How to Tag Someone on Facebook After Posting?

How to Tag Someone on Facebook After Posting

So you posted a new group photo on Facebook but forgot to tag your friend? Not sure how to tag someone on Facebook after the post is live and getting likes? No worries! Facebook allows you to easily edit and modify any of your timeline posts, including those that are several years old. You can even add new tags and mentions to your older posts.

On Facebook, nothing is ever completely permanent or set in stone. You can edit status updates, individual photographs, and whole albums. This article will demonstrate how to tag someone on a Facebook post even after the content is published using various devices.

Continue reading for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to tag someone on Facebook after publishing.

What is the Tagging Feature?

Facebook facilitates global connectivity by allowing users to connect, share, and communicate effortlessly. Tagging someone on Facebook enhances communication by directly notifying them and involving them in relevant content. 

Tagging on Facebook is a powerful tool for sharing memories, events, and experiences, allowing users to easily associate individuals with specific moments. It helps boost engagement and facilitate conversations. When people are tagged, they are prompted to participate by liking the post, sharing it, or even leaving a comment.

Tags on Facebook function as a kind of personal notification to the person who has been tagged. It allows Facebook users to “include” several people in a post.

The good news is that even if you post a family or group photo on Facebook but forget to tag those in the picture, you can still do so later.

Benefits of Tagging Someone on Facebook

Tagging someone on Facebook is a great way for users to connect and interact with others on the platform, offering several benefits to their profile. Let’s understand why and when to tag someone on Facebook:

  • Tagged individuals receive notifications which increases the likelihood of them engaging with the post. 
  • Tagging strengthens social connections by directly involving friends in the posts shared on Facebook. 
  • Tagging adds a personal touch to Facebook posts making them more relatable and relevant to the individual being tagged.
  • Tags also help expand a post’s reach to a much wider network. Not only do tags appear on your timeline, but on the timelines of people tagged and their friends’ feeds as well.
  • Tags are also a great tool for organizing events, gatherings, and collaborations. They help facilitate the involvement of relevant participants.
  • Tagging can also be used to publicly acknowledge and appreciate someone’s contribution, achievement, or presence in a specific context. 
  • Tagging someone on Facebook helps users connect with people who share the same interests, hobbies, or activities.

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How to Tag Someone on Facebook After Posting

There are two easy ways of tagging someone on Facebook after you have published your post:

  • Using your Facebook mobile app.
  • Using your desktop or laptop.

1.  How to Tag Someone On Facebook Using Your Mobile App

Facebook is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices that can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store respectively. To edit Facebook posts and tags on mobile devices, simply follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device and log in to your Facebook account by entering your email address and password.
  • In the top left corner, click on your profile picture.
Clicking on Facebook profile picture

  • Scroll through your timeline and select the photo for which you want to add tags.
  • In the top-right corner of the photo, click on the tag icon.
Clicking on the Tag icon on Facebook

  • In the pop-up box, type in the usernames of friends you want to tag in the photo. To tag a friend on Facebook, simply tap on the name. You can tag up to 50 people in a Facebook post. 
Tap on an image to tag someone on Facebook

2. How to Tag Someone on Facebook Using a Desktop or Laptop

Tagging photos on Facebook using a desktop or laptop is quick and easy. To edit Facebook posts and tags on your desktop or laptop, simply follow the steps below:

  • Log in to Facebook by visiting the website and entering your email address and password
  • In the top-right corner of the screen, click on your profile picture to view your profile.
View your profile picture

  • Scroll through your timeline and find the photo you want to add tags to. Click on the photo. 
  • Click on the small tag icon located in the top-right corner.
Finding the tag icon

  • Select the person or area in the photo that you want to tag using your cursor and click on it. Type in the username in the search box and click on the username from the list of suggestions.
Selecting the area or person and tagging them

  • Once you have finished adding tags to the photo, click “Finished Tagging”.

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How To Add A Website as a Facebook Tag?

On Facebook, third-party websites cannot be tagged. The company or individual must have an official Facebook profile to add tags or be tagged in a post. If they do, you can simply mention them in posts, photos, or even comments using the “@” command. To tag a company in a Facebook post, follow the steps below: 

  • Go to your timeline and click on the post you wish to tag.
  • If it is a photo post, tap the tag symbol at the top of the screen. Then click the area of the photo where you would like the tag to appear, and type in the name of the page.
  • If it is a shared post or status update, tap the three horizontal dots in the upper-right corner. After the “@” sign, enter the page name.

Remember that certain sites may not accept mentions or tags. Facebook tags will not function if someone does not want their profile or page to show up in posts.

Can You Edit Facebook Tags After Posting?

Yes! You can always edit your Facebook posts even after they have been published. Adjust the post’s privacy settings, photos, videos, and tagged contacts even after it is live.

You can also quickly delete tags after publishing a Facebook post. This is an incredibly useful feature in case you accidentally tag the wrong person in a Facebook post. To delete a tag in a Facebook post, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open your Facebook profile and scroll down through your timeline to find the post you wish to edit.
  2. Click on the post or photo you wish to edit.
  3. To edit a photo post, click on the tagged profile, page, or person. Then, next to the username, click the little “x.”
  4. To edit a text post, open the drop-down menu and choose “Edit Post”. Then, simply select the tagged text and delete it to remove the tags.

Facebook Tagging Best Practices

Want to learn how to improve your Facebook tags and make them more impactful? Here are a few best practices to add tags on FB after posting:

  • Always be respectful of people’s privacy when tagging them in your posts. Some people may not like to appear so frequently on posts other than their own. While they can turn the feature off through their profile, if you do receive a request to have a tag removed, it is best to honor it.
  • If you are wondering how to tag someone on Facebook in a simple, clean, and direct way, use “@name” tags in the caption of the photo to tag someone in the post (not the picture itself). You can use this in a situation where you don’t want the beauty of the photograph to be overcome by names when a viewer drags their cursor over it.

Tagging in Facebook Posts

When creating a new post, you can tag someone to create a link to their timeline as well. For instance, you can tag someone in a photo to show who is in the photo or tag them in a post to link them to a status update, activity, or what’s been going on. 

When you tag someone, they will receive a notification. If your post’s privacy settings are set to Friends and more, your post will also be visible to friends of the tagged person as well.

If you want to learn how to tag someone on Facebook when sharing a post, just follow the steps below:

  • Open your Facebook feed and click on “What’s on your mind?”
Starting a Facebook Post

  • Select the post’s audience and type of post from the subsequent dialogue boxes that appear:

  • In the “Tag people” dialogue box, type in the usernames of friends or pages that you would like to tag.
  • Click “Done” when you have selected and tagged everyone.

Wrapping It Up

Facebook is quite forgiving when it comes to modifying posts, allowing users to continue updating their posts, photos, and tags even years after they have been posted. 

Whenever you post a new photo, Facebook automatically tags friends that appear in the image using face recognition technology. However, there is still room for error and accidental tagging. To fix Facebook tags, you can always edit, add, and delete tags in your posts. 

Facebook is a multifaceted social media platform that allows people from around the world to connect, revisit memories, and even find and form new online communities. How much time do you spend scrolling on Facebook? What do you think about facial recognition? Comment below and tell us about your experience using one of the world’s most popular social media platforms.

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