The Best Performing Google Ad Dimensions and Sizes for 2024

Google ad dimensions

Google ads revenue skyrocketed to a swooping $237.86 billion in 2023, a steady rise from the 2022 statistics, which stood at $224.47 billion. Marketers now use the platform to create and upload ads for their brands to generate organic traffic.

The platform allows different ad formats and sizes so every company can display its products as and how it likes. Understanding the Google ad dimensions you can use for your display ads across devices can help you create the most captivating ads for your campaigns.

Use the power of AI with’s Google Display Ad Generator to create converting ads that grab attention. Ads created with the help of this platform work well on several devices and integrate seamlessly into the user’s browsing experience.

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Best Google Ad Dimensions for High Conversion Rates in 2024

Here are some of the best working Google ad dimensions that fit seamlessly into websites across devices to create brand awareness.

1. Square (250 x 250)

Dimension: (250 x 250)

Square ads are a good starting point because they are small and manageable for first-time users. They require a small visual and very little text to run across all devices, including mobile and computer devices.

However, the inventory for these Google ad dimensions is limited, and they can get outnumbered by large ads. Marketers have now moved onto rectangle ad formats because they perform better for higher success and grab attention quickly.

2. Small Square (200 x 200)

If your brand wants a more subtle advertising strategy, small square ads are the way to go. As with square ads, you can easily run these across different devices. However, the inventory remains limited, which can lead to limited performance.

Increase your chances of reaching the right audience with this limited space with Predis’s Google Display Ad Generator helps companies create visuals that compel internet users to stop scrolling and focus on ads for increased clicks.

3. Banner (468 x 60)

 Dimension: (468 x 60)

The banner ads are the most used Google ad dimensions for marketers to showcase their ads on top of every website. They cover the upper part of most websites and are the first images that users see.

These types of ads have lost relevance over the years with the advent of leaderboard ads. However, they are still pretty popular for instant conversion because they get clicks because of how attention-grabbing they are.

4. Leaderboard Banner (728 x 90)

Dimension: (728 x 90)

This is perhaps the best-performing ad type on Google ads at the moment. These banners take up a significant space and show the product at full capacity. The placement of these ads is highly beneficial because they take up the upper portions of any website. 

If you are unsure about where Google will place your ads, it is best to purchase these spots for better results. They are the first ads on any website, and they grab attention immediately, making them beneficial for companies that need instant marketing results.

5. Half Banner (234 x 60)

If you want a more subtle banner ad, these are the best options for your brand. Much like small square ads they take up little space and fit into narrow areas for a powerful but tactful ad placing.

However, because they are this tiny, the ad inventory is poor, and they can have limited options. However, it remains a powerful tool because it appears on top and allows users to subtly showcase their brand name, which can generate brand awareness.

6. Mobile Banner (320 x 50)

Dimension: (320 x 50)

Mobile advertising revenue increased 17.2% in 2023, reaching 327.1 billion U.S. dollars worldwide compared to 2022. Optimizing for mobiles is thus essential, and this importance explains the popularity of mobile banners.

Integrate stunning ads with Predis’s AI Google Display Ads to convert and increase organic traffic. These ads appear as users scroll on their smartphones without detracting from their browsing experience.

7. Large Leaderboard (970 x 90)

Dimension: (970 x 90)

If you want to use the power of leaderboard Google ad dimensions at high levels, use the large leaderboard ads. They are expanding ad types that shift the content down as you scroll up on a website.

While they are invasive, they are great options for brands that want to retarget their audience. It allows marketers to showcase their products and allow users to make purchases for high conversion rates.

8. Billboard (970 x 250)

Dimension: (970 x 250)

Billboard ads appear at the top of the website or in other places where they show large-scale visuals. These ads take up significant space and thus work well for videos, which is beneficial for marketers, as there were 3.5 billion video watchers in 2023.

These Google ad dimensions provide enough spacing to show various products. It is a good place to add a landing page through which users can make purchases and increase conversion rates.

9. Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

These ads have one of the highest conversion rates. They amalgamate text and visuals to give users an adequate idea about the product, which increases brand awareness.

These ad dimensions allow space for an effective CTA that allows viewers to fill up forms or download brochures from the brand. They give more space to marketers than the square ad types and thus stand out as a good advertising option.

10. Half-Page (300 x 600)

Dimension: (300 x 600)

These Google ad dimensions take up an impressive 180,000 pixels on the screen. This magnificent size grabs attention immediately and increases the probability of conversion. They are perfect for brands that want an ad with proper visuals to promote their brand.

Get the best visuals for your half-page ads with’s AI Google Display Ads, which has multiple ad templates. You can choose the template that speaks to your audience and maintains a steady brand voice.

11. Skyscraper (120 x 600)

Dimension: (120 x 600)

These ads are the best options for brands that are tight on the budget but want a marketing strategy for their brand. These are narrow ad spaces that are best for texts so you can create awareness about your brand.

These ads are not the most sought-after because of the limited space it allows but they can be good starting points for small businesses. 

12. Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600)

Dimension: (160 x 600)

Moving on from the narrow space of the traditional skyscraper ads, these ads help potential clients remember your brand. These are long ads that allow marketers to use both text and visuals for added visibility.

These ads are the best options when you want to create brand awareness and tell your audience something about your products or brand. These Google ad dimensions have higher click-through rates, and the inventory for them is pretty simple, too!

Use the Best-performing Google Ad Dimensions for Increased Reach

Creating the best type of ads for your company can be challenging, but with trial and error, it becomes easy to understand which works best. Use compelling ad copies and visuals to create maximum profits with increased reach.

These were the most popular types of Google ad dimensions that work best across mobiles and laptops. You can use them for different purposes and at various positions to create as many ads as you need for your campaign.

Produce the most engaging visuals for your ads with The platform has several features you can use for your brand to help ideate and create content, schedule posts, and track conversions. With such detailed analysis, you can generate maximum profits and grow your business organically with the power of AI!

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