How To Get Invited To Instagram Reels Bonus?

How To Get Invited To Instagram Reels Bonus?

Instagram Reels have become a beloved avenue for sharing entertaining videos. Creators on Instagram appreciate them for maintaining audience engagement, while users cherish them for providing easily consumable entertainment. 

Instagram reels go beyond fun. They can serve as an additional revenue stream for businesses and content creators, thanks to the Instagram Reels Play Bonus. Want to know how you can get invited to Instagram reels bonus? Let’s explore some useful tips and strategies that will help you get invited so you can start monetizing your content.

What Is Instagram Reels Play Bonus?

The Instagram Reels Play Bonus is a feature that provides monetary incentives to creators. These bonuses are based on the performance of their reel content.

Essentially, the more views, engagement, and overall traction a Reel garners, the higher the likelihood of earning a bonus from Instagram.

This bonus intends to motivate creators to generate compelling and engaging content, thereby creating an engaging atmosphere on the platform.

Instagram describes it as an avenue for creators to directly monetize their content on the platform, offering an alternative to relying solely on brand sponsorships or affiliate programs.

Instagram offers such bonuses to keep its audience more engaged on the platform, making it millions of dollars in revenue, a part of which it uses to pay creators.

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How Does the Instagram Reels Play Bonus Work?

The idea is simple! Once you get invited to Instagram reels bonus program, you can start posting reels that will gain engagement from your audience. If one of your reels garners a minimum of 1000 views within 30 days of posting, then you will receive a bonus from Instagram. Every view on your reel counts towards maximizing this bonus.

Reels bonus Instagram settings

The incentive amount is directly related to the performance of your reel – more views means more money.

You can handpick the Reels that contribute towards your earnings for the Reels Play Bonus over 30 days.

The target plays and maximum bonus varies from creator to creator. Some creators may need a lot of views to earn a particular bonus, while others require fewer views.

Instagram keeps the specific numbers for eligibility under wraps, but high-quality content with strong engagement likely plays a key role.

Keep in mind that even if you fall short of reaching the designated play target, achieving a minimum of 1,000 views still qualifies you to earn a bonus.

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What Is The Eligibility Requirement For Instagram Reels Play Bonus?

Remember that Instagram Reels Bonus Program isn’t for everyone who wishes to create reels on Instagram. It works on an invite-only basis.

You must directly get invited to Instagram reels bonus program (through a popup) from Instagram for you to be able to make money from your reels.

However, you must:

How to manually check if you’ve been invited to the Instagram Reels Play Bonus program?

Instagram notifies you through a popup about an invitation for a bonus program.

You can manually check whether you’ve been invited to a bonus program if you think you might have missed the notification.

Here’s how:

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Click on the Professional dashboard.
  • Under the Tools section, look for “Get Started With Bonuses” and click on it.

If there are any invitations, you’ll see them there.

How to Get Invited To Instagram Reels Bonus?

As previously mentioned, getting invited to Instagram Reels Bonus depends upon the platform’s preferences, making it an exclusive opportunity.

Get paid for reels notification

Without a direct invitation from Instagram, participation isn’t possible.

However, the frequency of posting reels might influence the likelihood of receiving an invitation.

Producing a specific volume of Reels within a set timeframe could potentially render you eligible to be invited to Instagram Reels Bonus.

Those who are part of the Instagram Reels Play bonus program must adhere rigorously to its regulations. Compliance with these guidelines is essential for creators aiming to receive payouts from the bonus, ensuring that their content aligns with the program’s standards.

Is the Instagram Reels Play Bonus Worth it?

Kitty Parker says on Twitter that if you ever receive an Instagram Reels Play Bonus, take it!

In the early stages of its introduction, payouts varied between $600 and $35,000, depending on the view count of the Reel. 

As the program matured, Instagram gradually increased the benchmark for bonus eligibility.

A creator now needs to reach 359 million views to earn $35,000, compared to the previous requirement of 58 million views to achieve the same payout.

So now, it is relatively much more difficult to earn a handsome bonus from your Instagram Reels than before. However, clubbed with other income sources like Instagram Subscription, branded or sponsored content, etc., the Reels Play bonus can be a good thing to add to your income stream.

Why Your Content May Not Be Eligible For Reels Bonus?

There are various reasons why your reels may leave you ineligible to get invited to Instagram Reels Bonus. Some of the major reasons are:

  1. Sponsored content: A sponsored Reel is not eligible for a Reels Play Bonus.
  2. Content violations: Your content has been struck 3 times for content violations.
  3. Copyright claim: Your content may be claimed under copyright infringement.
  4. Language: Instagram currently monetizes reels exclusively in English and Korean languages. Languages other than these can’t be eligible for Reels Bonus.
  5. Watermarks: There are watermarks on your reels. You know, Instagram doesn’t want people to know your video was shot by or edited by some other application.


The Instagram Reels Play Bonus is a wonderful opportunity for small and rising creators to earn an extra income (bonus) for creating high-quality reels for their audience.

Although it could be a little difficult to earn a handsome amount from this program, a little side income apart from other revenue sources on Instagram wouldn’t hurt. Right?

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