Tips To Get Approved For Instagram Shopping 2024

Tips To Get Approved For Instagram Shopping 2024

With active monthly users of over 2 billion, Instagram advertisement revenues may clock $59.6 billion in 2024. The outcome? Almost 9 out of 10 Instagram users follow brands, making it easier for business owners to achieve higher conversion through Instagram shopping. 

With the advent of Instagram Shopping, the possibilities for businesses to connect with their audiences and drive sales have expanded exponentially.

However, entering the realm of Instagram Shopping isn’t as simple as just setting up a storefront. The approval process demands adherence to certain guidelines and best practices to ensure a seamless experience for both sellers and buyers.

Check out this blog to learn about the proven tips to get approved for Instagram Shopping that would get your brand to win Instagram approval in no time.

What are the Salient Features of Instagram Shopping?

Instagram shopping provides the optimized version of an e-commerce website, besides access to the latest trends worldwide. Check out the key features that make users flock here for the best deals on their favorite brands:

Seamless Shopping

When you visit your preferred brand’s Instagram profile, you’re treated to a glimpse of everything from the latest trends to sneak peeks of upcoming products. This previewing experience is often unavailable on most e-commerce platforms.

The main page showcases a curated selection of your favorite products, both on sale and featured in special promotions, alongside trendy items.

Efficient Tagging

There’s nothing more promotional than adding your products to grab eyeballs on your daily photos, vlogs, and reels. Attach your top items with a link from your website on the visual content you share. It’s peerless clickbait to take the curious audience where they want to try their favorite brands, a step away from checkout. 

Besides, you can incorporate tagging as a part of a seamless marketing strategy. For a massive crowd promotion, collaborate with influencers and ensure they tag your brand while using the products, whether in a vlog or photoshoot. 

Flaunt the collection

Categorization or classification is a quintessential step to attracting a versatile audience. People prefer optimized browsing experiences, and creating categories ensures a seamless overview of your entire collection. For an enhanced experience, you can highlight the bestseller items or those available at generous discounts. 

A versatile categorization helps break your entire collection for the target audience. It provides a user-driven experience, meaning better conversion rates.

Rich Product Descriptions

Instagram audiences highly approve of the presence of rich product descriptions of their favorite brands in the application itself. It helps the potential customer know all about your product, specifications, and shipping policies, among other things. 

Seamless Checkout

The “Buy Now” button facilitates a smooth checkout process for your target audience directly on Instagram, eliminating the need to redirect them to the main website. What’s even better is that users with active Instagram accounts no longer have to repeatedly enter their details.

The Discovery Tab

This feature allows your target audience to check out the relevant items on their homepage on Instagram shop. Customers would see products related to their search history. Also, added filters help better navigate among countless brands and products. 

How Can Brand Owners Get Approved for Instagram Shopping?

You’ve got an exciting lineup of products ready to go, but now you’re pondering how to secure approval for Instagram shopping, right?

Instagram provides a wealth of handy tips to get approved for Instagram Shopping swiftly. While it might take a bit of time, explore these current tips to fast-track approval for your Instagram business account.

#1. Update the Instagram App

Updating the Instagram app

The initial step towards gaining approval for Instagram Shopping is ensuring that your app is updated to the latest version.

Regularly update the app for access to new features and crucial functionalities. Instagram updates enhance user experience and introduce business tools. Staying current with the latest version is essential.

So, before diving into the approval process, check for any available updates in your app store and ensure that your Instagram app is up-to-date.

#2. Check out the eligibility criteria on Instagram

You can get approved for Instagram shopping if you have an active social media presence, an engaging account, and a solid catalog displaying your items. Check out these four requirements to get your Instagram account business ready:

  • Ensure your business is a part of supported markets permitted on Instagram
  • Have an active website comprising your business products
  • Read the commercial policies and merchant agreement terms to ensure ease of business
  • Ensure your products are eligible and do not fall under restrictive items not allowed on Instagram

#3. Upgrade to an Instagram professional account

A business account is mandatory to sell your products on Instagram. Unless you have already converted to the same, check out how to get it done ASAP:

  • Open Settings on the Instagram app
  • Open the Your Account option
  • Select Business account
  • Next, fill in essential information like business address, website link, opening hours, and contact detail 

Having a Facebook (now Meta) account is not mandatory for promoting your Instagram business. However, linking your existing Meta account with Instagram can help channel more target audiences. Here’s more about setting up your online Instagram shop using a Meta account:

#5. Showcase your product catalog

This vital step ensures that your products for sale on the Instagram shop get seamlessly synced with the parent website. Here’s more about showcasing your product catalog on Instagram:

1. Meta commerce manager integration

You can choose to manually enter your products using the Meta Commerce Manager from an existing Meta page to your Instagram business account. Check out how to do this with the following steps:

  • Access the Meta Commerce Manager
  • Choose Catalog
  • Select Add Products (manual)
  • Fill in the specifications (name, size, description, unique identifying feature)
  • Attach the parent website link for your target audience.
  • Add accurate information about the MSRP, active offers, shipping options, return policies, and potential availability across zip codes.
  • Check all the added information and add the product to your Instagram shop.

2. E-commerce platform syncing

Make it appear seamless while integrating with Instagram from existing e-commerce platforms already comprising your brand for sale:

  • Open Configure Settings
  • Select Connect a Partner Platform under the upload method
  • Allow the sync to happen, and all your existing products will get imported to the Instagram business shop

While the Meta Commerce Manager allows you to add a customized touch to the uploaded catalog, the e-commerce platform syncing helps transfer bulk product volume seamlessly. 

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#6. Submit your account for an Instagram review

Your Instagram business account is all set to undergo review for final approval. Here are a few things to know to make the approval procedure seamless:

  • The approval procedure can take a few days based on your potential business.
  • Instagram might flag your account in case of any potential conflict of interest.
  • Once you get approval for your account, you can start using Instagram Shopping for your business. 

#7. Your Instagram account is business-ready

Congratulations! Your Instagram business account has just gone live. Break the news to your target audience through seamless engagement, like promoting your journey using Instagram story-maker.

Besides, drop all the exciting offers about your top products and promote your catalog daily using Instagram reel maker to keep your audience hooked. Most importantly, don’t forget to turn on your Instagram shopping option!

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As the most popular social media application, Instagram attracts millions of users across all generations who want to try trendy things with a tailored touch.

To set up your Instagram shop online is quite an achievement. With a robust line of products, your brand could be the next thing to go viral. Remember, the joy of Instagram shopping is invaluable for providing a personalized experience. 

Now that you know how to get approved for Instagram shopping, how about getting the best strategies to promote your products on the top? Visit to learn more about putting together the best brand story you always wanted for the maximum target audience interaction.

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