How to Change Email on Instagram? Step-By-Step Tutorial

How to Change Email on Instagram

Wondering how to change your email on Instagram? Similar to many other websites, Instagram asks for an email address when you’re setting up an account or logging in. Maybe you’ve decided to update your email or you’re taking steps to enhance your account’s security. 

Whatever the reason, Instagram provides a simple process to modify your email address. In this guide, we’ll provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to change your email on Instagram, along with some valuable pointers to bolster your account’s safety measures.

How to Change Email on Instagram?

Alright, let’s walk through the steps to update your email on Instagram. Remember, it’s a breeze.

Step 1: Open Instagram App

  • To begin, make sure you have the Instagram app installed on your device.
  • Once it’s up and running, log in using your username and password if you’re not already logged in. This will ensure that you have full access to your account.

Step 2: Go to Your Profile

  • Once you’ve successfully logged in, find your way to your profile. You can do this by tapping on the profile icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Finding Instagram Profile Icon for Changing Email on Instagram

  • With a single tap, you’ll find yourself on your Instagram profile page, ready to make the necessary changes.

Step 3: Access Settings

  • On your profile page, look for the three horizontal lines—often referred to as the hamburger icon—situated at the top right corner of your screen.

Finding hamburger icon for Changing Email on Instagram

  • A menu will gracefully slide into view. Among the options presented, go ahead and select “Settings and Privacy,” which you’ll find at the top of the menu.

Finding 'Settings and Privacy' option for changing mail on Instagram

Step 4: Edit Profile

  • With the Settings menu at your fingertips, tap on the “Accounts Center” option. This will lead you to a new set of choices. Find and select “personal details” Now you’re in the driver’s seat, ready to fine-tune your account details.

Selecting 'Accounts Center' Option for changing mail on Instagram

  • Find and select “personal details” under the Account Settings section. Now you’re in the driver’s seat, ready to fine-tune your account details.

Accessing 'Personal Details' option for changing mail on Instagram

Step 5: Change the Email

  • Inside the “personal details” section, you’ll spot the “Contact info” option. Click on it.

 Change Email on Instagram using 'Contact Info' option

  • Look for your current email and click on it.

Verifying new Email address for changing mail on Instagram

  • After that, delete your email with the Delete email button.
  • You’ll be asked to provide your Instagram account’s password. Enter it and click on continue.
  • Your existing email will be successfully deleted. Now, in order to add the new one, go back to the Contact Info page and click on Add new contact.
  • Click on Add email.
  • Provide your new email address and select the Instagram accounts for which you want to set this email. Click on Next.

Step 6: Confirming The New Email

How to Change Email on Instagram from Desktop?

You’ve already observed the process of changing your Instagram email using your phone. But what if you need to change the Email through your computer or your desktop? We’ve got you covered.

Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Instagram website

Start by opening the Instagram website in the browser of your computer/desktop. Now log into your Instagram account by adding your username and password.

Step 2: Open settings

Once your account is open, look at the bottom left of your page. You will see more in the bottom left corner. Click on More and select Settings from the menu that appears in front of you.

Accessing 'Settings' of a user for Changing Email on Instagram from Desktop
Change Instagram Email from Desktop

Step 3: Access Account Center

Now you can see the Account Center option that you will see at the top. From here you need to select See More in Accounts Center which you will find below the ad preferences.

Finding 'Accounts Center' option for Changing Email on Instagram from Desktop
Change Instagram Email from Desktop

Step 4: Personal details

You are one step away from changing your email through your desktop. Now you just need to click on personal details which will be followed by Contact info on the right side.

Accessing 'Personal Details' for changing Email on Instagram from Desktop
Change Instagram Email from Desktop

Step 5: Add new contact

This brings you to the page where the actual action takes place. Now you will have to select Add new contact which will be followed by Add Email.

Accessing 'Contact Information' page for changing Email on Instagram from Desktop
Change Instagram Email from Desktop

Step 6: Change Email

Finally, it’s time to add your desired email address that you want to be changed from the previous one. Enter the email address in the given tab. You will also need to select the Instagram account at the bottom. In case there are multiple accounts, select the accounts you want to run with that email address.

Providing new 'Email Address' for changing Email on Instagram from Desktop
Change Instagram Email from Desktop

Step 7: Confirm Email

When everything is done, you can now confirm your new email address. And this will finally update your Instagram email address through your computer.

So now, you know how to change your Email on Instagram through your phone as well as your desktop. But what about the login process? Suppose you want to change your Instagram email address at the time you log in. Now this may be due to various reasons, but it is a possible process.

How to change my Instagram Email without logging in?

Do you need to change your email address on Instagram without logging in? Well, it is not an impossible task. In fact, there are just a few steps that you need to follow to get it done.

Given below are some easy steps that will help you change your Instagram email without a password or without logging in:

Step 1: Forgot login details?

To begin with the process, you first need to Install the Instagram application on your device. Before adding your password, click on the “forgot login details?” At the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Enter username

Now, here you need to enter your user name and then move ahead by selecting the next button at the bottom.

changing Email on Instagram without logging in by providing 'User name'
Change Instagram Email without logging in

Step 3: Can’t reset password?

If you want to change your email further without logging in, tap the “Can’t reset your password?” that is present at the bottom of the screen.

changing Email on Instagram without logging in by selecting an option 'Can't reset your password'
Change Instagram Email without logging in

Step 4: Try another way

Here, you will be able to see “try another way” at the bottom of the screen, select it and it will take you to a support request page.

changing Email on Instagram without logging in by selecting 'Try another way' option.
Change Instagram email without logging in

Step 5: Support Request

Now, you can fill out this form and submit a support request to change your email address without logging in.

changing Email on Instagram without logging in by selecting the correct choice
Change Instagram Email without logging in

So this was an easy procedure to help you change your Instagram email address without logging in to your Instagram account. Other than changing the email for your login purpose, you can also change the email that is displayed for your viewers. So let’s read ahead to know how can it be done.

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How to change the Email shown in the Instagram bio?

So as you know the email button on Instagram will show your users how can they contact you through email. This is why you will need to add an email button to your professional Instagram account if you want your viewers to contact you via email. Then, you need to make sure that the contact information you share with your audience only includes your email ID.

Now, what if you want to change the email address shown in your Instagram bio? All you need to do is follow these simple steps that will help you change the email in your bio:

Step 1

First, you need to open your Instagram account. Now from your home page select your profile icon on the bottom right corner.

Step 2

Now from your profile page, you need to select the “Edit profile” button that you see below your bio.

Accessing 'Edit Profile' option for changing the Email shown in the Instagram bio
Change email in Instagram bio

Step 3

Scroll down to where you will find the contact options. Now select the contact option.

Accessing 'Contact options' for changing the Email shown in the Instagram bio?
Change email in Instagram bio

Step 4

Now from here, you will be able to see the already-added email address that you gave earlier. Now to change it, replace the existing email address with the one you want.

Step 5

Once your desired email address is added, click on the display contact info at the bottom. This will allow you to display your changed email address to your viewers in the bio. Now, select the blue tick at the upper right corner.

Add 'Email address' for changing the Email shown in the Instagram bio?
Change email in Instagram bio

You are done now. The email button on your bio will now show your viewers the new email address that you changed from the previous one.

How to Change Your Email for the Contact Button in Your Instagram Bio?

If you want to change the email address displayed in your Instagram bio for your viewers to contact you, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Instagram Contact settings and visit your profile page
  • Step 2: Click on Edit profile and then visit the Contact options.
  • Step 3: Click on the email field where you can delete the old email and enter a new one.
  • Step 4: Ensure that the Display contact option is active.
  • Step 5: Click on save after making these changes and ensure that your email is updated properly on your profile.

If you want to promote a business, you must update your email and other contact information on your Instagram bio.

Simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1:  Get your link on the bio page and add multiple email addresses for different purposes, like wholesale or retail sales.
  • Step 2: Add multiple phone numbers, messaging app buttons, booking forms, and many other options that can be useful for your brand.

Confirming Your New Email

Earlier, Instagram used to send a confirmation email to your new email to confirm your email change. But now, you’re asked to provide the verification code sent to your new email (as we talked about earlier)

Only after providing this code, your new email will be officially linked to your Instagram account, completing the process smoothly and ensuring you’ll continue to receive important notifications and updates without a hitch.

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Why Change Your Instagram Email?

In the dynamic realm of Instagram, your Instagram username plays a crucial role in shaping your online identity. Quick Instagram username updates can make a world of difference. Here’s why it’s worth considering:

  • Account Security: Imagine reinforcing your digital stronghold with a simple email switch. By regularly updating your email, you’re not only enhancing your account’s security but also ensuring a swift recovery if a password hiccup occurs.
  • Instagram Notifications: Think about your Instagram notifications. Changing your email might affect the way you receive important updates and alerts from the platform. Make sure to adjust your notification settings accordingly after the email change.
  • Personal Preference: Life evolves, and so do our email preferences. Whether you’ve adopted a new email persona or left an old one behind, aligning your Instagram with your current choice ensures seamless communication in your inbox.
  • Professional Use: For those steering their Instagram journey towards professionalism, switching to a business email elevates your virtual handshake, setting the tone for fruitful networking and collaboration. So, consider updating your Instagram username for a more secure and personalized online presence.

Things to Consider When Changing Your Instagram Email

Before you take the leap and change your Instagram email, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Email Activeness: Make sure the new email you’re opting for is up and running. Instagram will fire off a confirmation email to this address, and you’ll need to click through to verify it. Ensuring your email’s activity guarantees a seamless process.
  • Security Check: If security is your driving force, consider using an email that’s exclusive to Instagram. This prevents interlinking with your other social media accounts, adding an extra layer of protection to your online presence.
  • Confirm your new email: Don’t overlook this step! Once you’ve requested the change, you will be required to enter a confirmation code sent to the new email. Without this final click, your Instagram email won’t budge from its current state.

By keeping these points in your pocket, you’re all set for a smooth email transition that aligns with your goals and ensures that you remain in control of your Instagram journey.

Tips for Updating Your Instagram Email

Follow these tips to keep your account secure and functional:

  • Verify Your New Email: After changing your email, look for a confirmation link in your inbox. Click it to confirm your new email address and secure your account. This ensures you continue receiving important notifications and messages.
  • Update Email on Linked Accounts: If your Instagram is connected to other social media profiles or third-party apps, update your email on those platforms as well to prevent any login issues.
  • Enhance Account Security: Use two-factor authentication and a strong password to enhance your profile’s security.
  • Double-check Email Format: If you receive an error when saving your new email, ensure it is correctly formatted and that the domain is correct.
  • Ensure Email Isn’t in Use: If you get a message that the email is already in use, check if it’s linked to another profile.
  • Contact Instagram Support: If you’re having trouble changing your email, reach out to Instagram support. They can guide you through the steps and help update your account.

Updating your Instagram email is straightforward and essential for maintaining account security.

For Lost Access to the Email Linked to Your Instagram Account

If you can’t access the email used to sign up for Instagram, you have a few options:

  • Recover Your Email Account: Contact your email provider and look for recovery options if you forgot your password or if your account is hacked. Request for additional support after you verify your identity through security questions or a phone number. Instagram cannot help you recover your email account.
  • Update Your Instagram Profile: If you have access to your Instagram account, update your profile with your new email and contact details.
  • Dealing with Changed Instagram Email Address: When you change or update your email on your Instagram profile, Instagram will verify the same by sending notifications to both the original and the new email addresses.

Approval and Rejection Emails

  • Original Email: You will receive an email allowing you to reject the change. If you didn’t mean to make changes, you can click the link that you will receive in your email to cancel the update.
  • New Email: You will also receive an email at the new address, asking you to approve the change. This will verify your email and ensure proper linking and access to your Instagram account with the new email address.
  • Security Email: If you requested the email change, you must approve the request from the new email address. You will receive an email on your official ID with a link to undo the change if necessary.

How To Keep Your Instagram Account Safe And Secure?

There are 2 best practices for you to keep your Instagram account safe and secure.

1. Set Up 2 Factor Authentication

Implementing Two Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an additional safeguard for your Instagram account, bolstering its defense against potential hacks. Should Instagram detect a login attempt from an unfamiliar device, you’ll be prompted to input a unique code.

In the absence of 2FA, in the event a hacker gains access to your username and password, they can swiftly infiltrate your account and misuse it.

However, with 2FA enabled, even if a hacker manages to acquire your login credentials, they will still require the time-sensitive verification code dispatched to your phone or authentication app for access.

2. Get Instagram Insurance

Despite adhering to numerous security best practices, achieving complete protection for your Instagram account against hacking attacks remains unattainable.

This reality is underscored by the alarming statistic that an account falls victim to hacking every 10 minutes in the U.S. alone.

From occasional lapses in vigilance on your end to the emergence of increasingly intricate hacking methods, cybercriminals persist in devising means to pilfer accounts.

Consequently, individuals astute in business and entrepreneurs should consider safeguarding their accounts with tailored insurance policies designed to mitigate the risks posed by hacking incidents.

You can use a service like Notch to get your social media insurance.

Wrapping Up

In a world where hashtags and double-taps shape our digital lives, there’s one tiny hero often overlooked – your email address. It’s the key to your Instagram universe, helping you regain access, stay updated, and securely cruise through your account.

So, as we wrap up this guide, remember this: keeping your email current is like giving your account an invisible shield. Whether you’re beefing up security or just giving your profile a fresh vibe, changing your Instagram email is a breeze.

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