Boost Credibility with Travel Reviews and Testimonials on Instagram

Boost credibility with Travel Reviews and Testimonials on Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for individual users. The platform has excellent potential for businesses as well, especially if you operate in the travel niche; visuals and traveler feedback drive sales. Instagram can double up as an advocacy platform for your business.

This is because the modern customer puts more weight into the words of their friends and family than what a brand is saying. By sharing travel reviews and testimonials on Instagram, your travel brand makes its mark in the market, which helps you grow and get more customers.

Let’s talk about how you can boost your travel business on Instagram using customer reviews and travel feedback.

Why Use Travel Reviews and Testimonials on Instagram?

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Why do travel reviews and testimonials on Instagram work? Why do customers trust a stranger’s word over your brand’s claims?

According to Edelman’s brand trust report, the recent personal and societal threats have led consumers to become more discerning in their choice of brands and purchase decisions.

Bringing this insight into the travel industry, there is plenty to achieve from posting positive travel reviews and testimonials on Instagram channel.

Did you know that hotels and B&Bs are the second industry (after restaurants and cafes) where customers look for reviews the most? About 90% of the customers search for favorable or satisfactory reviews when they want to book hotels or B&Bs.

As a business in the travel industry, providing your users with essential answers in a creative way can help you build trust and make sales. For example, as a B&B business, you can post pictures of your facilities on your Instagram account and pin customer feedback to the comments section.


This way, when customers search for your brand on Instagram, they will see your posts and good reviews, which will help them make a desirable purchase decision.

A good example is how Michelle Chu, a luxury travel influencer, tags Waldorf Astoria Maldives in one of her posts as she spends a good vacation on their property. The post generated over 5,000 responses and also helped the luxury travel brand gain recognition through the influencer’s feedback and tag.

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Tips to Enhance Brand Credibility Using Travel Reviews and Testimonials on Instagram

When customers scan for information on a hotel or travel agency online, they are usually seeking the answer to why they should place a booking with a brand rather than how or when. User-generated content, user reviews, and feedback on travel experiences help them answer this question and confirm bookings with you.

In a report by Deloitte, it was revealed that about 40% of Gen Z users leveraged Instagram to plan their holidays, while 29% of the older Instagram users did the same. This demographic represents a significant chunk of customers willing to pay for excellent travel experiences. Your business can benefit from tailoring your Instagram content to woo these customers.

Let’s discuss a few tips that will guide you on how to use travel reviews and testimonials on Instagram, to the benefit of your business.

1. Be Specific In Review Selection

When showcasing the unique selling points of your property, you should consider selecting reviews that help you highlight specific aspects of your brand.

An excellent example is how M Resort and Hotel leverages the review of one of their satisfied customers.

In the review, the customer highlights a child-friendly pool and ample space on the property, which many parents look for when booking a hotel to travel with their children.


This review strikes a pain point with traveling families and addresses their concerns while consequently providing social proof from a verified visitor.

2. Pick Up on Local Attractions and Capitalize on Them

Is your property located close to a local attraction? Advertise it – but with social proof. It is more trustworthy for a visitor to trust the word of a traveler who has stayed with the brand and vouches for its claims.

The Best Western Anaheim Inn displays this technique in full glory with its review post on Instagram. The review they selected highlights how their property is a stone’s throw away from the Disneyland attraction – a destination that’s popular all over the world.

Seeing how international travelers are specifically wary about cleanliness in hotels, the brand selects the testimonial idea for travel that establishes proof for that as well.


3. Reviews That Make Traveling and Exploration Easier

When speaking about traveling to places like Dubai or New York, easy accessibility to conveyance and other basic amenities take the top priority for travelers. They don’t want to book taxis all the time or be far away from the local attractions or places they want to see.

If your property is in a position to capitalize on ease of exploration, you can pick reviews that highlight how easy it is for guests to leave the property and go to where they need to be.

Carlton Downtown, a hotel in Dubai, advertises exactly that using a guest review that pretty much sums it up for the visitors:


4. Cater To Your Target Audience Directly

Every hotel or resort has a specific demographic that they wish for more bookings from. While some cater to backpackers, others provide a more luxurious experience and seek high-end spenders to book with them.

If you have a specific demographic that you need to drive conversions from, focus on reviews that showcase the preferences of this traveling class. A good example is that of Hilton Goa Resort, which pairs up a detailed review with a stunning image of its property.

Specifically, the review talks about exemplary hospitality, luxurious facilities, and personalized experiences. The Instagram image even displays a Travelers’ Choice Award badge to provide further social proof to the target demographic.


5. Leverage Partnership for Reviews

Travel influencers can help boost engagement on your posts by providing you with unique creative content that doubles up as a review.

For example, the Guldsmeden Hotels are known for their eco-friendly and sustainability-friendly nature. They provide a complete getaway to their visitors by creating a tropical experience in the middle of Copenhagen.

La Travel Girl partners up with them to create a review post that is a feedback, testament and an advertisement in a single post. Evidently, this post creates over 4k likes and even more impressions for the travel brand.


Given that 69% of modern travelers are actively seeking sustainable travel experiences, you can leverage influencer partnerships to create reviews that highlight this aspect of your hotel brand. Pairing Quality Content with Quality Visuals

In the fast-paced world today, travel businesses cannot waste time manually creating every single review post to attract more customers. Let do the job of creating visually stunning posts on autopilot for your hospitality brand. is an AI-enabled social media content creation platform that provides automation capabilities to creators. In addition to helping you create visually pleasing posts for Instagram, the platform speeds up the entire process with templates and a user-friendly interface.

The interface is fluid and simple, and it lets you create a review post in no time with countless templates and formats to choose from. Follow the steps below to create your first review post for your hotel brand:

  • Login to your dashboard. On the left sidebar, you will see a Content Library option. Click on it.
  • In the content library, you will see a variety of post formats that you can create using To create a review post, you can either choose Script or Quote for best results. You can even create a manual post. If you would like to be unique about it, you can select any format and use customizations to attach the feedback to the post.
  • Once you select Quote, you will be taken to the next screen to select the quote category. You will also be presented with a selection of relevant quotes from the selected category. If you would rather write one yourself, you can do that too.
  • Once you are done writing the quote, you need to select a template from the library. Make your selection, and click on Next. If you would rather add a ready template from your computer, select “Let Me Pick” to upload it.
  • In the next interface, you can apply all the customizations and tweaks before finishing up.

With, it is extremely simple to automate the post-creation process with minimal human input. It helps save time in a busy world where visually stunning posts make all the difference.

Try today to create all your travel review posts that make a splash on the platform.

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