Instagram Marketing Guide for Musicians

Instagram Marketing Guide for Musicians

The use and popularity of Instagram have seen a phenomenal rise in the last few years. With over 1.3 million monthly active users,  the platform has evolved from a simple picture-sharing service into a critical tool for social media marketing and audience building. Similar to other businesses and industries, musicians can leverage Instagram to get more followers, build relationships with existing ones, and get more sales. For those who find themselves at a loss on where to embark upon this journey within the realm of social media, we bring to you the ultimate Instagram marketing guide for musicians.

In this article, we’ll discuss various tips, best practices, and strategies you’ll need to know for leveraging Instagram as an aspiring musician!

How to Use Instagram Marketing Guide for Musicians?

Below are the top strategies you can follow to boost your music presence on Instagram:

1. Create an Attractive Instagram Profile and Bio

If you are an independent musician, you need to put a lot of effort and thoughtfulness into creating your bio on Instagram. Your profile and bio on the platform should instantly give an idea of your interest in music and artistic personality. This is a brilliant Instagram strategy for musicians that not only enhances your professional image but also attracts potential fans and collaborators.

When writing a bio, since there is a limit of only 150 characters, make sure to keep it simple, catchy, and straight to the point. The goal here is to promote your music by enticing the users.

A great example of a short and crisp bio is David Guettas’s Instagram profile

Instagram profile

Further, similar to various other social media platforms, Instagram also gives users access to two different types of accounts, including a personal and a business account. 

The main advantage of having later is that it gives you access to deeper insights that can help you effectively measure and track your overall performance to be able to understand your target audience better as a musician. You can also use Instagram business accounts to grow your organic reach and number of followers with promoted posts and ads or schedule your posts in advance. 

Overall, it is quite important to work on personal branding as a musician and to present yourself and your music as a complete package to stand out from the competition.

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2. Craft Stunning Visual Content

Since Instagram is a visual-based platform, it requires musicians to craft outstanding visual content in the form of various media, including videos, audio, and GIFs. 

Apart from backstage photos,  you can also showcase images that will show your followers how you spend your time inside and outside music creation. For instance,  some of the things you can focus upon here include-

  • Various locations for a music tour
  • Merchandise design
  • Music songs’ or albums’ cover art
  • Posters of artistic or concerts
  • Followers or fans wearing your merchandise
  • Interactions with followers or other musicians
  • Recording of a new song or album

This will help your followers feel engaged and make them feel part of your music journey.

An excellent example here of building an engaged Instagram following and stunning visuals is Alter Bridge’s IG account. Alter Bridge is a hard rock artist from Florida and is known for his attractive visual content.

Instagram Account

Alter Bridge uploads everything from high-quality stills from music concerts and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage to usual selfies and tour photos. 

For their last few music albums, they’ve even shared a detailed visual account of the overall recording process in a very appealing way. For instance, the picture below shows the tracking progress for their latest album to keep the followers excited for new songs. 


3. Set Up Your Instagram Highlights Well

Instagram gives you a huge space below your bio for Instagram highlights. As a musician, you need to use this feature well enough, as it is an excellent way of allowing more followers to know and engage with your story on social media. 

What is also important to keep in mind is that highlights aren’t just a way to promote your music but also a way to fast-track new followers from passive visitors to someone who knows something about you.

For instance, world-renowned Taylor Swift’s Instagram profile features highlights in a very interesting way to entice the audience to pre-order the new launch. 

Since other bands and musicians need to leverage highlights effectively, it allows you to tap into more potential customers, especially when they visit your music Instagram account for the first time.

Having the right information posted at the top in the form of highlights is much easier and more effective than relying on users to find the right Instagram post.

4. Use Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are an effective tool for organic growth and a great way to reach new music followers. You can search through hashtags based on your unique musical tastes on Instagram, as many people still do to find accounts to follow.

Although you can use as many hashtags as you like on Instagram (up to 30), it’s ideal to start with 10–20 when you’re just starting out and want to be genuine without coming across as spammy.

Instagram hashtag

Even better, you can start a hashtag for your music band and tell your fans to use it actively at your live shows. Once you deep dive into insights, you can see the number of times your post was circulated because of relevant hashtags. Some of the popular hashtags you can aim for here include #music, #pop, #InstaMusic etc. 

Make sure to be creative and do thorough research so you can find both popular and niche hashtags that can help you reach your target audience.

You can also use’s Instagram post editor to edit your captions and hashtags generated by AI. The tool allows you to generate stunning posts with new captions and hashtags in a matter of a few clicks. 

5. Tell Interesting and Engaging Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is becoming a great way for musicians to share their personal updates and other types of content with fans and followers since more and more individuals post and watch these stories every day.

You can make use of Stories for almost everything from promoting just-released music videos, upcoming gig details, or an interesting backstage story in the form of photos and videos of your rehearsal sessions, snippets from photo shoots, or from your latest gig.

The other interesting part about the stories is the use of interactive stickers such as polls, quizzes, emojis, sliders, questions, etc, which you can use to engage your followers.

6. Instagram Reels

Instagram reels refer to quick, short-form video clips of up to 60 seconds, which you can edit by using special effects, filters, audio, and other creative tools. Reels are one of the best ways musicians can use for marketing and organic reach, as they provide a great way to engage and entertain your audience. 

These short video reels are much more than just simply putting up your music video or posting a couple of Instagram photos and should absolutely be part of your music marketing and promotion efforts.


The best part is that Instagram also allows you to increase the speed of your Reels, thus enhancing the level of entertainment and enabling you to show more content in a short period. 

7. Leverage Instagram IGTV

IGTV is another excellent feature that musicians can use for marketing on Instagram. It allows you to upload longer video content on Instagram in vertical video format.

Some of the ways you can make the most out of this feature include-

  • Post exciting music videos on Instagram to entice your fans and gain a broader audience
  • Share music album progress vlogs to engage your audience with behind-the-scenes glimpses and build a personal relationship with the brand
  • Upload engaging and lengthy Q&A sessions
  • Share quick interviews with your teams, band members, staff, etc, to allow your audiences to form a connection with your music
  • Post live performances to give your audience a feel of what they could experience in upcoming concerts


If you are a musician looking to boost your career, we have shared an Instagram marketing guide for musicians to help you get started and see organic growth in the number of followers. These tips and strategies will help provide you with loyal and engaged followers to give your music career a much-needed kick and support.

To further up your Instagram marketing game as a musician, you can use to create engaging Instagram posts using AI. The platform allows you to create eye-catching music Instagram posts effortlessly to boost both engagement and performance with automated Image and Caption Generation using AI.

Check out more such comprehensive guides at today!

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