategy to grow your Instagram popularity. 

You can also work on a promotion plan and use appropriate hashtags to engage with new followers through influencers. Don’t forget to measure the final impact so that you can rework your technique.

A person taking a picture of a street with a cell phone

6. Understand Your Audience

Before posting mobile photography with landscapes, it is essential to understand the demographics, age range, gender, and other vital preferences of your audience.

You must customize your pictures and content according to the preferences of your audience. It is also important to interact with your audience, create a sense of community, and regularly ask for feedback.

7. Use Instagram Analytics

You must use analytics for a specific campaign to understand your Instagram and landscaping business audience, refine your content, and grow your followers.

Besides giving integral audience insights, Instagram Analytics can help you:

  • Determine optimal posting times
  • The performance of your content
  • The effectiveness of your page appearance
  • Conduct competitor analysis

You can review your strategy based on the outcome or change your technique, which will eventually help you build a strong follower community.

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Instagram photography for landscaping has a distinct visual appeal, which can help you indulge in engaging storytelling. Your well-composed and high-quality landscape photographs can grab the right kind of attention and make your Instagram and landscaping business marketing initiatives successful.

The above-mentioned mobile photography tips for landscapers and tricks will enhance your brand and help you stand out from the crowd.

Predis.ai offers a vast range of elegant and interactive templates, along with a creative editor, that will make quick changes to your landscapes. You can also create the best content and enhance your Instagram posts using AI and other design resources. 

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