Facebook Ads Are Not Delivering – Reasons and Fix

Facebook Ads Are Not Delivering - Reasons and Fix

Have you ever wondered why your Facebook Ads are not delivering results as expected? What is the reason for such challenges, and how can you resolve them?

Here is a comprehensive guide on crafting the perfect Facebook ad campaign and resolving common issues many marketers face. Despite creating compelling ad copies, if you are still not reaching your audience, follow these strategies to troubleshoot non-delivering ads. 

Before diving into the solutions, it’s essential to understand what “Facebook ads are not delivering” actually means.

Facebook’s Dominance in Online Traffic and Advertising

Facebook attracts more than 25.5 billion monthly visitors, which makes this social media platform the third most visited website globally. 

It has 2.09 billion daily users and is a favorite among 12.8% of internet users. Impressively, 67.13% of web traffic referrals originate from Facebook links.

Facebook’s ad revenue reached $152 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach $170 billion in 2024. These statistics showcase the effectiveness of Facebook ads in expanding your marketing efforts.

Meaning of “Facebook Ads Are Not Delivering” Message

When your Facebook ads are not delivering, it simply means that though your advertising content was reaching your target audience they aren’t watching them. This message may appear on your Facebook Ads Manager and requires troubleshooting and fixing.

Instead of panicking, consider top solutions and follow practical steps to resolve the issue. This guide can help brands and individuals maximize Facebook’s advanced advertising tools to grow their businesses.

Here’s how to check your ad’s delivery status:

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook official account and check the ‘Facebook Ads Manager’ tab

Step 2: Browse through different updated advertisements and updates and select the relevant ad campaign.

Step 3: Click on the desired Facebook Ad campaign and check the “Delivery” column.

Facebook Ad Campaign
Facebook Ad Campaign

Step 4: If it states “Active” or “Completed,” your ad is running smoothly without hindrances. If it says, “Facebook Ads Are Not Delivering,” your ad isn’t reaching its audience. If your ad status shows “Update required,” immediately take action to resolve the issue and reactivate your ad.

Why Aren’t Your Ads Delivering and How to Fix Issues?

Over the years, Facebook has consistently enhanced its ad platform. However, despite these advancements, businesses sometimes encounter issues, such as their ads not delivering.

There are various reasons why ads might not deliver. Here are common issues and their fixes:

Problem 1: When Ads are in the Learning Phase

When ads are new, they enter a learning phase where Facebook optimizes delivery by analyzing user interactions. During this period, ad performance can be unstable, affecting the cost per action. If an ad set doesn’t generate enough results, it may enter “Learning Limited” status.


To ensure your ads deliver effectively, monitor these statuses and troubleshoot any issues to maximize your reach and conversions.

Problem 2: Your Ad Post Is Not Available

If the original post linked to your ad is removed or restricted due to low-quality or misleading content, your ad will stop delivering.


Choose a different post or request access from the page admin and ensure that the product you’re promoting is still in your catalog. Avoid using sensationalist language in your ad copy.

Problem 3: The Ad Was Not Approved

Facebook enforces strict advertising policies. If your ad status shows “Rejected,” it likely contains content that violates these guidelines, such as:

  • Use of unsafe substances like weapons, tobacco products, adult content, and profanity
  • Ads depicting sensationalism and misinformation
  • Ads containing Spyware or other prohibited activities


Modify your ad content to comply with Facebook’s policies. Once edited, it will be reviewed again within 24 hours. If you believe the rejection was an error, request a manual review through the ‘Request Review’ button on the Account Quality page.

Facebook Ads Not Delivering
Facebook Ads Not Delivering

Problem 4: Poor Ad Quality

Ads that don’t meet Facebook’s quality standards may fail to deliver.


Improve the visual and textual content of your ad to enhance its perceived quality. Use tools like Predis.ai to formulate high-quality visuals and text on your Facebook Ads and ensure their proper functionality as expected.

Problem 5: Low Bid Amount

A bid that is too low can prevent your ad from delivering, as Facebook selects the ad based on the bid cap you set.


Raise your bid cap or remove the bid cap to allow Facebook to place higher bids on your behalf.

Low Bid Amount
Low Bid Amount

Problem 6: Budget Constraints or Overspending

Insufficient budget allocation can limit ad delivery. If you hit your spending limit, Facebook may stop delivering your ad. This issue can sometimes be overlooked.


Increase your ad budget to ensure sufficient coverage and exposure. Go to your account settings, select “Billing and Payment Methods,” and adjust your spending limit. Once confirmed, your ads should start delivering again.

Problem 7: Restrictive Ad Parameters

If you use narrow audience targeting, bid caps, or specific objectives, such features can hinder ad delivery.


Broaden your targeting parameters and adjust your campaign objectives to increase reach.

Problem 8: Too Much Text in Images

Facebook prefers ads with minimal text in images. Ads with more than 20% text may not deliver effectively.


Use Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool to ensure your ad image contains less text. Place most of the text in the body of the ad rather than on the image.

Too Many Texts in Images
Too Many Texts in Images

Problem 9: Low Ad Relevance

Facebook prioritizes ads that are relevant to users. Ads deemed less relevant may not deliver well.


Use Facebook’s ad relevance diagnostics to assess and improve the conversion rate and engagement ranking. Also, check the ad’s quality ranking to ensure it complies with the protocols set by Facebook.

Problem 10: Campaign Objective Mismatch

Setting the wrong campaign objective can impact ad performance and delivery.


Ensure your campaign objective matches with your desired outcome, such as switching from “sales” to “clicks” if necessary.

Problem 11: Your Target Audience Intersects

Narrowly targeting similar demographics in multiple ads can cause audience overlap, where Facebook favors the ad with the higher relevance score. Another problem is that if you don’t have your target audience comprising a minimum of 1000 active users, your Facebook Ads won’t perform as expected.


Expand your target audience based on age, demographics, and other audience-related parameters. You can combine ad sets scheduled for similar audiences to save money and increase reach. Use the Audience Overlap tool to identify and adjust intersecting audiences. Also, if you want your Facebook to run smoothly, increase your target audience reach to more than 1000 users to get the desired results.

Target Audience Intersects
Your Target Audience Intersects

Problem 12: Low Engagement Rates or Ad Relevance

Facebook prioritizes high-quality, engaging content. Ads with low engagement or relevance scores may stop delivering.


Improve your ad copies to increase engagement. Use Facebook’s Ad Relevance Diagnostics to compare your ads with competitors and identify improvement areas. You can also use A/B testing tools to find the most effective ad versions.

Low Engagement Rates
Low Engagement Rates

Best Practices to Ensure Your Facebook Ads Deliver Successfully

Here are key tips to help you troubleshoot and avoid common ad delivery problems:

Tip 1: Understand and Fix Common Errors

If your ad isn’t delivering, it may have an “Update required” sub-status due to issues like expired offers or deleted pages. Ads Manager will display an error message explaining the problem.

To Reactivate Your Ad, you must:

  • Ensure compliance with Facebook’s non-discrimination policy.
  • Use a different post if the current one cannot be promoted.
  • Ensure the associated post is available, and you have permission to use it.
  • Directly boost the original post instead of shared posts.

Tip 2: Use a Professional Agency Ad Account

Leveraging a Facebook Agency Account can help resolve delivery issues by providing:

  • Advanced tools and features for innovative ad strategies.
  • Enhanced protection against account suspensions or restrictions.
  • Higher billing thresholds, allowing more flexible ad spending.
  • Specialist support for quick resolution of issues.

Tip 3: Stay Updated on Facebook’s Advertising Policies

Review and stay informed about Facebook’s advertising policies regularly to ensure your ads comply with community standards. This reduces the risk of ad disapprovals and account restrictions.

Tip 4: Ensure Appropriate Audience Targeting

Define and target your audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and geographic location. Avoid overly narrow or broad targeting. Regularly review and optimize your audience based on campaign performance data to maximize relevance and engagement.

Tip 5: Set an Adequate Budget

Align your budget with campaign objectives, audience size, and competition. Insufficient budgets can restrict ad exposure, while excessive budgets may lead to unnecessary spending. Monitor and adjust your budget based on performance metrics to optimize ad delivery.

Tip 6: Monitor Frequency and Relevance

Keep track of how often your ads are shown to the same audience and ensure they remain engaging. Regularly check your ads’ relevance scores and make necessary adjustments to maintain audience interest.


When your Facebook ads aren’t delivering, it impacts your campaign’s effectiveness. You can refine your campaigns for better performance by understanding common delivery issues and implementing the solutions provided. You must use effective tools and resources to stay updated on policies and ensure accurate audience targeting and budgeting, which are key steps to avoid delivery issues.

If you continue to experience problems, consider consulting with Facebook ad professionals to optimize your campaign strategy. 

Choose resources and tools like Predis.ai to help you maximize your Facebook ad campaigns and deliver compelling social media content that resonates with your audience. Sign up for a free trial.

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