How to Create Engaging YouTube Shorts? Top Tips

how to create engaging YouTube shorts

YouTube entered the short-form video market in 2021 with its innovative feature, YouTube Shorts, surfing the trend set by Instagram and TikTok.

Shorts are a great way for YouTubers to diversify the content on their channel and reach a variety of audiences who are keen to watch short and crisp content. Hence, employing the right strategies to curate interesting shorts increases your potential to garner high-end viewership.

We have got everything you need to know about YouTube Shorts. From a step-by-step guide to top strategic tips on how to create engaging YouTube Shorts, let’s explore each of these aspects right away!

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating YouTube Shorts

You need to download the YouTube app to your mobile device to curate a YouTube short.

Depending on the gadget you have, you can download it from Google Play or the iOS App Store. Once the app has been downloaded, log in and get started by following our easy-to-follow instructions.

Step 1: Launch Camera View on YouTube Shorts

  • Open your mobile device’s YouTube app
  • Press the ‘+’ symbol situated in the lower bar
  • Choose ‘Create a Short’ from the choices available list. Provide the required permissions for camera access if this is your initial attempt.

Step 2: Select a Recording Option and Begin Recording

  • Within the camera view, you are automatically assigned a 15-second time limit. To make a video that lasts longer, click the ’15’ in the upper right corner and change the duration to 60 seconds.
  • To start recording, click the red record button now. The recording can be started with just one click and stopped with another tap.

Quick Tip: You’ll notice a sidebar with user-friendly tools on the recording screen that can help you improve the quality and originality of your short. These will assist you in adding exciting elements to your recording, like multiple effects, lighting, and filters.

Step 3: Use Text and Sound

A preview screen will appear, and you can

  • Incorporate audio, narration, or subtitles into your video, modifying their hue, design, and placement on the screen
  • With the timeline feature, you can also regulate when your text shows and fades away on the screen

Tap “Next” in the upper right corner to continue.

Step 4: Select the Final Configurations and Post

Before your short goes live, there is one last step: adding captions and selecting other settings. The last details you need to think about before publishing your content are broken down here:

  • To improve your Short’s visibility and attract the viewers with additional details, start by adding an intriguing caption.
  • Next, choose a cover picture by picking any preferred video frame by tapping the pencil icon in the upper-left corner.

After completing the main revisions, you’re ready to modify a few of the additional settings.

  • Choose whether you would like the visibility of your short to be Not listed, Private, or Public.
  • Next, use the “Location” and “Select Audience” choices to pick the demographics you wish to reach. You can enter the address you wish to target, and YouTube asks users to indicate whether their content is intended for people of all ages or children.
  • Finally, decide whether to allow content remixing, disclose sponsored content, and apply spam comment filters.

After you’ve adjusted the parameters, click “Upload Short.” Your meticulously created YouTube short will be published in a few seconds.

8 Master Tips on Creating Engaging YouTube Shorts

There are 15 billion views every day despite the platform’s recent launch and limited availability in India and the US.

Like any other platform, though, you must put into practice effective strategies if you want to maximize your performance and draw in your fair share of viewers.

Here’s how to create engaging YouTube shorts in a hassle-free and effective way:

1. Keep the length of Your Video Short and Crisp

As consumers’ attention spans are getting shorter, you have fewer opportunities to grab their interest and a limited time to get your point across. This entails putting up your message while keeping it at the proper length.

How do you maintain your videos’ succinctness? Here are a few tips:

  • Go directly to the point. This is possible even with difficult subjects. Start a series of longer subjects that need to be divided into smaller chunks.
  • Ensure the clip is optimized for the platform, with the right ratio and content for the target audience.
  • For the duration of the video, start with a captivating line and then tell a story that retains the viewer’s interest.
  • Steer clear of having excessive activity or many individuals talking in one video.
  • Reduce the amount of clutter on the screen.
  • Make eye-catching thumbnails that are essential to making a lasting impression on YouTube.

2. Use a Tone and Style that Speaks to Your Target Audience

You need to know what kind of tone will work best for your audience, just like you would with any other content. Is it motivated, instructive, or demonstrative? 

The ideal tone should already be in mind when you begin composing content. If you’re unfamiliar with this, you can ask the following questions to get started:

  • Decide what you want to accomplish now. Do you wish to impart knowledge? Make others laugh? Or motivate them?
  • What are your expectations from the content for your company?

After that, you can start developing a strategy for your video content that includes performance analysis, optimization, content advertising, and SEO.

3. Optimize Your Titles

The approach of coming up with the most suitable title for your videos is known as title optimization. It’s crucial to how users notice you in the YouTube search engine and aids in the finding of your content by the website’s algorithm.  

To maximize your titles, follow these steps:

  • Look up relevant keywords. For this, you can make use of relevant tools
  • Employ hashtags. For its algorithm to suggest #shorts to viewers, YouTube advises you to mention them in your description
  • Don’t exceed 50–70 characters

4. Record Vertical At all times

Although you can post videos in a horizontal orientation on Shorts, the best way to utilize the platform is to create your Shorts in a vertical orientation.

With their flawless full-screen fit, vertical videos engross audiences in an entirely engaging experience. Horizontal videos, on the other hand, appear a little misfit in the center. They are unable to provide the same degree of engagement due to the obvious white space on both sides.

For this reason, maintain a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and target a 9:16 aspect ratio for shorts.

5. Draw in Your Audience Right from the Beginning

People scroll through YouTube as it comes naturally to them. You have to grab their attention right away with your YouTube short to retain them.

How can you achieve this? The following are some tricks:

  • Begin with a robust First Frame: Capture interest right away with eye-catching imagery.
  • Incorporate Captivating Audio: To instantaneously level up the mood, employ enticing music or sound effects.
  • Start with a Question: Choose a question that will pique the interest of your audience.
  • Provide a Teaser: Give a brief preview of what’s going to be an exciting video.
  • Use Interesting Text: If the introduction is text-based, make it succinct and appealing.
  • Display Movement: incorporate brief animations or transitions for attractive visual effects

6. Repurpose Your Content

An emerging way to tell stories and engage with a wider audience is through video content. It is now a crucial component of many businesses’ social media marketing strategies. Repurposing your already existing content to YouTube Shorts content can help it reach a wider audience.

 As an illustration, you could:

  • Convert your lengthier videos into a short, crispy video
  • Make a YT short from an interesting infographic and share it
  • Repurpose your blogs, tweets, and Instagram reels to create compelling short videos

7. Add Valuable Insights

YouTube shorts, despite their bite-sized format, remain an effective means of disseminating insightful and useful content.

Make every video with the viewers in mind. Acknowledge them! The issues they are dealing with and how you can support them. Next:

  • Give them an insight that is relevant to their daily lives
  • Encourage and uplift those around you
  • Inform them of a fact about your company that they are unaware of
  • Offer them a fresh perspective to consider or a personal example of a situation they can identify with
  • Make an effort to create content that appeals to them
  • Additionally, you need to consider how the content enhances the value of your brand

8. Make the Best of Video Looping

A YouTube Short does not cease playing after it ends; instead, it loops over to the beginning and continues until the viewer swipes to the next one.

In certain situations, this looping can be an excellent tool if utilized appropriately.

Let’s say you have a humorous moment or an appealing track that becomes more enjoyable in retrospect. Or maybe the Short tells a story that starts at the beginning and ends at the same time, developing a never-ending loop that draws viewers in.


An indispensable weapon in your YouTube marketing toolbox is YouTube Shorts. However, owning a tool alone is insufficient. You must know how to create engaging YouTube shorts that speak to your audience base!

In short, meticulous curation of substantial content that captures the essence of your brand and its core values, in addition to capitalizing on popular subjects, is highly valuable and goes beyond simply producing YT shorts.

For additional insights on optimizing your YouTube content creation, head over to today!

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