How to Turn off Vanish Mode on Instagram?

How to Turn off Vanish Mode on Instagram?

Imagine having a fun chat on Instagram with a friend, sharing jokes or memories, and suddenly, all your messages disappear—that’s Vanish Mode. If you prefer your chats to stick around, you need to make sure that Vanish Mode is turned off.

Vanish Mode is a feature on Instagram that allows your messages to disappear after they’ve been seen by the recipient. If you want to turn off the vanish mode but don’t know how to, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to explore a step-by-step guide on how to disable vanish mode on Instagram and make your chats stick for the long haul. Let’s start!

Understanding Vanish Mode: A Quick Overview

Introduced in 2020, Vanish Mode on Instagram is a privacy-centric feature that adds an ephemeral touch to your conversations.

When activated by the sender in a direct message, Vanish Mode ensures that the messages vanish after being read by the recipient. It is like having a conversation that only lives in the moment. While the idea sounds intriguing, not everyone enjoys their words disappearing into thin air.

Disabling Vanish Mode is a simple yet essential step for those who prefer their chats to linger. Whether you want to preserve significant information or cherish a lighthearted moment, turning off Vanish Mode ensures that your messages stay put, defying the transient nature of the feature.

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Step-by-Step: How to Turn Off the Vanish Mode

Follow the steps mentioned below to disable Vanish Mode on Instagram and retain your cherished conversations:

Open the Chat:

Tap on your Instagram app to launch it. Navigate to the direct messages icon and select the conversation currently in Vanish Mode. You will recognize it by the darker theme and perhaps the disappearing messages.

Instagram Direct Messages Icon
Instagram Direct Messages Icon

The Magic Swipe:

Place your finger at the very bottom of the screen, where the last message or the text input area is. Now, gently swipe up as if you are trying to pull the messages up towards the top of your screen. This gesture is akin to opening a curtain or unveiling a secret passage that leads you back to the familiar territory of lasting messages.

Swipe Up To Turn Off Vanish Mode
Swipe Up To Turn Off Vanish Mode


Watch for a notification at the top of your chat window that confirms Vanish Mode is turned off. Your chat background should return to its default color, signaling the return to normalcy.

Access the Chat Details:

Open the chat in question. Now, click on the recipient’s name or profile picture at the top of the screen. Once you click on this, you will get a more detailed screen where you can see the person’s profile as well as different setting options. 

Access Chat Details
Access Chat Details

Among the options presented, find and tap on “Privacy and Safety.” This section houses various settings that allow you to control different aspects of your interaction with the user.

Click on Privacy and Safety
Click on Privacy and Safety

Toggle off Vanish Mode:

Look for the Vanish Mode option. It might be a simple toggle switch that you can click if you are looking at how to turn off vanish mode on Instagram permanently. By doing this, you effectively turn off vanish mode, ensuring that any further messages remain visible in the chat.

Toggle Off Vanish Mode
Toggle Off Vanish Mode

When Should You Turn off Vanish Mode?

Here are some ideal scenarios where activating Vanish Mode can be beneficial:

  1. Sensitive Information: When sharing critical details such as login credentials or financial information, activating Vanish Mode ensures that this sensitive data disappears once it’s been read. It adds an extra layer of security by reducing the chance of unauthorized access.
  2. Spontaneous Moments: Ever shared a joke, picture, or meme that’s hilarious in the moment but loses its charm over time? Vanish Mode is tailor-made for these fleeting exchanges, allowing every laugh and giggle to be as transient as intended.
  3. Surprise Plans: Planning a surprise birthday party or a special event? Discussing details in Vanish Mode ensures that there is no trail left behind for the surprise to stumble upon.

When Vanish Mode Doesn’t Want to Vanish

Sometimes, technology does not work quite like it is supposed to. If you are swiping up and nothing is happening, don’t fret. Here are a few tricks to turn off vanish mode permanently:

1. Update Your App

Ensuring your Instagram app is up-to-date is akin to giving it a health check. Regular updates not only introduce new features but also address bugs and glitches. If Vanish Mode seems reluctant to vanish, check for app updates, as they might hold the key to resolving this issue.

2. Restart Your Device:

Sometimes, your phone just needs a quick nap to refresh itself. Restarting your device can work wonders at fixing minor glitches, including those pesky instances where Vanish Mode refuses to disappear. Give your device a break, and you might find that the problem resolves itself upon reboot.

3. Clear the Cache:

Think of this as a digital decluttering session for your app’s brain. Clearing the cache can help Instagram forget it was ever stuck in Vanish Mode. 
Head to your device settings, find the Instagram app and clear its cache. This step might be the key to restoring normalcy to your direct messages.

Beyond Vanish Mode: Making Your Chats Stick

Instagram isn’t just about disappearing messages. It is a vast world of conversation, connection, and creativity. 

Here are a couple of ways to enhance your chat experience:

  • Customize Your Chat: Did you know you can change the theme of your chat or even assign custom chat names? You can go to the settings in your chat and change its theme for a more unique chatting experience.
  • Use Interactive Features: You can also use GIFs, polls, message effects, and reactions to make your conversations more fun and interesting.

In addition to managing your digital content, it is also essential to manage your chat settings on social media platforms like Instagram. Doing so helps to protect your privacy and ensures a more personalized social media experience. According to a study, around 75.7% of social media users prefer using apps or platforms that let them customize their privacy settings. 

This number also highlights the importance of a feature like vanish mode on Instagram. From turning it on to learning how to turn off vanish mode on Instagram permanently, it is important to edit your chat preferences. This further helps you have complete control over your conversation visibility while also enhancing your privacy. 

Wrapping Up

With its array of features, Instagram offers a canvas for your digital interactions—be they fleeting or lasting.

So, the next time your chats accidentally disappear, just turn off your vanish mode with a simple swipe up. You can also change your privacy settings and bring your conversations back from the brink of disappearance. 

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