Behind-the-Scenes Ideas for Travel Agencies on Instagram Stories

Behind the scenes ideas for travel agency

Instagram Stories can be a useful feature for your Travel Agency. How? Let’s find out in this article where we will discuss Behind-the-Scenes Ideas for Travel Agencies on Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is undoubtedly an amazing feature in the application for creating and sharing aesthetic content without directly posting it. Imagine you want to share something but do not want it on your Instagram feed forever.

In such a case, you can create and share content on Instagram stories where your followers will see, react to, and comment. Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours and do not stay in your feed forever like a post. Also, if you want your story to be on your profile, you can highlight the story.

Travel agencies can use Instagram stories extensively to convert their followers into travelers. They can post Behind the scenes daily on their stories, and it won’t appear as direct as a post on their profile. We have much to discuss with you so you can use Instagram Story for Travel Marketing. But before that let me tell you about an amazing AI-based application,, that can help you generate highly customized images and videos for your Instagram. Not just this but you can also directly link your Instagram account to and schedule content through its inbuilt content calendar.

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Why Should You Be Using Instagram Stories for Travel Marketing?

Instagram stories are not about just adding your content for 24 hours. It is a cool feature with several editing features, filters, and music options. All these features can help enhance the creativity of your content and grow engagement, which is important for your Travel agency. Adding a story that is just for 24 hours gives you the freedom to have fun and massive engagement without worrying about spamming posts on your feed.

Instagram Stories may seem more informal and intimate at the same time for identical reasons. Stories are frequently utilized to give followers a peek into your day or behind the scenes. This material usually has a less polished, more untamed vibe than a standard Instagram post, which helps personalize your content and establish connections with followers.

One of several examples of an Instagram Story for Travel Agencies can be shooting in POV (point-of-view) to give your viewers the experience that they were right there with you and experiencing breathtaking adventures.

You might want to make Stories as a travel, tour, or activity firm that takes your followers on a little journey and gives them a preview of the locations and attractions they can expect from you. Utilize Instagram Stories to motivate, attract, and excite your audience with the adventurous or never-forgotten experiences you offer.

Behind-the-Scenes ideas for Travel Agency
Instagram Story vs Instagram Post

Instagram Story Ideas for Tourism

Let’s get started with some amazing Behind-the-Scenes Ideas for Travel Agencies. If you implement these ideas, you will see a difference in the growth of your business.

a. Take Your Followers Behind The Scenes

Make an Instagram Story demonstrating how your staff is getting ready for another day of traveling. Display your personnel and equipment while outlining some of your everyday operational procedures. Giving your audience this insider’s view of your travel agency is beneficial in several ways. Behind-the-scenes ideas for Travel Agencies can be one of the best ideas for Instagram Stories

Showing your customers that your Travel Agency is operated by genuine people passionate about what they do humanizes your content. Also, it helps build trust and faith in your brand, knowing they are in skilled and safe hands.

Behind-the-Scenes Ideas for Travel Agencies
Travel agency staff preparing for a tour

b. Share IGTV Videos to Your Story

You can share IGTV videos with your story and ask to view the full video. It helps in engaging your followers with your IGTV videos. They can comment and develop interest in the activities shown in the videos. Behind-the-Scenes Ideas for Travel Agencies

c. Add Beautiful Scenic Photography

Instagram is a visually appealing social networking site whose users generally post highly aesthetic images. Your content must outperform postings from established photographers, travel influencers, creative directors, etc.

Include beautiful photographs in your Stories if you want to attract and engage your followers, especially those who love to travel and be outside. Even while you won’t need to do much if the environment is good, it’s still important to take ample time to frame your landscape images in the most enchanting way.

Behind-the-Scenes Ideas for Travel Agencies
Breathtaking landscape for your Instagram travel story

d. Promote Content Using the Swipe Up Feature

Instagram allows you to add links to your story. This feature can shift your story viewers to your website, posts, or product pages. Also, you can directly link a page where your viewers can buy tickets to be your customers.

However, the swipe-up feature is available to those with over 10k followers on their page. If your Travel Agency has 10k followers on Instagram, then you can use a swipe-up feature on your story to help viewers reach certain pages with one swipe.

e. Create Action Photos or Videos

You can add exciting action photos or videos of your clients who chose to do activities on the trips. It will strengthen your stories, and some followers may crave the same activities.

It will look good if you always add photos with poses or planned videos, but candid images and videos are different. So, try to shoot your clients or staff’s random and beautiful moments.

For example, you can record your clients’ cycling, hiking, surfing, or bungee jumping. Such content can spice up your stories, and travel geeks in your follower list will get inspired.

Instagram stories for travel agency
Bungee Jumping is one of the activities that people love to do on a trip

f. Communicate Responsible Travel Messages

As a Travel Agency Instagram manager, you should monitor the messages. Your followers might want to ask a few questions before deciding on a trip. Therefore, you should filter and communicate with the most relevant messages sent by your followers. Moreover, you should highlight some of your stories with important details. The highlights stay on your profile so that people might get important details there.

g. Encourage Audience Engagement

Engaging and interacting with your customers and enlisting their assistance in marketing is one of the best Instagram Story ideas for the travel industry. Encourage audience participation by encouraging your customers to post videos or images from the tour on Instagram.

Behind-the-Scenes ideas for Travel Agencies
Encourage Audience Engagement with user-generated content

To show your followers how much fun your customers have on tour, ask your customers to post and tag or mention you in their posts. You can then repost the same in your own story.

Stickers on Instagram Stories and How to Use Them

You might know how to use stickers, and it works, but let me help you explore a few ways that can help you in Travel Marketing on your Instagram Story.


When you tap on a location sticker while editing your story, it asks you to add the location. Now, the mentioned location will appear on your story, and your followers can tap on the location and see more posts in which the same place is tagged. It is certainly helpful for Travel Agencies.


You can use hashtags to categorize and let your followers discover related material. Similar to the location sticker, the hashtag sticker allows users to be routed to the relevant pages by simply tapping on it.


The mention sticker enables you to highlight, call attention to, or alert another person who is relevant to the Story you are sharing. The main motto is to mention the account on your Story by putting out their Instagram handle.

Any user tagged or referenced in your Story may repost it to their Story if your settings let it. This is a great approach to perhaps reach more people. On the other hand, tagging someone else in your Story and reposting their Story to yours, if appropriate, encourages others to tag you in their Stories as well.


Suppose you have a new product or service to launch, amazing news to share, or you might be looking forward to a trendy trip. Similarly, you can add a countdown sticker to make your followers curious about the upcoming event on your page.

Questions, Polls, and Quizzes

If you add questions, polls, or quizzes to your stories, your followers will engage with the same. Also, you will get an idea about your followers’ likings and interests. Try them out and see if these stickers work for your Travel Agency.

Behind-the-Scenes Ideas for Travel Agencies
Use different stickers to engage your followers

Instagram Highlights

The 24-hour lifespan of Instagram Stories was previously mentioned. Only a portion of this is accurate. You can include your Story in a Highlight pinned on your profile if you want it to be visible for a longer period. Highlighting certain Stories enables people to watch them again as long as you maintain the Story.

It’s easy to categorize your articles since you may make many Highlights for various Stories. Maybe you want a Highlight for each place of interest. Perhaps a Highlight devoted to frequently asked questions or a Q&A session you have using the question sticker would be beneficial.

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Instagram Reels

Instagram reels and stories are similar in creativity, but these features differ in many aspects. Reels can grab an audience that does not follow you, but stories can target only those who follow you. If you get many profile visits, you might get some traffic on your stories. Otherwise, it is just for your followers. Instagram allows you to upload a thirty-second reel, but for stories, the time limit cuts down to fifteen seconds.

You might get several followers if your reels are catchy, creative, and interesting. Therefore, your reels should be eye-catching, but in the case of stories, you can experiment with the content. Instagram’s algorithm favors reels more. However, being a Travel agent, you should focus on every feature of Travel Marketing – Reels for growth in followers and Stories for engagement.

Comparing Instagram stories with Instagram reels


Now, you know a few important Behind-the-Scenes Ideas for Travel Agencies on Instagram Stories. You can use all the above-mentioned tips and ideas for travel marketing. Candid photos and videos might do wonders in building trust among your followers. You can create beautiful and appropriate stories so your followers feel free to engage with you.

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