Jasper vs Wordkraft AI. Which AI Writer to Choose?


AI writing tools have advanced significantly in recent years. Previously, they were largely employed for basic tasks such as keyword generation and article spinning. AI writing tools are now capable of much more due to improvements in machine learning. We will compare two tools head to head, Jasper Vs Wordkraft to see which is better.

Jasper AI is one of the most popular AI authoring tools on the market today. Jasper is a tool that assists you in writing, optimizing, and scoring your content so that you may meet your content marketing objectives fast and effectively. It does this by combining AI and human feedback to assist you in writing better content faster.

Wordkraft AI is another famous AI writing tool. Wordkraft is a program that assists you in creating better content more quickly and effortlessly. It does this by analyzing your content and suggesting changes using a proprietary machine-learning technique.

Both of these tools are really strong and can help you generate better content faster and more effortlessly. But which is the most effective?

Let us compare Jasper and Wordkraft.

Features You Must Look For While Choosing an AI Content Writer

There are a few key features you should look for while choosing an AI content writer. 

1. Output quality

The first consideration is output quality. It is critical to understand that most AI authors use numerous AI engines, such as OpenAI’s GPT3. This guarantees that the content’s output quality is excellent.

2. Ease of use

The second aspect is its simplicity. The greatest artificial intelligence content writers should be simple to use and need minimal training. They should also be compatible with your current content management system.

3. Availability of personalization

The third feature is the opportunity to personalize. The finest AI content writers should be able to tailor information to each individual user. This guarantees that the content is interesting and relevant.

4. Factual accuracy

The fourth element is the content’s factual correctness. The best AI content writers should be able to create content that is accurate and error-free.

5. Pricing

Pricing is the sixth characteristic. The AI content writers should be reasonably priced and provide a free trial.

6. Word/character limits

The sixth feature is character/word limits. The best AI content writers should not be constrained by word or character counts. This ensures that you have complete freedom to create long-form content.

7. Templates offered

The templates provided are the seventh and final feature. The greatest AI content writers should provide a selection of templates from which to pick. This means that you may develop a wide range of content.

Jasper vs Wordkraft AI: Comparison Table

S.No.FeaturesJasperWordkraft AI
1Type of Content GeneratedBlogs, social media content, email copy, ad copy, website landing page content, AI images, SEO content, video descriptionsSocial media ads, business websites content, company documents, blogs, social media content
2Content Quality and Speed9/107.5/10
3Templates and Use Cases50+ Templates42 Templates
4Language Supported25+ Languages27 Languages
5Plagiarism CheckerYesYes
6Grammar CheckerYesNo
7Pricing$24/month – $49/month$6/month
8Free TrialYes (Credit Card Required)Yes (No Credit Card Required)
9Reviews & RatingsG2: 4.9
Capterra: 4.8
Trustpilot: 4.8
G2: NA
Capterra: NA
Trustpilot: NA

What is Jasper AI?

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a cutting-edge writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to write convincing, engaging text automatically. It can generate content 5 times quicker than a typical human copywriter, making it a useful tool for anybody who wants to create content rapidly and effectively.

You can simply produce blog articles, landing sites, social media posts, advertising, marketing emails, and more using Jasper AI. Jasper AI grows smarter and more accurate the more you use it since it employs powerful machine learning.

It is ideal for bloggers or company owners who want assistance with SEO-friendly blog entries, social media authoring, ad campaigns, email subject lines, and other tasks. Jasper AI makes it simple to generate high-quality, creative content by providing over 50 content templates to pick from.

What is Wordkraft AI?

What is Wordkraft AI?

Wordkraft AI is a content-writing online tool that uses GPT-3, the most sophisticated artificial intelligence technology available, to assist you in creating well-written and keyword-optimized content.

Wordkraft AI can help you create content that is well-written and optimized for your selected keywords, saving you time and money and improving your results.

Anyone who wants to develop or improve any form of content, including but not limited to articles, blog entries, social media postings, e-commerce product descriptions, and even marketing content, may utilize this application.

Detailed Comparison: Jasper vs Wordkraft AI

Two AI content producers stand out beyond the rest: Jasper and Wordkraft AI. Both are excellent tools for rapidly and simply producing original, high-quality content. But which is the most effective?

We’ve put up a full comparison of Jasper and Wordkraft to help you decide. Here’s all you need to know about each product so you can make the best option for your content marketing requirements.

1. Jasper vs Wordkraft: AI Writing Capabilities

Jasper AI is a sophisticated AI content generator that can help you rapidly and effectively generate, optimize, and score your content. This tool can help you develop original, high-quality content that will help you reach your content marketing objectives by consulting with top copywriters and SEOs across the globe.

When it comes to content quality, Jasper AI is unrivaled. Jasper’s AI-generated output is 99.99% original content that is free of plagiarism. This will help you to create high-quality, SEO-optimized content in a fraction of the time it would typically take.

Wordkraft AI is yet another AI content generator that can produce or improve any sort of content. While Wordkraft AI has numerous potential applications, it may not be as well-suited as Jasper AI for creating blog articles, social media content, and marketing copy.

2. Jasper vs Wordkraft: Templates Offered

Jasper AI provides more than 50 templates to help you improve your copywriting abilities and generate new ideas more quickly. Blog entries, reports, emails, and tales are among the themes covered by the templates. You can produce long-form content 5x quicker with Jasper AI than without it. With so many alternatives, you’re likely to discover a template that meets your requirements.

Wordkraft AI provides a selection of writing templates that are simple to use and can be customized. There are 42 content templates available for creating emails, job descriptions, and cover letters. The templates are an excellent approach to enhancing your writing abilities while also saving time.

There are two AI content producers that stand out: Jasper AI and Wordkraft AI. Both provide template-based content generating, but Jasper AI outperforms in terms of functionality and flexibility.

Jasper AI provides a broader selection of templates to pick from, as well as the option to alter the templates to meet your individual requirements. You can also utilize Jasper AI to generate unique visuals from your text, which might be useful in your content marketing efforts.

Wordkraft AI is a close second, but it lacks Jasper AI’s degree of customization and picture creation features.

3. Jasper AI vs Wordkraft AI: Ease of Use

One of the most user-friendly writing tools available now is Jasper AI. The dashboard is intuitive and simple to use, and the templates are plain and simple to utilize. With a few clicks, you can quickly and effortlessly produce long-form articles, social media posts, marketing copy, and more. You can also invite up to five others to work on your projects with you.

Jasper review

The Wordkraft AI dashboard is really simple to use. Simply input your chosen content subject, and the AI will provide a list of options for you to pick from. When you choose a concept, the AI will create a rough framework for you to follow. All you have to do now is fill in the spaces with your own imagination!

Jasper AI is the obvious victor in terms of usability. The platform’s extensive template library and text-to-image capability make it easy to produce high-quality content. However, Wordkraft AI is the superior option if you’re searching for a program to help you generate really unique content.

4. Jasper vs Wordkraft: Supported Languages

Jasper AI is a tool that can support 25 different languages. English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, and Portuguese are among them. DeepL is used by the program to translate text into many languages.

WordKraft AI supports more than 27 languages, making it a flexible tool for content producers worldwide. WordKraft AI can assist you with creating content in your preferred language, with support for English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and others.

Both technologies handle a wide range of languages, although Jasper AI supports around 25 languages and Wordkraft AI supports 27. As a result, Wordkraft AI is the best choice for individuals searching for a content generator that can generate text in a variety of languages.

5. Jasper AI vs Wordkraft AI: Plagiarism Checker

Copyscape, the world’s most powerful plagiarism detection technology, powers Jasper AI’s plagiarism checker. This technique is used by millions of individuals throughout the globe and is quite accurate. The Jasper Plagiarism Checker makes it simple to determine if any of the text in a document has been used elsewhere online.

WordKraft AI has a plagiarism checker that may be used to detect copied text. This checker differs from others in that it uses artificial intelligence to detect plagiarism. This implies it can detect plagiarized information that has been paraphrased or marginally altered.

When selecting a plagiarism checker, there are a few factors to consider. The first is precision. Because it is driven by CopyScape, Jasper AI’s Plagiarism Checker is one of the most accurate on the market. The Plagiarism Checker from Wordkraft AI is likewise accurate; however, it lacks some of the capabilities of the Plagiarism Checker from Jasper AI. It is also more costly.

6. Jasper AI vs Wordkraft AI: Long-form Content

There is disagreement about whether Jasper AI or Wordkraft AI is the superior long-form content AI technology. Some argue that Jasper AI generates more accurate results, whilst others believe that Wordkraft AI is more user-friendly. However, both tools have advantages and disadvantages, so it truly depends on your goals.

If you need an AI solution that can generate long-form content rapidly and correctly, Jasper AI is a smart choice. However, it may be costly, and some users have said that it is buggy.

Wordkraft AI, on the other hand, is a more cheap and more user-friendly solution. It does not, however, always yield the most precise findings.

So, which is superior? It all comes down to what you’re searching for. Jasper AI is a fantastic solution if you require a speedy and accurate long-form content AI tool. Wordkraft AI is a superior alternative if you’re on a tight budget and require an easy-to-use AI solution.

7. Jasper AI vs Wordkraft AI: Short-form Content

There are several AI content writers available on the market. However, Jasper AI and Wordkraft AI are two of the most popular short-form content writers. So, which is superior?

Jasper AI is a capable short-form content writer that can assist you in producing content swiftly and effectively. The tool is simple to use and has a variety of options that might assist you in creating high-quality content. Jasper AI also offers an easy-to-use UI.

Wordkraft AI is another well-known short-form content creator. Wordkraft AI, like Jasper AI, is simple to use and offers a wide variety of functionality. One of the primary distinctions between the two products is that Wordkraft AI has a broader range of capabilities. As a result, Wordkraft AI is a superior alternative for enterprises that need a large amount of short-form content.

8. Jasper vs Wordkraft: Pricing Plans

Here is the breakdown of the pricing plans offered by Jasper AI vs Wordkraft AI.

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

Jasper AI vs Wordkraft AI: Pricing Plans

Let’s start with Jasper’s pricing structure:

Starter Plan:

This package is $29 per month (or $24 if paid annually). It includes 50 short-form copywriting templates, 25 languages, chat support, and five users.

Boss Mode:

This bundle is $59 per month (or $49 if paid annually). It allows for the development of an unlimited number of project folders as well as the long-form helper feature. The beginning kit includes everything else.

Business Plan:

This is a custom-priced solution that includes Jasper onboarding and support, as well as adjustable word/user bundles and pricing options.

Jasper AI also offers a free trial with 10,000 word credits.

Wordkraft AI Pricing Plans

Jasper AI vs Wordkraft AI: Pricing Plans

Wordkraft offers three different pricing options to its users:

Free Plan:

This plan is available to everyone and is ideal for testing out the Wordkraft tool. It includes 1000 words as well as access to 64 content writing tools. This plan also includes a long-form blog wizard and language support.

Starter Plan:

This plan is $6 per month and includes 15,000 words as well as access to 64 content writing tools. Aside from that, the Starter plan includes everything in the free plan, as well as 24/7 email support.

Enterprise Plan:

This package is priced specifically for your company’s needs. It includes limitless word-generating credits as well as all of the features included in the Starter plan.

Our Verdict

If you’re searching for an artificial intelligence-powered content authoring tool, you may be asking if Jasper AI or Wordkraft AI is the better choice. Both systems employ artificial intelligence to produce content, but there are some significant distinctions between them.

Jasper AI was created for long-form content such as blog articles and landing pages. It has over 50 themes to pick from, making it ideal for companies or bloggers that want assistance with SEO-friendly content. However, some users find the findings dubious at times.

Wordkraft AI, on the other side, excels in producing short-form content. It is driven by GPT-3, the most sophisticated AI technology available, and can generate writing that is human-like. Wordkraft AI guarantees that you will get 100% unique work with no plagiarism warnings.

So, which AI content generator is the superior choice? Wordkraft AI is the way to go if you want accuracy and creativity. However, if you want assistance writing long-form content, Jasper AI may be a better option.

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