Exclusive Blueprint to Increase Real Estate Instagram Followers

Increase Real estate Instagram followers

As families and businesses grow, the need for a new and right space increases. This is where real estate agencies and agents enter!

As you may know, for agencies, the real estate market is not just a lucrative place to be; it can also be a very emotional market as it holds, quite literally, the key to changing lives.

This can be seen in the massive growth of the real estate market. Here are some facts to help you understand this better:

  • As of 2023, the global real estate market is valued at 613.6 trillion USD and is expected to reach 729.4 trillion USD by 2028.
  • Well-placed marketing is crucial to securing real estate listings and leads. Instagram, which connects to 25.31% of the world’s population, is an ideal platform.

Now, let’s dive into Instagram’s potential benefits and tips for raking it in!

Why can Instagram Become a Real Estate Agency’s Secret Sauce?


In this digital age, a huge number of home buyers search for a property online, and it’s no longer realtor web pages. This fact has not gone unnoticed by real estate agencies either. 

So, let’s give you a quick refresher on how to use Instagram if you’re in real estate! This will also go a long way toward showing you what you can do if you gain more real estate followers for your profile!

1. Listings

With the help of Instagram’s visual appeal, it is much easier to present refreshing and eye-catching videos and photographs of real estate listings through Instagram reels and carousel posts.

2. Events

Real estate agencies are also responsible for the availability of properties so that interested parties may visit. This is done through open houses, too, where the property is thoroughly prepared for any number of customers who may visit throughout the day. The entire process consumes a lot of resources and very much qualifies as an event.

Announcing these events through Instagram saves significant advertising resources and exponentially increases the event’s reach to include Instagram’s real estate followers.

3. Testimonials and Achievements

Considering the vast user base, Instagram is a beautiful platform to share testimonials from happy customers and achievements in sales.

Including the photos of the happy customer and the photos of the property helps boost the credibility of your content.

With how much Instagram can do for real estate businesses, it is crucial to increase real estate Instagram followers for your account, be it as a business or professional!

What is a Good Instagram Following and Why It’s So Important?


Understanding what a good Instagram following is may be the first step to increasing real estate followers on Instagram. The concept consists of multiple elements that are indisputably essential for a real estate business.

Let’s list down what factors make for a good Instagram following:

  1. Size and Growth: A good following includes many followers and consistent growth over time.
  2. Engagement rate: High engagement rates with followers come from likes, comments, and shares.
  3. Relevance: A good following is also made up of relevant followers, such as real estate stakeholders, individuals with relevant interests, and potential clients. This will indicate that your content is reaching the right audience.

With these elements in mind, here are some reasons every real estate agency and agent must have a good Instagram following:

  1. Wider Property Exposure: A high follower base will allow your property listing posts to reach more interested audiences.
  2. Position Of Credibility And Trust: A substantial following also gives the business an image of credibility and builds the brand’s trust. This invites healthier business practices as well as a larger number of potential clients.
  3. Diversity In Business Collaborations: With a good Instagram following, businesses have greater exposure to collaborate with industry experts and professionals on projects.
  4. Competitive Advantages: A larger following also indicates greater accessibility and reach; this directly helps the business gain a competitive advantage in the market.

The Secret Sauce to Increase Real Estate Instagram Followers and Maintain It!


Along with time and effort, here are four tips that are integral to your blueprint to increase real estate Instagram followers:

1. Time Your Delivery

Timing your posts is one of the most crucial tips to increase real estate Instagram followers. Reaching your potential home buyers when they can consume your content will significantly boost their interest in you and your listings and help maintain high engagement.

Using Instagram’s analytics tool, you will understand who your audience is when they’re most active, and what content they engage with.

Using Predis.ai on top of this also allows you to schedule your posts according to the regional calendars in case of upcoming holidays.

2. Use Location-Based Hashtags

Real estate is centered around locations. That is precisely why location-based hashtags are essential to increase real estate Instagram followers.

If your business wants to reach people in a target area, you can do so with the help of a simple location tag such as #America and #Europe. With more specific location tags like #SanFrancisco or #NewYorkCity, Instagram helps reach people specific to your listing area or target locality.

3. Add Educational Content

Showing your potential customers that you are not just about selling helps increase credibility. Hosting live Q&A sessions or posting videos with tips and tricks to educate viewers on what to look out for when buying real estate can make you a reliable and credible source.

The use of educational content helps increase real estate Instagram followers because it can connect better with your viewers.

4. Hosting Contests and Giveaways

Using quizzes, contests, and rewards is a brilliant approach to keeping engagement high and can also improve exposure through shares or tags.

Incorporating limited-period discounts into these events also helps increase real estate Instagram followers and create urgency in your call to action.

Along with these four tips, here are three quick practices you must have in place to maintain your Instagram follower growth!

5. Profile Optimization

Optimizing your profile is a short but high-impact tip to increase real estate Instagram followers. Maintaining a profile with clear contact information, details on your profession, and a vibrant profile picture is essential.

With an optimized profile, both existing and potential customers will be able to understand your services and have no issues reaching you easily.

6. Consistency and Quality

For your content to be distributed with high reach and credibility on Instagram, posting quality content consistently is essential.

With high-quality content showcasing your brand value, Instagram can confirm that your account is active and relevant for its users. With consistency, your followers are well-engaged and will look forward to more.

7. Engagement

Consistent and high-quality posts promote leads and interest in property listings. Followers and viewers reach out and engage with the posts, and engaging with them through responses, and information builds your image as an accessible and credible business.

Accounts with high engagement are very likely to be able to increase real estate Instagram followers and maintain the following, too.

Watch Out for These Mistakes!


In your journey to build your follower base, focusing your resources on these three things would be a major misstep. Let’s look at what not to do on Instagram!

1. Avoid Misusing Captions or Hashtags

Captions and hashtags are integral parts of every Instagram post. They also feed information to the algorithm that distributes content to every user’s feed.

Excessive use of generic hashtags and irrelevant captions and hashtags will route the feed to the wrong audience. This may lead to:

  • Temporary boost followers are lost after a short period.
  • Lack of engagement from new followers.

2. Avoid Excessive Ad Promotion

Instagram offers a paid ad promotion feature that increases the reach of your content. This is a tool that has excellent impact but also carries a risk when misused. The impact of excess ad promotion is:

  • This results in low impact from the promotion of low-quality or irrelevant content.
  • This mistake also surfaces as a waste of money and resources.

3. Do Not Buy Followers

Buying followers is one of the biggest mistakes that one could make on Instagram. While it could increase the number of followers, here is what could go wrong:

  • Many of the follower accounts could be fake or inactive. Zero engagement from these accounts will hamper reach and visibility.
  • Purchasing followers could lead to account suspension, which is against Instagram’s terms of service. All your hard work could grind to a halt.

Use Predis.ai Magic to Increase Real Estate Instagram Followers

Here is a guide to generating and scheduling quality content with Predis.ai, a platform that increases Instagram interactions by 10x the speed.

1. Open it up! The web page or app and click on ‘create new.’

open it up on instagram

2. Select your post type: There are many post types to choose from; for a business on Instagram, we pick a business to post!

Select your post type

3. Update details: Add information on what your post is about, select the post theme, and click next.

update details

4. Select the format and template: Once you select your preferred format, choose your template (or let AI select it), and click next.

select the format and template

5. Select your photo: You can let AI generate it, select a photo from a keyword search, or use your property asset and click “Generate.”

select your photo

6. Time to share: Just like that, your post is now ready! Go through the AI-generated caption and hashtag options per your post requirements, then click share.

time to share
schedule your posts

Once you have linked your Instagram account, set the date you want the post published, and click Schedule. You can also schedule with the content calendar to drag and drop your posts onto the calendar. This helps manage posting while dealing with many posts.

content planning for instagram

Predis.ai assists every step of the way with a detailed tutorial on scheduling posts after linking your Instagram page.

In a Nutshell

For impactful exposure and broader reach on the property listing, increasing real estate Instagram followers for your profile is crucial!

Tips like location-based hashtags and scheduled posting quickly become crucial ingredients. Putting these tips into consistent use with the help of content experts like Predis.ai will effortlessly increase real estate Instagram followers.

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