Repurpose Blogs Into YouTube Shorts With!

Repurpose Blogs Into YouTube Shorts With!

With content creation blooming in 2023, there is no doubt that blogs and videos are among the most effective of all the delivery methods. Your reading this piece is a sign of proof!

There are, of course, a few significant differences between the two content forms that make videos effortlessly more engaging and equally informative.

When you have a successful and impactful blog, continuing the theme and content in video form has excellent potential. In this piece, we will take you through YouTube Shorts, a top video content platform, what it’s made of, its impact, and the hows and whys of repurposing your blogs!

The Impact of Repurposing Your Blogs

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When developing your content strategy, most of your written content will be concentrated on blogs. Now, while blogs do have the potential to reach a large group of readers, once they have done that, their lifespan is somewhat limited.

That is precisely why repurposing blogs can profoundly impact your content strategy; when executed properly, the lifespan and reach of your written material can grow tremendously.

This is especially important for digital marketing content, as trends move so quickly. Quality Digital Marketing Training teaches the importance of repurposing content across platforms.

There are three key aspects as to how repurposing your blogs can have an impact equal to a meteorite in the content space:

  1. It allows you to reach new audiences across various platforms. Your blog content can reach millions on the right platform through infographics, videos, and photographs.
  2. You will be able to adapt and cater to users of new and diverse preferences and consumption habits.
  3. Repurposing enhances your SEO efforts. Presenting the same information in different formats gives search engines more opportunities to index and rank your content.

With the help of repurposed blog content, you can also reinforce your key messages and brand identity. Transforming blog posts into visual or audio formats also boosts your audience’s engagement and retention levels while simultaneously allowing you to focus your fresh resources on generating new content.

The worst-case result is that your repurposed content is discovered and shared, amplifying its overall impact.

The best-case result is that the amplified impact on new audiences attracts and rakes in like-minded individuals and resonates with business projects!

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YouTube Shorts: The Ideal Video Platform

Launched in September 2020, Shorts were introduced as competition to other popular short-video platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. With a primary focus on delivering quick, entertaining content, YouTube Shorts is a short-form video feature on the YouTube platform. YouTube Shorts is an excellent success for seasoned creators and newcomers to showcase their talents.

Here are the key features of YouTube Shorts:

  1. The platform allows users to create and share videos of up to 60 seconds in length, often featuring creative and engaging content such as music, dance, comedy, and quick tutorials.
  2. With an incredibly easy-to-use mobile interface, users can record, edit, and share videos from their smartphones. It is also packed with creative tools like music and text overlays to enhance the video experience.

The YouTube app features a dedicated section for Shorts, where the algorithm tailors a continuous stream of short videos to match your interests.

Why Repurpose Into YouTube Shorts?

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Among several other content formats like infographics, photographs, and short-form copy, 72% of individuals prefer video content over written text when seeking to learn about new products or services.

To top it off, online videos have an audience reach of 92% worldwide. It isn’t just a sheer majority that makes repurposing blogs into YouTube Shorts the perfect choice.

Here are the key reasons and benefits to clear up why you should repurpose blogs into YouTube Shorts!

1. Broad Exposure

As of October 2023, YouTube Shorts receives over 70 billion daily views; with these many views, the reach of this platform is tremendous!

2. Effortless Creation

With how user-friendly this platform is, integrating other tools and software becomes seamless if you repurpose blogs into YouTube Shorts.

3. Algorithm-Driven Discovery

Driven by an algorithmic discovery system, your content visibility is enhanced, which aids in organic growth in followers.

4. Community Interaction

YouTube Shorts are equipped with features like likes and comments. This feature fosters engagement, quick feedback, and interaction, ultimately facilitating business improvements based on the community’s desires.

5. Visual Engagement

Repurpose blogs into YouTube Shorts to leverage visual elements, enhancing engagement and making your content more appealing.

6. Diversified Content Consumption

People have diverse preferences when consuming content. Some prefer reading, while others prefer watching videos. When you repurpose blogs into YouTube Shorts, you can cater to a broader audience with different content consumption habits.

7. Improved SEO

Videos play a vital role in enhanced search engine optimization. As the second-largest search engine, platforms like YouTube offer additional visibility and opportunities to discover your content, leading to improved overall SEO performance.

8. Extended Content Lifespan

When you repurpose blogs into YouTube Shorts, the lifespan of your content is extended. You can breathe new life into existing material, reaching a fresh audience without creating entirely new content from scratch.

9. Monetization Opportunities

According to a recent survey, short-form video ad revenue was valued at $10 billion in 2023. When you repurpose blogs into YouTube Shorts, that opens up opportunities to earn revenue through ads, sponsorships, or other monetization strategies on platforms like YouTube.

Elements of YouTube Shorts

You must be all fired up to get at YouTube Shorts! But before you start, keep these essential yet vital elements in mind, 

  1. Brief Duration: The format limits videos to 60 seconds; according to studies, 30 – 40 seconds get the most views.
  2. Engaging Hook: Capture attention quickly with a captivating introduction.
  3. Clear Message: Keep a clear and focused message for the viewers.
  4. Call to Action (CTA): Encourage viewers to like, share, and subscribe, enhancing engagement.
  5. Visual Appeal: Leverage creative visuals, filters, and effects for an eye-catching presentation.
  6. Background Music: Enhance the mood and engagement with suitable music.
  7. Text Overlays: Use text to convey information, create emphasis, or add context.
  8. Mobile Optimization: Don’t forget to create videos suited for mobile viewing, considering the vertical format.
  9. Consistent Branding: Maintain a consistent style and tone to strengthen your brand identity.
  10. Hashtags: Using relevant hashtags improves discoverability.

With an extensive list of benefits and rising popularity for short-form videos, keeping up the consistency and maintaining the quality of the content you repurpose blogs into YouTube Shorts can grow to become a challenge.

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Let’s review how you can use to make the process seamless!

Making It Happen:’s Blog to Video Feature!

Let’s get to making your life easier!’s blog-to-video feature helps you repurpose your blog in under a few minutes.

To start, login or sign up on the page and link your YouTube account. Here’s a screenshot of the login page and how to connect your account!

Creating an account on Predis

Manage Brand on the dashboard

Next up, navigate to your content library and click on Create New!

Navigating to Content Library on

You will be presented with numerous options; for this case – select the blog to post and update your blog link in the next window.

Blog to post feature on

converting a blog to a post on

Once you submit your blog post link, will display your blog content and generate a preliminary script for the video. If you wish to tweak your video script, you can edit it and click confirm!

Script for video generated on

Click the following button to get to a window to choose your video template.

Choosing a video template

No need to worry; can generate it for you, too!

All you need to do is select your post format from the top tab, your desired output language from the top right, adjust your video length and style if you have a specific brand style, choose “Let Me Pick,” and click “generate.”

Generating a video on YouTube

Et voila! just helped you repurpose blogs into YouTube Shorts

New YouTube short using

Finally, click on the post to double-check the captions, hashtags, and video, then click “Share” to schedule when you wish to upload your repurposed YouTube Shorts!

Scheduling a YouTube short from

Wrapping It Up

Despite the power of the written word in content creation, your quality blogs must not be left saturated and with limited reach. The exceptional reach and high engagement of video content on major platforms like YouTube is one thing you cannot miss out on!

When you repurpose blogs into YouTube Shorts, it undeniably extends your original content’s lifespan and allows you to cater your content to a more diverse audience. The impact of repurposing blogs into YouTube Shorts starts with a high reach and ultimately has the potential to rake in new business.

To repurpose blogs into YouTube Shorts alone is easier said than done; it is undoubtedly a challenging journey and may amount to spending a large amount of resources without an effective result. That is precisely why you can trust’s and its Blog to Video feature to generate grand and quality repurposed content at a moment’s notice.

Embrace your blog’s true potential with! Elevate your business today, and contact us now!

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