Level Up Your Game: Captivating Gaming Post Ideas For Instagram

Instagram content ideas for Gaming

Whether you’re a passionate gamer or a game developer looking to make new connections, Instagram is the perfect platform. Social media platforms dominate online interactions in this digital age.

For any gaming account, creating compelling gaming post ideas is crucial for attracting and engaging new audiences. It will also create an opportunity for your brand to build an online community.

Instagram has a large user base and a significant population of gamers and gaming enthusiasts. This is why it is essential to have an effective strategy when it comes to social media for gamers.

Connecting with this ready-made audience that actively seeks out gaming content is essential. In addition, everyone is aware that Instagram, with its live-streaming, IGTV, and Stories features, is one of the most dynamic social media sites.

25 Exciting Gaming Post Ideas to Level Up On Instagram

These trending content ideas for gaming are sure to get you started in no time! Build impactful content buckets for Instagram according to your goals using these gaming post ideas and maximize your potential.

1. Teasers and Trailers:

Share visually compelling teasers and trailers of upcoming games to generate excitement among your followers. You can also make teasers of the games that you will be reviewing or sharing gameplay of in the near future.

Make sure to post these in the form of interactive Instagram Stories. Alternatively, a good plan when using social media for gamers could include interesting Instagram reels as well. Teasers and Trailers will generate buzz and excitement for what’s to come among your followers!

2. Gameplay Sneak Peeks:

Capture gameplay footage and provide exclusive sneak peeks. Mention and highlight key features and mechanics to make the content engaging. An example of this can be seen on Imane Anys’ Instagram (@pokimanelol), better known as Pokimane.

She is a popular Twitch streamer but has expanded her audience over to Instagram by engaging with her fans, sharing gaming moments, and promoting her streams and YouTube videos.

3. Behind-the-Scenes Footage:

Offer behind-the-scenes glimpses into game development, showcasing the creative process and the team behind the games on social media for gamers.

The audience is quite inclined to learn about what goes on in a gamer’s mind and what inspires various gaming stakeholders to do what they do. You can compile bytes from different people involved or make a montage of key moments from the process.

4. Q&A Sessions:

Host live Q&A sessions on Instagram Live. This will allow your followers to question and interact directly with game developers and gamers.

“Ask Me Anything” is a great way to engage audiences. You could talk about anything and everything in these sessions. The more candid they are, the better it is for reach and engagement. 

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5. Game Artwork and Concept Reveals:

Share stunning artwork, concept designs, and illustrations related to games, providing a visual treat for your followers.

Occasionally post artwork created by your followers, with credits to them. It helps increase your visibility. You can also hold artwork and concept contests to involve the gaming community and expand reach.

6. Fan Art Features:

On a similar note, highlight talented fan artists by featuring their game-inspired artwork and giving them a shout-out on social media for gamers.

For example, dedicate a post or a series of posts to feature fan artists and their work. Share some information about them, such as their background, inspiration, and style, and include a link to their social media accounts or website.

fan art content idea

7. Gaming Tips and Tricks:

Create posts or short videos sharing gaming tips, tricks, and strategies to help gamers improve their skills.

For example, share tips and strategies for playing multiplayer games, including team-based games and battle royale games. This can include tips on communication, teamwork, and individual tactics. Here is an example of one such post.

gaming tips post

8. Throwback Gaming Moments:

Celebrate classic games and nostalgic moments by sharing memorable screenshots or stories from gaming history. Generate engagement by asking for others’ thoughts and related memories.

9. Gaming Memes:

Inject humor into your Instagram feed by posting gaming-related memes or funny gaming moments.

Social media for gamers does well with these easily-shareable, bite-sized content. You could use various AI tools to generate memes using a few prompts and do this in no time.

10. Gaming Influencers:

Feature popular gaming influencers or content creators sharing their insights, recommendations, or collaborations if you are looking for sure-shot gaming post ideas. The influencer culture on Instagram is crucial to the gaming industry.

The collaborations can help increase your visibility and reach, and they can also help you make connections with trusted figures in the gaming community. An example is Richard Tyler Blevins, known as Ninja (@ninja), who posts collaborations with other influencers and brands.

11. Gamer Spotlights:

Shine a spotlight on dedicated gamers by showcasing their achievements, gaming setups, or unique experiences for fun gaming post ideas.

Or even better, let a gamer take over your social media handle for a day and let your audience have fun. Talk about their gaming strategy, background, what keeps them going, etc. It is one of the best social media for gamers strategies.

12. Virtual Events:

Promote virtual gaming events, conferences, and tournaments, encouraging your followers to participate or tune in.

You could have a game-athon where people come together and compete in a PvP game, or you could host a discussion on different gaming trends, practices, top gamers, etc. These virtual events could also be in the form of Instagram Lives and work as a great social media for gamers’ strategy. 

13. Game Merchandise Showcases:

Highlight game-related merchandise, collectibles, or limited-edition items and provide purchasing information for interested followers. Post your personal content as you use the merchandise, such as t-shirts or mugs.

Arrange the collectibles and limited-edition items in a showcase opposite the screen. Game Merchandise Showcases will help the merchandise feature in your live interactions or video posts.

showcase gaming merchandise

14. Gaming Giveaways:

Organize giveaways or contests where followers have a chance to win game copies, merchandise, or exclusive in-game items. These giveaways could ask them to like, comment, follow, or share.

They can also be more creative, asking them to click a selfie after a game, a screenshot of a gaming milestone, a video of them talking about their favorite game, etc. 

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15. Gaming News and Updates:

Share news, updates, and announcements about the gaming industry, including new releases, patches, or console updates. Check out the link to see a post about the wireless controller’s release.

post gaming news

16. Game Reviews and Recommendations:

Post concise game reviews or recommendations, guiding your audience’s gaming choices. Create a series of posts dedicated to a specific game and ask your followers what they would like to know as well.

This is one of those gaming post ideas that allow you to connect with the audience and learn what topics they are interested in. Here is an example.

game reviews and recommendations

17. Polls and Surveys:

Engage your audience by conducting polls or surveys related to gaming preferences and allowing them to voice their opinions. Use Instagram Story features such as polls and quizzes for impactful social media for gamers.

Polls can be used to ask followers what their favorite games are or what type of games they prefer. Quizzes can be used to create fun challenges related to gaming, such as guessing a character’s name or identifying a game from a screenshot.

18. Gaming Quotes and Inspirational Messages:

Share inspiring quotes from games, developers, or industry leaders, fostering a positive and motivational atmosphere for your followers.

It is a no-brainer and one of the easiest to execute gaming post ideas. At times, quoting famous phrases, which may not be necessarily inspirational, can be fun and witty.

19. Collaborations with Other Game Developers:

Partner with other game developers or studios to cross-promote each other’s work and engage a broader audience. As a gamer or game developer, be creative and friendly.

Partner with other game developers or studios to organize joint events, such as game tournaments or conventions. This can help build relationships with other developers and engage with a broader audience.

20. Gaming Livestreams and Tournaments:

Instagram is a great place to connect with new audiences and build a community. You can announce and promote your own gaming live streams, tournaments, or competitions.

Encourage followers to participate and play with or against you or cheer you on.

21. Get Involved in a Cause:

The gaming industry is perceived to be for entertainment, with gamers often being asked to exercise caution to avoid addiction. 

A campaign that would aim at helping addiction and taking up the cause of mental health or supporting any other cause, like helping underprivileged children, can boost brand reputation and credibility.

It will also be a helpful and informative content bucket to enhance social media for gamers. About 76% of companies use CSR to reduce brand reputation risk.

One of the best ways to increase engagement on Instagram as a gaming handle would be to get in on the viral gaming trends.

For example, “Three Truths and a Lie,” “This or That,” “GIF Challenge,” etc., have been some of the trending games on Instagram. Games also promote a sense of community and help portray your brand as “fun.”

Among all the gaming post ideas, this is an evergreen success.

Image Source

23. Slangs Explained Weekly:

Gamers have a language of their own. They often use slang, abbreviations, and unique words in chats like “noob,” “nerf,” “GG,” etc.

Explaining them through a post can make the world feel more connected with the gamers. It could also be a quiz with multiple choices, with the answer revealed 24 hours later. The best social media for gamers’ content calendar will have this as a content bucket without fail.

24. Cosplay Is Cool!:

Share photos of people dressed as their favorite game characters by tagging them and reposting their posts.

You can also encourage your followers to share photos of them dressed in game-inspired outfits and give them a shout-out or another reward. This campaign might also boost inspiration for other gaming post ideas.

25. One-Minute Confessions:

Invite gamers worldwide to candidly talk about their biggest fails, bloopers, most memorable gaming moments, or anything else in one minute.

Instagram videos offer 2x engagement compared to other post types and have better reach. This idea can also portray your social media handle as the new hotspot for everything gaming. 

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Social Media For Gamers: Wrapping Up

Leveraging Instagram as a platform can benefit you immensely if you’re an amateur gamer or game developer. The extensive features it offers make it a valuable tool for building brand awareness and creating a thriving gaming community.

Add a bit of spice and personal flavor to these 20 content ideas for Gaming to make them all the more captivating. Remember to stay consistent, engage with your followers, and adapt your content based on their preferences and feedback.

By leveraging the power of Instagram, you can establish a strong online presence, connect with the gaming community, and showcase your passion for gaming and game development. Happy posting!

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