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Hashtags Reach

Ajnabi Lahiri is an Indian living in the Netherlands and uses Instagram to share beautiful images of the tulip country. 

Hashtags reach
Ajnabi’s Instagram Handle

She has amassed a loyal follower base of 5.5k followers in a short span of 1 year. But, she felt that her Instagram reach was being stifled and was not able to reach many new people. A year back, her posts would easily reach an average of 3.5k to 5k people with the hashtags contributing an average of 1k impressions. 

However, For the last 8 months or so, she saw her hashtag reach falling down to practically zero. Moreover, her follower count was not increasing too. “I tried all the Internet remedies – Taking a break from Instagram posting, Logout/Login multiple times, etc., but nothing was working”, Ajnabi said in disappointment. “I was kind of done with Instagram and thought it was a lost cause. for improving hashtags reach 🚀

Ajnabi stumbled over by chance when her husband got to know about the platform while browsing Facebook. He thought the platform might be useful to Ajnabi and suggested it to her.

Looking forward to resurrecting the dying hashtag reach on Instagram, she thought of giving a try. Ajnabi’s thought was fairly simple, “anyways Instagram hashtags are not working, trying a new app on the block won’t hurt any further”, she said. is able to suggest relevant hashtags according to the caption and the image.

“After generating and using hashtags suggested by, I saw that the reach from hashtags has started going up from absolute NIL to ~200″, Ajnabi said.  “For starters, this is a big improvement for me. Although there is still some scope of improvement in the hashtag suggestions, I will take this any day.”

Going all-in with 🎯

Having convinced herself that hashtags suggested by have positively contributed towards making her Instagram posts reach a wider audience, Ajnabi wants to explore more features of! Some of the unique features of are: 

“I am looking forward to using all the features of Instagram to unlock the full potential of I hope it would take my Instagram game to the next level!”, says Ajnabi.

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