Top 10 Mother’s Day Social Media Post Ideas

Mother's day social media post ideas

Mother’s Day is a global holiday that honors moms and is celebrated in many countries. On this day, many other countries celebrate the holiday, while others do it at different times throughout the year.

Mother’s Day was created by Philadelphian Anna Jarvis, whose mother had founded women’s organizations to foster friendship and good health. Three years after her mother’s demise, she held a memorial cermony Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church on  May 10, 1908, to honor her mother and all mothers. This event marked the very first official observance of Mother’s Day. 

Within five years, almost all states observed the day, and Woodrow Wilson, the president of the United States, declared it a national holiday in 1914. Jarvis had advocated wearing a white carnation as a memorial to one’s mother, but the tradition of wearing a red or pink carnation to symbolize a mother who is still alive or a white carnation for a mother who has passed away emerged.

Today, Mother’s Day has emerged as an important day for brands. This day prominently features on the marketing calendars of a wide range of businesses. This is not surprising since Mother’s Day spending has risen considerably over the years. As of 2023, customers in the US spent an average of $ 274 dollars, while customers in the UK collectively spent 1.28 billion pounds ($ 1.58 billion). Hence, it is important to craft effective Mother’s Day social media posts ideas and build a successful campaign. 

Mother's day social media post ideas

Why Post on Mother’s Day?

As you are aware, Mother’s Day is a time to honor mothers and express gratitude for all that they do for us. With consumers buying flowers, purchasing gifts, and planning special meals, businesses can capitalise on the opportunity and deliver more value to their customers. Social media plays an important role in this journey.  

Hence, it’s an appropriate time to share an uplifting message on social media around Mother’s Day. It will be well received by your followers and enhance the reputation of your account/ brand/ company. Therefore, create content that emphasizes empowering them.

There are numerous ways to honor mothers using your account. But keep in mind that personal stories will make your material more compelling.

For instance, if you frequently post on the account for your brand, why not tell your fans what makes your own connection with your mother special?

If you don’t want to be visible on your brand’s account, alternatively, you can work with influencers, famous people, or even your customers, and encourage them to share stories on why their mom is so amazing. Make sure to connect these stories to a Call to action for your brand. For instance, maybe you are offering a discount or have created a special offer. Invite your followers to take advantage of these opportunities to enhance their Mother’s Day celebrations. 

Top Mother’s Day Social Media Post Ideas

The majority of individuals commemorate Mother’s Day in some way, whether it be by paying tribute to their mother, a mother figure in their life, the mother of their children, or by being recognized as a mother.

Mother’s Day presents an opportunity for you to interact with your audience and advertise any seasonal promotions or specials, despite the fact that it is typically associated with flowers, breakfast in bed, and possibly sending the kids away so mom and dad can sip wine. Here are some suggestions for Mother’s Day social media posts.

1. A Photo with Mom:

We see a lot of user-generated content featuring moms on social media. So, why not capitalise on this trend?  Social media posts for this year’s Mother’s Day should stand out and be original. Post a sincere statement along with a photo of your mother or another person who you consider to be equal to your mother on social media. This is a unique way to celebrate mom, whether you decide to post a solo picture of her or a family shot. If she uses social media, tag her and her friends in posts to show her how much you care.

2. Organize Giveaways:

The best technique to encourage or boost audience engagement is through a giveaway campaign. Plan an Instagram giveaway for Mother’s Day in a unique way. For instance, you could request that they upload their favorite photo to Instagram and tag five friends.

It’s easy to host a giveaway campaign on Instagram, and it’s a fantastic way to introduce new people to your brand. You can give away everything from flowers and plants to vacations and jewelry on Mother’s Day. 

Mother's day social media post ideas - giveaways

3. Use Stories:

Tell tales of the best or most memorable interactions you have had with your mother. Your audience will be able to identify with you and feel more connected to you, which will entice them to return for more! You may also invite your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share their memories of their first Mother’s Day celebrations, and tag your brand account. You can then pick a lucky winner with the most interesting story! The winner will get a unique award from your company, and be prominently featured on your brand’s account. 

4. Don’t Forget to Celebrate Other Roles of Mom:

Moms play multiple roles in their families and society. Besides being mothers, they are caretakers to seniors, working professionals, business women, freelancers, moms to pets, community organisers, teachers, and all-round pillars of society.

They juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities, from full-time employment and homeschooling to taking on additional family responsibilities and a majority of the caregiving. You can create content around this theme and invite user-generated content. You could also write a blog article honoring the devoted mothers who make up your team, clients, and supporters.

Of course, if you’re a mother, remember to showcase your own story and celebrate yourself, too! 

Mother's day social media post ideas

5. Make Memorable Videos:

Video is one of the hottest properties on Instagram when it comes to marketing. For instance, in a survey conducted in 2023, 90%, 86%, and 79% of marketers shared that they leveraged videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, respectively, for marketing purposes.

Taking a cue from these statistics, videos are great Mother’s Day social media post ideas. Create a little film highlighting your mother’s greatest support for you. This could be a personal experience or simply a humorous incident that you’ve remembered through time. You can also relate to your audience by sharing some of your recollections or personal experiences with them, which will encourage them to share their own.

6. Take Others Opinions

This is a great day to do some storytelling around products and services consumed by mothers. You could invite your audience to rate and comment on Mother’s Day-related goods and services. By showcasing your signature products, you may increase sales while simultaneously promoting the industry.

7. Post an Attractive Message

Post an eye-catching Happy Mother’s Day greeting on social media using vibrant colors, flowers, and cozy spring tones to make sure your postings stand out. Try and infuse brand colors and vibes to make a connection to your business. 

mother day gifting ideas

8. Host a Contest:

Post a social media contest where your fans may vote for the best Mother’s Day story and explain why they believe she should win. Pick one winner at random and give her a unique reward coupon so she can treat herself or her family to something wonderful on Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to publicly proclaim the winner so that everyone will know who won and how you celebrated the victory. 

Mother's day social media post ideas - contest

9. Allow Personal Sharing:

Simply start a conversation on Facebook to escape the formulaic, commercialized character of Mother’s Day marketing. Ask your followers to offer their own personal reflections, experiences, or recollections in return for yours. Include both the good and the bad, as well as everything in between

10. Unique Mother’s Day quotes:

The quotes that honor mothers and the mother figures in our lives will be well received by your audience. On Mother’s Day, several inspiring quotations are appropriate to share. To locate quotes that really appeal to you, you can browse through websites like Pinterest, publications, and others. Don’t forget to give credit where it is due!

Mother's Day Quotes on social media

How Can Social Media Be Inclusive on Mother’s Day?

Examine your content and consider whether your target audience can identify with your marketing. While many people experience love and joy on this day, not everyone does. It may serve as a distressing reminder of a loss or troubled relationship for some people.

Hence, try to be inclusive with your marketing efforts and come up with ideas for Mother’s Day social media posts that include everyone in the celebration. For example, you can celebrate family members who act as mother figures. If you are a pet product business, you can celebrate women pet owners. Make sure your content reflects the diversity of customers who engage with and buy from you.

Some companies have even started to develop policies that let customers reject Mother’s Day marketing campaigns in an effort to balance the joy and pain.

Remember, memorable Mother’s day social media post ideas don’t only
focus on traditional mother-child relationships but also acknowledge diverse family structures and the complexities of emotions associated with Mother’s Day. So make sure to create content that resonates with everyone, regardless of their individual experiences or family dynamics.

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How to Find the Best Hashtags for Mother’s Day Posts?

Your company is probably promoting a special offer or discount for Mother’s Day, which is quickly approaching. Everyone wants to take their moms out to appreciate all of the hard work they put in every day because moms are fantastic. They want to express their love by giving them presents, whether it be a gift, a spa day, or a hotel stay. Using the most popular Mother’s Day hashtags will help your social media postings get visibility and be viewed by a larger audience. Additionally, you can also come up with original campaign hashtags, which you can use every year on this special day. Hashtag Generator is a place where you can locate the newest and most popular hashtags; all you have to do is choose them and then quickly copy and paste them into your posts.

Wrapping It up | Mother’s Day Social Media Post Ideas

Social media posts for this year’s Mother’s Day should stand out and be original. Mother’s Day is a global holiday that honors moms and is celebrated in many countries.

As we come to the end of our article on social media ideas for Mother’s Day, we wanted to share a few final thoughts. First, it’s important to remember that Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate mothers, not to sell products. So, while it’s okay to promote your business on social media, make sure that your content is focused on celebrating mothers. Second, get creative with your content.

There are so many ways to celebrate mothers on social media, so get creative and have fun with it! Finally, we encourage you to use social media to reach out to the mothers in your life. Whether it’s sending a virtual hug or sharing a memory, let the mothers in your life know that you’re thinking of them on this special day.

We hope that our Mother’s Day social media posts ideas have inspired you to get creative and show your mom some love on social media. And lastly, we want to remind you that Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate ALL mothers, so be sure to include your stepmothers, foster mothers, grandmothers, and any other special maternal figures in your posts. We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Without’s Mother’s Day post builder, creating amazing posts for all occasions has never been simpler thanks to a wide variety of Mother’s Day post designs, as well as the necessary Mother’s Day post size, fonts, backgrounds, and stickers. The most popular Mother’s Day hashtags will help your social media postings get visibility and be viewed by a larger audience.

FAQs | Mother’s Day Social Media Post Ideas

1. Best questions to ask your followers on Mother’s day?

These are thoughtful questions to ask on Mother’s Day to engage your followers and celebrate mothers. Here are some additional questions you could consider asking:

1. What is your favorite memory with your mom?
2. How has your relationship with your mom evolved over the years?
3. What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from your mom?
4. How do you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?
5. What qualities do you admire most about your mom?
6. How has becoming a mother changed you?

What should I post for Mother’s Day on social media?

1. Conduct a Mother’s Day competition.
2. A Mother’s Day gift recommendation should be shared.
3. Feature your mother.
4. Post Mother’s Day quotes.
5. Consult your audience.
6. Showcase the goods or services you offer for Mother’s Day.

Why to post on Mother’s day?

As you are aware, Mother’s Day is a time to honor mothers and express gratitude for all that they do for us. Sharing an uplifting message on social media around Mother’s Day, is a surefire way to build more traction for your social media presence, and inspire user-generated content. It will be well received by your followers and enhance the reputation of your company. 
With Instagram Post Maker and Facebook Post Maker, you can create compelling and personalized content designed specifically for Mother’s Day. This approach allows you to scale your social media activities effectively and make a meaningful impact on your audience during this special celebration.

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