Best Practices to Promote Your Company on LinkedIn

Best Practices to Promote Your Company on LinkedIn

According to statistics published by LinkedIn, pages that have complete information get almost 30% more weekly views than those that don’t. On a platform like LinkedIn, advertising your brand in the best way possible is critical to building a good reputation, building connections, and attracting the best hires. 

There are several things you can do to promote your company on LinkedIn. From ensuring that all your company’s information is comprehensively filled out to publishing content that helps build engagement, the list is endless. 

If you’re looking to promote your company on LinkedIn, this guide is for you. We list some of the best practices to bag those 30% higher views and build greater engagement with your brand. 

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The Best Practices to Promote Your Company on LinkedIn

In this section, we dive straight into some of the crucial elements of LinkedIn marketing. These can help increase your business’s visibility on this platform. 

Thoroughly Optimize Your LinkedIn Page

Ensuring your profile is complete is just one part of the process. It is essential to optimize your profile to ensure that is easily found on LinkedIn and search engines like Google. There are several elements that must be optimized or taken care of, including:

1. Profile and banner images:

Setting a clear profile picture and banner that sends the right message about your brand and what it’s about. Using high-quality images and keeping them consistent with the creatives across your other social media pages is key. This ensures familiarity.

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2. Keyword placement:

Make sure to optimize your page with the keywords your target audience would use to search for you. You can include these keywords in the “About” section. This is where you describe what your company is about, what products or services it offers, and what values it stands by. 

3. Linking:

You’ll need to use your LinkedIn company page to link to your website. Your Facebook and Instagram pages, YouTube channel, and any other platform you have a presence on should also be linked. 

4. Build engagement:

The key to building engagement is to consistently share content that engages your audience. Your content should add value to your own personal or professional journey. These posts can include case studies, market insights, or snippets of what happens behind the scenes. 

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Establish Your Goals

When marketing your company on LinkedIn, it’s essential that you understand the objective of your marketing strategy. The answer to this might seem straightforward: promoting your business. However, these objectives can vary depending on the nature of your organization. 

Different businesses tend to utilize LinkedIn differently, from increasing brand awareness to building through leadership and even generating website leads. This is where you must identify what your business’s goals are so you can then identify your target audience and reach out to them with the right messaging. 

Create Content to Solve Your Audience’s Problems

Posting content to LinkedIn to engage your audience isn’t as simple as it sounds. It involves creating a comprehensive content strategy that aims to solve their problems at each step, thereby cementing your reputation as a thought leader in your industry. 

According to LinkedIn, salesy content doesn’t work well on its platform. So, if you intend to post content that simply highlights the benefits of your product or service, chances are you won’t get the engagement you want. 

Image Source. Sharing tips and advice is a great way to engage with your audience

What LinkedIn’s members find most engaging is a fresh perspective on a problem or a situation. If you can create content that offers such a perspective and, in turn, value, you stand a much higher chance of engaging your audience. 

However, do remember that your content must have a mix of varying formats to keep things interesting. Aside from all the how-to guides, you can also post content that includes images of your employees, specific operations at the workplace, and more. These go a long way in building a personal connection with your audience. 

Don’t Just Post – Engage With Your Followers

Engagement is key to building your company or personal profile on LinkedIn. As a result, it wouldn’t be ideal if you just post valuable content but didn’t ask your audience to engage with you or engage with them in return. This is where it pays to think out of the box with your content. 

Your aim must be to post content that gets your followers talking to you and contributing to it with their comments, likes, and reposts. Feel free to ask your audiences what they think of a certain trend in your industry, and as they comment on your post, respond to them. 

A simple response to a comment can go a long way in establishing a personal connection between your company and its audience. 

However, your interactions mustn’t be limited to your own content. Just as you expect other individuals or businesses to follow you and engage with your content, you must do the same with theirs. 

Follow notable individuals in your industry, up-and-coming professionals, and other businesses. Engage with them in their comments. However, as a company, ensure that you’re not crossing the line, as sometimes such engagement can also come across as excessively salesy. As a result, you must lay down a clear set of guidelines for your page’s administrators on how to engage with others’ content. 

Take Note of the Analytics

Last but not least, you must keep a close eye on your page analytics when you promote your company on LinkedIn. These analytics can provide you with a wealth of information that helps you understand what’s working and what may need some tweaking. 

Some of the key metrics that you can get information about include:

1. Content:

You can get information about how your posts are performing in terms of impressions, reposts, comments, and engagement rate. 


You’ll see your total list of followers, the followers you gained over the past 30 days, along with their demographics, allowing you to tailor your content accordingly. 

3. Leads:

You’ll receive information about the number of potential customers you’ve gained, along with their details. 

4. Competitors:

LinkedIn also allows you to track the performance of your competitors, including their trending posts, organic content performance, and more. 

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In Conclusion

The process required to promote your company on LinkedIn is one that requires a dedicated and comprehensive marketing strategy along with a well-defined content plan. If you want your business to grow on LinkedIn, engage with your audience, build thought leadership, and attract the best talent.

We’ve listed some of these best practices in this guide to give you an idea of what LinkedIn marketing involves. However, generating vast volumes of content for all your social channels can be challenging, especially when competition is so stiff. 

This is where a tool like can come in handy. This one-of-a-kind tool allows you to AI-generate videos, captions, and a whole lot more for your marketing channels, allowing you to streamline your content production to a large extent. Try it for free to find out what it can do for you! 

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