Increase Online Sales with Facebook Ads – Complete Guide

increase online sales with Facebook ads

In the world of eCommerce advertising, Facebook Ads stand out in enhancing your brand visibility, driving website traffic, and ultimately, increasing sales. Therefore, if you want to scale your ad accounts and improve profit margins, you must increase online sales with Facebook ads to optimize your marketing and advertising efforts.

Several brands still need to explore the full potential of Facebook ads and employ them strategically. These ads can increase customer acquisition, re-engage potential leads, and drive conversions.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the essential strategies and best practices to increase online sales with Facebook ads and maximize your ad performance.

Why Facebook Ads?

Out of all the social media platforms that have a thriving floor for marketers, why should you rely on Facebook ads?

Using Facebook Ads, businesses can exhibit their products, services, or brand offerings. They can make the most of Facebook’s vast user base, explore its intricate targeting capabilities, and use it as a precise promotional tool to augment profitability. Here are some key statistics of Facebook ads:

These statistics show the impact and potential of Facebook ads!

Determining Facebook Ad Costs

Facebook ads can vary and depend on several factors:

  • Target audience
  • Ad placement
  • Performance metrics
  • Competitiveness within your industry
  • Cost Per Click, which is subject to fluctuations based on the above-mentioned variables

Advantages of Advertising on Facebook

Facebook ads present a multitude of advantages:

  1. Experimentation Flexibility: Facebook empowers you to try diverse ad elements, such as call-to-action formats, to ascertain which resonates most effectively with your audience.
  2. Precision Targeting: You can efficiently decide on a budget by targeting your desired audience and establishing specific ad objectives to optimize your ad performance.
  3. Engagement Initiatives: These ads help you build and strengthen relationships with your audience through engagement initiatives.
  4. Real-Time Lead Tracking: You can integrate Facebook with various Customer Relationship Management software and get an overview of your campaign’s efficacy.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: Facebook advertising remains affordable compared to many other platforms. It allows you to run multiple advertisements while maintaining cost efficiency.
  6. Extensive Targeting Capabilities: Facebook’s targeting capabilities enable you to reach virtually any audience based on various factors, such as past interactions with your brand.
  7. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence: Facebook’s advanced AI system helps predict user behavior, allowing businesses to target an audience that can engage with the content or make purchases.
  8. Retargeting Opportunities: You can utilize Facebook Pixel, a tracking code installed on your website, to retarget users who have previously interacted with your site.
  9. Lookalike Audiences: You can use Facebook’s AI algorithms to create new audience segments resembling your existing customer base.
  10. Customized Ad Solutions: Facebook comprises customized ad functionalities for various industries’ specific requirements. For example, educational institutions can use custom surveys to promote different courses and programs, while Consumer Packaged Goods brands can showcase products through sample ads. Similarly, automotive industry brands can make the most of appointment scheduling for test drive services.

Top 8 Effective Facebook Ad Strategies for 2024

Here are the top 8 strategies to increase online sales with Facebook ads:

1. Human-Centric Messaging

Opt for simple, humanistic, and chic advertisements on Facebook, which have an emotional touch. You must sync the style with the brand’s usual performance and make it memorable for both new and existing customers.

Check out how Walmart advertises its event and makes an effort to convert it into a unique selling point. Walmart strategically designs its promotional content and makes an effort to captivate its audience. Walmart cleverly taps into a universal human truth and strives for last-minute solutions that elevate engagement and conversions.

2. Transform the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

As a brand, you must excel in execution with unconventional visuals, consistent branding, and a catchy call-to-action. Your mastery should be in transforming the mundane into the extraordinary to reinforce your brand identity with every viewing.

Choose an unconventional approach, just as Cococart does here, featuring oversized product imagery and extreme close-ups. Cococart invites viewers with a clever twist, encouraging them to break the chocolate and their scrolling routine. Another important feature to look closely at is Cococart’s consistent use of a bright red background. This ensures their ads are instantly recognizable.

3. Embrace Video Content

Considering Facebook engagement, videos reign supreme, showcasing a high rate of 89% of customers who are hungry for more videos from brands.

Prioritize video ads with's Facebook ad maker to create high-quality video content to enhance brand visibility and appeal.

Videos boost brand awareness, making them ideal for attracting new customers or expanding your eCommerce reach. By crafting captivating videos and using excellent tools with ad templates, you can highlight your products in action and increase awareness.

Check out how the Cafe Appliances video ad effectively lures its audience with compelling video content that includes product descriptions, usage features, and exciting deals.

4. Revitalizing Images

Just look at how Jeep has made a still image burst into life! When creating Facebook Ads, you must focus on the quality of videos and pictures, along with photo motion effects, to create a static image that springs to life.

Here is an example of Jeep, with its high-quality ads, creating a touch of realism that captivates without the need for a full-blown video production. Jeep showcases ingenuity by creating visually engaging experiences and slashing video production costs and time. The brand showcases the power of repurposing existing high-quality images, where every image becomes a versatile asset.

5. Immersive Product Experience

Highlighting the value of service by showing and not telling, including real customer experiences, is a massive hit on Facebook Ads.

Enhance customer engagement and strive for real customer experiencea using's mobile ad maker.

Check out how KLM ad offers a virtual tour of sought-after destinations that KLM can transport you to, effectively showcasing the value of their service. Brands can learn from this approach of immersing customers in the product experience.

KLM's Facebook Ad

6. Highlighting Unique Features

One of the best strategies applied to Facebook Ads is to highlight your Unique Selling Points. As a business, you must strategically emphasize your brand’s unique selling points with every ad, captivating viewers and driving interest. You can further prompt action by adding a skillfull CTA that encourages viewers to convert interest into action.

Just see how Ford cleverly employs a Facebook ad that focuses on a distinct feature, highlighting what makes it special. This ad serves as an excellent canvas to feature the car’s key benefits and characteristics in detail.

7. Breaking Conventional Norms

Try the unconventional regime, and keep a mix of work, customer engagement, reasoning, and presentation of your products while advertising. Check out how Gymshark disrupts the ordinary by creating an interactive experience that keeps viewers engaged.

The ad showcases Gymshark products for a particular reason and purpose, which emphasizes inclusivity and caters to every fitness discipline. Gymshark’s simple yet impactful concept focuses on diverse representation and product visibility, resonating with audiences worldwide.

8. Streamlining Information Delivery

If you want to share product information, FAQs, or significant details, you must focus on creating attractive and informative Facebook Ads. Don’t refrain and simply go for it. This is where a Facebook carousel ad can come into play. 

The carousel format is all about the simplicity of flipping through a list of important pictorials or a unique set of information, creating an intuitive experience and an intake of comprehensive information for users.

Check out how honest greens does that with its ad. Each card provides detailed information about the menu item, including price, ingredients, and dietary disclaimers, ensuring users have all the necessary details. You can also see direct links to order each menu item, which enhances user convenience and drives conversions.

Effective Best Practices for Creating Impressive Facebook Ads

Here are some tips and techniques to increase online sales with Facebook ads:

  1. Start by targeting the right audience and then segment your ads effectively based on various factors such as user demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  2. Target specific locations and post your ads at optimal times to enhance your reach and conversions.
  3. Track user behavior to understand their needs and use insights from previous interactions to customize your ads effectively.
  4. Retarget ads to re-engage users who have shown interest but haven’t completed a purchase.
  5. Make the most of video ads as they hold high priority on Facebook and can boost engagement and conversion rates.
  6. Utilize Facebook’s story feature to interact with users and share them across multiple platforms
  7. Direct users to optimized landing pages on your website to provide additional information and include product prices in your ads to encourage clicks.
  8. Use visually appealing images that capture attention and use Facebook’s call-to-action features to drive engagement.
  9. Leverage social proof by featuring testimonials and consumer reviews, incorporating real-life experiences to persuade your audience.
  10. Run giveaways to promote your brand and increase brand visibility.
  11. Streamline your ad management process with Facebook’s Automated Rules feature, which automates campaign monitoring and adjustments.

Creating a Facebook Ad – Step-by-Step Procedure

Follow these simple steps to increase online sales with Facebook ads

Step 1: Set Up a New Campaign – Access Facebook Ads Manager, and click “+ Create” to start a new ad campaign. Choose your buying type based on your campaign goals and budget and auction for flexibility or predictability.

Step 2: Define the primary outcome you want from your ad campaign,

Step 3: Enter a descriptive name for your campaign to easily identify it within Ads Manager.

Step 4: Conduct A/B testing to optimize ad performance and enable campaign budget optimization for automated budget allocation across ad sets.

Step 5: Define your ad set’s performance goal and specify budget and scheduling preferences.

Step 6: Customize target audiences or utilize Advantage+ audiences for more specific targeting.

Step 7: Design Your Ad by choosing your ad format and create a compelling ad copy with clear calls to action.

Step 8: Select your ad’s destination URL and preview the ad before publishing.

By following these steps, you can create impactful ads that drive engagement, conversions, and sales for your e-commerce business.

When to Reach Facebook Ads Support

You must contact the Facebook Ads Support team if you face the following situations:

  • Ad Rejection or Suspension

Visit Meta Business Support Home to review the reason for rejection. You can then choose to edit the ad, create a new one, or request a review of your ad. If your ad is suspended, you can submit an appeal.

  • Copyright Infringement

If you discover that someone has used your copyrighted work without permission, report the violation by filling out the appropriate form.

  • Other Ad-related Issues

For various ad-related issues such as ad account-level problems, delivery issues, targeting problems, billing inquiries, technical glitches, or any other concerns, visit the Facebook Ads Help Center


Successful Facebook ads require engaging with your audience on a personal level, addressing their needs, and positioning your products as solutions. Effective ads capture attention, showcase value, and leave a lasting impression. Facebook ads are powerful tools for brand promotion and sales growth. Understand your target audience, utilize the right strategies, and prioritize segmentation and timing for maximum impact.

You can rely on elite resources and services like to create exceptional Facebook ads and social media content. Maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook ads and deliver compelling content that can convert maximum leads into consumers and increase the sales and profitability of your business. Sign up today for a demo.

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