Testimonials and Review ideas on Instagram for Landscapers

Review ideas for Landscapers

Over the past few years, Instagram has solidified its place as the online marketing hub. The platform has over 2 billion monthly active users, making it the third most-used social media channel.

One of the best ways to capitalize on Instagram’s audience pool is through customer testimonials. How do we know? Because over 99.9% of customers agree that they read online reviews for businesses.

A string of positive reviews can leave a positive impression on potential customers. In addition, it can drive them to avail of your services and recommend them to others.

But how can you make the utmost use of these testimonials? Let’s take a look at some intuitive review ideas for landscapers that can fetch unmatched results.

Why Landscaping Reviews on Instagram Are Important?

Before exploring testimonial ideas, it is crucial to understand why collecting customer reviews is important.

1. Building Trust and Credibility

Potential customers are likely to trust a landscaper who has a history of satisfied customers. Positive reviews establish a favorable image in front of customers, solidifying your position as a reputable landscaper.

2. Proof of Expertise

Making claims about landscaping expertise is not half as effective as showcasing proof of the same. With testimonials, you can highlight your skills, work quality, space transformations, design ideas, and more.

Image showing landscaping expertise


3. Referrals and Free Marketing

Over 55% of consumers learn about products via word of mouth. Out of these, 40% make purchases based on recommendation alone.

Positive customer experiences and testimonials act as social proof for landscaping businesses. They can influence others to put faith in your business and hire your services.

4. Competitive Edge

A list of positive testimonials can differentiate your landscaping business from the competition. They provide an idea of your work ethic and services, helping them make the final decision.

5. Adds a Human Touch

Customer reviews add a human element to a business. With reviews, potential consumers see real stories of people who were in the same boat as them.

Seeing how you helped similar prospects adds a sense of relatability and makes you more approachable to a prospective customer.

Image showing client testimonial


6. Community Building

Replying to testimonials and reviews is a great way to engage with customers. It establishes a direct connection with them, which can lead to community development.

Getting more engagement on social media can work wonders for landscaping businesses.

7. Service Improvement

Above everything, reviews are a great source of customer feedback. They offer valuable insights into your areas of weakness and strength.

Testimonials can be used to enhance and customize landscaping services based on user preferences constantly.

8. Influence Purchase Decisions

A review can be the final push that can convert a prospect into a customer. Positive words can reinforce their decision to choose your landscaping services over others.

Even better, satisfied customers can promote your business to others, leading to free marketing.

9. Marketing Material

Generating ads using standard content is not the best way to promote a landscaping business. You can employ your positive reviews as marketing material for better exposure.

Using genuine testimonials establishes a human connection and facilitates relatability among potential clients.

10. Community Building

By interacting with positive reviews, you can foster new connections.

By responding to the testimonials, expressing gratitude, and asking for feedback, you can demonstrate your commitment to their satisfaction. It will encourage potential prospects to put their faith in your services.

Tips on How to Collect Testimonials and Reviews from Customers

Now that you know how beneficial using reviews as social proof for landscaping businesses can be, let’s see how to collect them.

1. Make a Branded Hashtag

Hashtags are a crucial part of every social media post. In fact, using 11+ hashtags on Instagram can increase interactions by 79.5%, especially for accounts with under 1000 followers. 

You can ask satisfied customers to share their experiences using your branded hashtag. It also allows us to track and showcase user-generated content easily.

Landscaping branded hashtag


2. Use Engaging Captions

A caption can increase a post’s engagement rate by up to 6.7%. You can promote your projects to customers and use the opportunity to ask them for testimonials. 

An AI tool like Predis can create highly immersive captions to entice users. You merely need to explain the post using a prompt on the tool to produce a suitable caption. In addition, the tool comes with dedicated features, such as competitor analysis.

It can help businesses find the best-performing captions among landscaping businesses. You can limit the search based on your location to find the captions that suit your business and locality.

3. Host Quirky Contests

You can hold giveaways or contests on Instagram to motivate users to share their fruitful experiences with us. The contest can require customers to post about their experience, which can be showcased on your main channel.

A social media post about a landscape contest


4. Don’t Forget Stories

Over 70% of Instagram users watch Instagram Stories daily. You can leverage this tendency to fetch customer testimonials. Employing interactive polls, question stickers, or visually appealing stories can simulate user participation.

5. Ask Directly via Messages

You can even go the most straightforward route and directly ask customers for reviews.

Reaching out to satisfied customers can be beneficial, especially for local businesses. You can make the process efficient by offering a pre-made template customers can use for the testimonial.

6. Conduct Influencer Collabs

You are bound to find local celebrities or influencers who have a following that coincides with your target demographic.

Collaborating with these influencers can promote your business to massive user bases without much effort. It will open opportunities to create more positive customer interactions and testimonials.

A person standing in a greenhouse with plants


7. Promote Existing Testimonials

You can use existing landscaping reviews on Instagram to gain more reviews. Promoting these reviews using Instagram ads can amplify their reach.

The more users know about your positive customer experiences, the more they will be motivated to get your services.

8. Feature Highlights

You can frequently feature user spotlights in Instagram posts. These highlights are showcased right under the channel’s home page.

A social media account


More spotlights will encourage more reviews while also establishing a sense of community among customers.

Instagram Review Ideas for Landscapers

Now that you know how to get landscaping reviews on Instagram, let’s explore some review ideas.

1. Short Videos on Channel

You can post short videos featuring client testimonials on Instagram Stories. Short videos are a great way to catch and retain customers’ attention.

Moreover, you can save these Stories as Highlights and make a compilation on your profile.

instagram stories


2. Before and After Photos

Using captivating transformation photos of landscaping projects is one of the best review ideas for landscapers. These posts showcase your skills while also highlighting that you care for your customers’ opinions.

Such posts should be pinned or highlighted at the top of the profile.

A still from video of a stone patio


3. Behind-the-Scenes

A sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of landscaping projects emphasizes your dedication and efforts. Such posts show what goes into making a landscaping project a success.

This, combined with a positive review, will make the best impression on potential customers. You can frequently share such videos and images on Stories for maximum reach.

People working on a patio


4. Close-up Shots

Leveraging close-up shots of the landscape is one of the most appealing review ideas for landscapers.

For example, you can use close-ups of plants, fireplaces, lawns, walkways, etc., with customer reviews to showcase your specific skills.

A fire pit with a fire burning in it


5. Satisfied Customers

Using photos of satisfied customers is the ultimate way to establish credibility and trust with potential customers. You can ask happy customers to share their smiling photos along with some words of praise to go along with them.

AI tools like Predis can be used to create customized templates for such testimonials. The tool merely needs a prompt to generate a high-quality post, which you can share with customers for a prompt review.

6. Livestream Q&A

Q&A and AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions present ample opportunities to showcase positive reviews from existing clients.

You can conduct these sessions to get feedback, share landscaping tips, fetch new ideas, and share customer testimonials. It not only fosters engagement but also creates excitement among customers.

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In Conclusion

Instagram stands among the most popular social media platforms, with over 2 billion monthly active users. The platform is a hub for marketing and lead generation, where businesses use different approaches to stand out.

Given the visual nature of a landscaping business, Instagram reviews and testimonials emerge as the ideal promotion tool for landscapers. Using the mentioned review ideas for landscapers, you can easily establish a flourishing community on Instagram.

Moreover, you can use advanced AI-backed tools like Predis to utilize your positive reviews optimally. The tool boasts features to generate new review ideas, create engaging captions, and produce appealing testimonial templates.

In addition, the tool makes it easy for landscapers to track and improve Instagram campaigns in real time. Such functionalities can provide a decisive edge over competitors in a fierce industry like landscaping.

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