How to Light Up Your Real Estate Leads Using LinkedIn?

Get more Real estate leads using linkedin

Worldwide, millions of houses are vacant and waiting for the right deal, 5.5 million in the US alone!

Finding the right home relies heavily on finding the right person or connections. Getting your voice onto the right platform and through to the right people is where real estate agencies come into the picture!

LinkedIn, the platform once known for only job seekers and recruiters, prides itself today on being uniquely all about business and networking. When the topic is about business, it is a vital platform capable of reaching the right eyes and ears.

The impact of reaching the right eyes and ears in this age-old mammoth industry can be visualized with these few statistics:

  1. As of 2023, the global real estate market is valued at 613.6 trillion USD and is expected to reach 729.4 trillion USD by 2028.
  2. About 82% of real estate business comes from referrals. 

Now, with the impact of networking on this vast market, let’s dive into the benefits and some essential tips that will help you gain real estate customers!

Here’s Why LinkedIn Boosts Your Real Estate Leads!

Before we get cracking on the tips and trends that can rake in real estate leads using LinkedIn, here are the four reasons LinkedIn is a crucial platform for you to invest in:


Its Enormous User Base

As of 2023, there are 1 billion users on LinkedIn spread over 200+ countries across the globe. The two countries that rank highest in this list, the US and India, are also among the world’s largest real estate markets.

It is common knowledge that many people use LinkedIn, but this exact number has a significant impact on the user base’s vast scope in boosting real estate leads using LinkedIn.

Holds a High Concentration of Decision-Makers

According to LinkedIn marketing solutions, 4 out of 5 LinkedIn members drive business decisions. This amounts to at least 2x the buying power compared to the average web audience.

Among all major social media, this high decision-maker ratio carries tremendous value in the process of converting listings into real estate leads using LinkedIn.

Offers Strong Analytic Tools

LinkedIn Analytics provides you with powerful insights to help optimize your strategy and understand how your real estate business is performing. Some of these insights are:

  1. Track your subscriber count, click-through rate, open rate, and unsubscribes.
  2. Learn how your posts, videos, and campaigns perform.
  3. See how many people have visited your business page.
  4. Break down your followers by location, company size, industry, and more.

With these insights and performance metrics, you can steer your content and listing strategy and increase your visibility and real estate leads using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Referrals Have High Value

LinkedIn is a business-focused environment and also can be used to reach a more professionally targeted audience. Because of these features, LinkedIn referrals hold a higher value than many other platforms. 

In the real estate business, referral clients often have a pre-established level of trust as they come through a preferred channel. That pre-established level tends to be relatively high, with real estate leads using LinkedIn referrals.


Now, to the main event! Based on a few statistics and current market trends, we have curated these four tips, tricks, and trends that would help boost your real estate leads using LinkedIn:

Hook, Line, and Sinker With Video Marketing

According to video marketing experts Wyzowl, 69% of those implementing videos in their marketing strategies confirm LinkedIn to be an effective platform!

With a rich video of property tours and listings on LinkedIn come several perks, some of which are:

  1. Resources deployed in arranging open houses are saved, yet the content reach is much higher.
  2. Integrating videos as virtual tours allows for an immersive experience, promotes engagement, and increases the chances of referrals.

LinkedIn allows businesses and members to add select posts and updates to their “Featured” section. This is a great way to curate and showcase your success stories and testimonials. 

The credibility of businesses increases with more testimonials. The features section is one of the best ways to improve visibility and boost real estate leads using LinkedIn.

Interact, Educate, and Engage by Hosting Live Events

LinkedIn, as a platform, also promotes education and sharing of knowledge. Using live events, you can clear up any doubts or questions your followers and potential leads have. 

This trend dramatically boosts your chances of real estate leads using LinkedIn by actively increasing your opportunity to expand networking connections during the event.

Join a Community With LinkedIn Groups

After a quick search, you will find about 31,000 LinkedIn groups related to real estate. The number will surely increase, considering its potential to boost real estate leads using LinkedIn.

Here is why you should make full use of LinkedIn groups:

  1. Each group is like a community. Real estate tips and news on the latest developments can be exchanged to develop the overall business.
  2. You can expand your network beyond your immediate connections. This can increase your chances of referral-based real estate leads using LinkedIn.
  3. You can collaborate with group members who can boost or contribute to new large-scale projects and expand your reach.

These essential tips boost your leads; you can also incorporate these two practices that have become hygiene factors to building better quality leads:

Optimize and Align Your LinkedIn Profile to Your Brand Value

Optimizing your profile is crucial to sending the right message. A compelling headline, a crisp summary, and the right photograph should align with your brand value. This is the way to put your best foot forward.

Network, Network, and Network

LinkedIn is all about networking to expand business and influence, networking to improve credibility, and networking to boost leads.

Networking with this mindset also implies that you keep in mind the relevance of whom you connect with. You should not reach out to unknown connections who are not relevant to your goals or scope.

Three Common Mistakes You Should Avoid!


1. Using Generic Content

One major mistake would be to connect and reach out with generic content. Potential leads ignore these requests. Without personalization, customers will not feel the human touch or interest.

2. Being Inconsistent

Another common mistake is not posting, interacting, and contributing consistently. Followers will quickly lose engagement, and your business reach and visibility as an industry expert will fall.

3. Not Outsourcing

Real estate agencies have enormous tasks to ensure robust property listings and good customer rapport. Not outsourcing or delegating social media marketing or the use of expert solutions like is something agencies should not risk missing out on.

How to Use With LinkedIn for Real Estate Leads?

Picking up from the last point of common mistakes you should avoid, offers an excellent way to free up your schedule. Here’s a guide on using to effortlessly get real estate leads using LinkedIn and get interactions at a high speed!

  1. Open the web page or app: Once you’ve logged in, don’t forget to link your LinkedIn account for seamless posting and scheduling and then click on Content Library.
open the web page or app

2. Tap Create New: Click on the “Create New” button to get started on your LinkedIn post.

tap to create new

3. Pick your post type: There are many post types that will offer; in this case, it will be “Business to Post.”

pick your post type

4. A little more detail: Add some information on your target audience and the theme of your post, and click next.

Add a little more detail

5. Select your preferred template: You will need to select what content you want and a template. We suggest that after you pick the type of content, you let AI generate a template for you!

select your preferred template

6. Select your asset: If you have content ready, you can use the “Use My Asset” option. Otherwise, let AI take care of it!

select your asset

7. Et voila, your post is generated: Your post is now ready in your content library. Give it a click for more details.

post is generated

8. Review and share: With that click, the post opens up. You can now review the details of captions and hashtags and view the video. If you want to tweak it, here’s where you can do it. Next, click share.

review and share

9. Schedule and post: If you’ve linked your account, it won’t take more than a few clicks to set your date and schedule your post.

schedule and post

Just like that, your content is created and posted; all that’s left is to watch this Predis. ai-generated content pours in real estate leads using LinkedIn.

Summarize to a Quick Blueprint

The potential benefits of using a professional platform like LinkedIn start with improving credibility and brand value and picking up a tremendous rise in leads. It is crucial to consistently make use of strategies like video marketing and hosting live events, it is equally important to make the process seamless by outsourcing content-creating tasks to the experts.

Join in to boost your business as a part of this 613.6 trillion USD real estate industry! Use to level up your and stand a class apart!

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