Creating a Company Profile on LinkedIn: Expert Tips

Things to Remember While Creating a Company Profile on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn page is a crucial marketing channel for any business to highlight its products, services, values, and more to a professional audience. With over 900 million users across 200 countries, it offers businesses a lucrative means of marketing their products and services.

Beyond mere marketing, however, a LinkedIn company page is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations and attract talent to work at your organization. 

However, to achieve benefits such as a wide network, greater exposure to potential customers, and attracting the best talent to help build your organization, a well-optimized LinkedIn company page is crucial. In this guide, we take you through everything you need to know when setting up a company profile, and the major do’s and don’ts of the process. 

The Key Elements of a Successful LinkedIn Company Profile

Creating a company profile on LinkedIn that is successful involves a few major steps, but these are just a basic framework. Building your company’s presence on LinkedIn to reach a larger audience requires keeping certain things in mind. However, before we dive into those, here are the key steps involved in creating a profile.

1 – Use your personal profile on LinkedIn to build a company page by selecting the Create a Company Page option. 

LinkedIn profile page

2 – Select the type of page you want to create – Company Page / Showcase Page / Educational Institution. 

Select type of LinkedIn page

3 – Fill in all the important information about your company, from its name, profile picture, website URL, organization size, and more. 

Company Details

4 – Upload the visual elements, such as the logo, tagline, and more. 

Adding visual elements for your LinkedIn page

5 – Fill in key sections such as About, Product, Life, Jobs, and People. 

With these steps, you’ll successfully create a company profile on LinkedIn. However, there are several things you must keep in mind as a part of this process, which we will explore in the forthcoming sections. 

Fill Out Every Section in Detail

When filling out the information in the various sections of your company profile, such as About, Products, Jobs, and so on, it’s always best to be as comprehensive as possible. People are less likely to engage with an incomplete profile, and professionals are also less likely to want to work in an organization that doesn’t offer adequate information about its operations. 

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Add Page Admins Based on Specific Roles

Managing a company profile on LinkedIn can be a lot of work and incredibly time-consuming. This is where it can help to add more page admins to ensure the page is updated routinely to generate engagement and increase its following. 

To do this, all you have to do is tap “Admin Tools” on the top right corner of your company’s page and then tap “Manage admins” under the Settings option. 

Utilize the ‘About Us’ Section Well

Anyone who visits a company profile on LinkedIn tends to have a preconceived notion about the organization. However, the key to successful marketing is to ensure you make your audiences see your business the way you want them to. 

The ‘About Us’ section gives you the perfect opportunity to describe what your organization is about, the products or services it offers, and what values make it unique. This is where it helps to use your words wisely to send the right message across. 

This is especially important, as according to LinkedIn’s own research, its audience has almost twice the buying power of any other online audience. Making your LinkedIn company profile informative is thus crucial. 

Share Content With Your Audiences Consistently

While setting up a comprehensive LinkedIn company profile is important, it’s also essential that you regularly create or post content that markets your business and engages your audience at least once a week at the very least. 

Whether you post case studies, job openings, research, or insights on your industry, the key is to ensure your audience finds value in the content you share with them, thereby making them even more willing to engage with your organization. 

Ensure All Your Images are Updated

LinkedIn banner image

Images play a crucial role in effectively marketing your business regardless of which platform it’s on. The same is true for LinkedIn. One of the most essential aspects for you to remember is to always keep your images up to date, as they play a key role in introducing your business to newer audiences. 

Doing so also ensures that your LinkedIn page is in sync with all your other marketing channels – your brand’s website and its Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter handles, among others. 

In fact, LinkedIn is the #1 platform for B2B marketers, with 4 out of every 5 users using the platform to drive business decisions. As a result, it’s essential that you take note of each aspect mentioned in this section for the most constructive results. 

The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a LinkedIn Company Profile

In this section, we take you through a list of things you should and shouldn’t do when creating a company profile on LinkedIn. You can consider this a checklist of sorts for when you put the information we’ve provided in this guide into practice. 

What You Should Do on LinkedIn

  • Always treat your company’s page on LinkedIn like it’s a brochure. Ensure it contains relevant and updated information at all times. 
  • Identify your goals and tailor your information and posts accordingly. 
  • Engage in conversations and build relationships with stakeholders across the board. 
  • Understand your audience well so you can create content that resonates with them. 
  • Optimize your company’s profile with relevant keywords to increase its chances of turning up in search results. 

What You Shouldn’t Do on LinkedIn

  • Never leave your company’s information incomplete. Anyone visiting your page must understand everything there is to know about your company from your LinkedIn page. 
  • Don’t post content without a strategy. Your goal must be to offer value and create SEO-optimized content at all times. 
  • Don’t ignore your profile’s analytics, as they offer you detailed insights into what kind of content your audience engages with the most, giving you a framework on which to base your future updates.

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In Conclusion

Your company profile on LinkedIn is no less than a digital storefront. As a result, you must ensure that you use it to offer your audiences all the information they could need about your organization, what it does, and what values it stands by.

Whether you’re targeting professionals in your industry, other businesses, or professionals who might want to work with your organization, a comprehensive and updated LinkedIn company profile can work wonders. 

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Try out the tool for free today and see how it can streamline your brand’s messaging on LinkedIn. 

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