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LinkedIn video thumbnail size

Posting a video on the personal feed is a terrific option for small businesses and setups wishing to advertise their brands and products. You can begin by publishing on a personal feed, and after that, you can make a company page. The first thing to know if you intend to post a video on LinkedIn is where it will appear. Both the company pages and the personal feed on LinkedIn support adding videos. The maximum size of LinkedIn video thumbnail is 2 MB.

Video Thumbnail is an image that serves as the preview for your video. Thumbnails, like a book cover, movie poster, or magazine cover, should attract viewers to click through and see your content. A platform might create a thumbnail for your video on its own. But a personalized thumbnail will distinguish your content from a random blurry still. In this blog, we will be discussing the LinkedIn video thumbnail size.

LinkedIn video thumbnail

What is the requirement for a LinkedIn video thumbnail size?

A video’s thumbnail serves as both the video’s cover and a preview image of it. The thumbnail image of the video gives the viewer a preview of what it contains. Even if the website selects the video’s opening frame as the thumbnail, you can pick a personalized one that is appealing and engaging.

Your video’s introduction frame will be automatically used by LinkedIn as the thumbnail. To use as a thumbnail, however, you can also submit an image. The aspect ratio and resolution of your video should match those of your thumbnail, which should be a JPG or PNG picture with a maximum file size of 2MB. 

The LinkedIn video thumbnail size specifications are as follows:

  1. Image size: Match the aspect ratio of your video.
  2. Format of the image: JPG or PNG
  3. Maximum size of the image: 2MB
  4. Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio of the thumbnail should match that of the video itself. 
LinkedIn video thumbnail size

Video sizes:

Vertical (4:5): Min 360 x 450 pixels, max 1536 x 1920 pixels
Vertical (9:16):
Min 360 x 640 pixels, max 1080 x 1920 pixels
Landscape (16:9): Min 640 x 360 pixels, max 1920 x 1080 pixels
Square (1:1): Min 360 x 360 pixels, max 1920 x 1920 pixels

Tips For Making A LinkedIn Video Thumbnail That Is Both Interesting And Effective

You can make engaging thumbnails for your LinkedIn videos that will draw people in by using the following advice.

Find templates for thumbnails.

Many websites, like Canva, Visme, Postermywall, and others, offer ready-made templates for making eye-catching thumbnails. These websites offer a wide selection of designs in several areas.

Utilize an editing tool to modify files.

You would need a good editing program to edit the chosen template or a new image to be used as a thumbnail. You may easily download the editing software to your Windows and Mac computers, and you can utilize a variety of editing tools to obtain the required thumbnail image. The software supports several important capabilities, like adding text and tiles, rotating, merging, cropping, flipping, adding overlays and filters, transitions and elements, motion tracking, color adjusting, and many more.

The software is ideal for all types of users because of its straightforward interface and quick processing time.

Be straightforward and clear.

The thumbnail should be kept uncomplicated and unambiguous. There is no need for more information because LinkedIn is a network that is focused on businesses.

Let your content’s thumbnail speak for itself.

Make a thumbnail that accurately describes the information in your video. The visitor will open and watch your video if the thumbnail intrigues them and provides some context for it.

Things to do in LinkedIn Video

  1. Establish the goal of your video campaign.
  2. Create your material with your goal in mind.
  3. Make sure to pay attention to how your viewers will react to your videos.
  4. Build a video advertising campaign around your intended goal.
  5. Make sure the sponsored material you create is action-provoking, descriptive, and focused.
  6. You should regularly test, refine, and upgrade your movies.

Types of video on LinkedIn

Embedded videos

Many companies still regularly upload videos to video-hosting websites like YouTube or Vimeo, then share the link on LinkedIn. This is useful, but for a variety of reasons, LinkedIn native films are frequently a better tactic.

LinkedIn’s built-in video

Video that is directly posted to LinkedIn or made on the site itself is referred to as “native video.”

LinkedIn native video autoplay in-feed as opposed to embedded videos, which is more likely to catch viewers’ attention. According to metrics, Facebook native videos receive 10 times more shares than linked videos, and LinkedIn native videos probably benefit from the same increase.

Advertisements on LinkedIn

LinkedIn video advertising is the sponsored company films that display in the LinkedIn stream. Video ad campaigns have a better chance of enhancing brand exposure, brand consideration, and lead generation because they are frequently dispersed to a bigger, more focused audience.

LinkedIn video advertising can last up to 30 minutes, as opposed to native LinkedIn video, which has a maximum runtime of 10 minutes.

Using Campaign Manager, company page admins can create a video ad campaign or choose to sponsor an already-posted item.

Wrapping It Up

One of the crucial elements that adds interest and engagement to your video on LinkedIn is the thumbnail. Before someone watches your video, you need to make sure they are interested and click on it. A personalized thumbnail is excellent for capturing this viewer’s attention for the first time. To make a unique thumbnail, you can change any eye-catching image or graphic associated with your video.

A thumbnail can only be utilized when videos are uploaded as native LinkedIn videos. But at the same time, you should always stick to the size prescribed above in this blog. 

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