Nude Color Palette – Shades and Design Examples


The subtle elegance and versatility of nude shades have propelled them to near-ubiquitous status in fashion, beauty, design, and event planning. Gone are the days of a single “nude” option limited to pale skin tones. Today, the “nude” palette boasts a diverse spectrum, reflecting the beauty and complexity of human skin across the globe.

But what fuels this fascination with the seemingly simple “nude”? It’s not just about aesthetics. The popularity of nude shades stems from inclusivity, versatility, and timelessness.

The broader spectrum of “nude” tones finally reflects the diverse range of human skin colors, offering a sense of representation and belonging. Nude shades act as a blank canvas, effortlessly complementing bolder colors and patterns, making them a staple in any wardrobe or design scheme. 

Unlike fleeting trends, nude shades exude a classic elegance that transcends seasons and styles, ensuring lasting appeal.

Nude color palette

Nude shades symbolize conservativeness and dependency. They also signify simplicity as the top-notch character above anything else. Although we see it as a dull and boring color it is simple yet highly sophisticated.

Technically speaking about the details of nude color, its hex code is #E5D2C4. It is a combination of parts of red, green, and blue. To these adding shades of white and brown will make it lighter or darker in color.

These shades come in handy when confused about what combination to go for. Also, the shades of nude go with almost all colors and also compliment any kind of look.

This color is close to beige with a combination of the darkness of the color brown balanced well by the lightness of the color white. The nude color palette is a modern sophisticated way of designing and organizing things.

So, next time you find yourself drawn to the calming allure of a nude palette, remember that it’s not just a color choice; it’s a reflection of our evolving definition of beauty, inclusivity, and timeless style. Let’s see the various nude color palettes.

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Nude Color Palette – Shades and Combinations

Forget the singular “nude” of yesteryear! Today, the term embraces a vibrant spectrum of shades, reflecting the richness and diversity of human skin tones.

This expanded “nude” palette offers more than just basic pastels; it delves into nuanced undertones, opening doors to exciting combinations and personalized expression.

Instead of solely focusing on lighter shades, consider the undertones that bring them to life. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Whimsical Whites & Greys: Light goldenrod yellow, beige, cornsilk, blonde, and antique white offer a cool, ethereal feel. Imagine delicate porcelain or sun-bleached sand.
  • Sun-Kissed Yellows: Lemon chiffon, parchment, cream, cream white, and golden hues infuse warmth and subtle vibrancy. Think sun-kissed skin or the gentle glow of candlelight.
  • Blushing Pinks: Champagne, papaya whip, blanched almond, and bisque evoke a soft, romantic touch. Picture delicate rose petals or the subtle flush of spring.
  • Earthy Browns: Golden blonde, tan brown, vanilla, wheat, khaki, and bronze tones add depth and sophistication. Imagine sun-warmed sand, rich woodgrains, or the warm glow of autumn leaves.
  • Playful Oranges: Moccasin, peach, peachpuff, and Navajo white bring a touch of cheerfulness and vibrancy. Think juicy fruits or a sunset’s warm embrace.

Remember, these are just starting points! Experiment and mix and match shades to create a palette that uniquely reflects your style and personality.

Explore contrasting undertones for bold statements or blend within the same family for a harmonious look.

1. Tones of Skin | Nude Color Palette

This nude color palette is made based on various skin tones. The color shades go from lighter shades like honey, ivory, and beige up to darker shades like almond and teak. This palette is filled with various colors of the skin and the basic palette has the following hex codes.

#53317, #774921, #9B5F2B, #BE7535, #CF8C52, #D9A476 and #E3BC9A.

Tones of skin | Nude color palette

2. Pink Under-Toned Nude Colors

Various Nude shades have a pink undertone because of the little elemental pink in them. It ranges from lighter shades of Cornsilk to darker shades called Bisque. These shades are found in certain skin tones as well. They have the colors with the hex codes –

#F2B3B9, #F1B5AC #ECB8A2 #E3BC9A #D7C196 #C9C597 and so on.

Pink under-toned nudes | Nude color palette

3. Mistique Palette | Nude Color Palette

This palette consists of nude shades that have a greyish undertone. These are put together with shades of blue like pale Lilac and Periwinkle. These make up the perfect color palette considering all the shades have a grey undertone to them. The hex codes of colors are

#977556 #B08C62 #C9AH82 #E3BC9A #9HCAEC #7BB1D3 #6399BA.

Mistique palette | Nude color palette

4. Compound Nudes

The compound nude color palette includes shades of Beige, Silver pink, lavender, aquamarine, and light aquamarine complimenting the color cyan. These shades are perfect for designing and making decorations.

#83E5E1 #B2E4E2 #F9F6EE #999CE8 #BBBDE6

Compound nudes | Nude color palette

5. Pastel Nudes

This section has the color beige and various other pastel shades of purple and green. There is Lilac and light purple in purple color and with green tone, there is medium spring green and algae green. These shades are perfect for making art.

#83E5BA #B1E5CC #EABB94 #C298E8 #D2BBE5

Pastel nudes | Nude color palette

6. Graphic Nude Colors

This palette in its sophisticated sense has a combination of many colors. It has beige and light nude shades with aquamarine, pastel red, and lime mint green. Since this palette has pastel colors of blue, green, pink, and nude it can be used for anything and anywhere.

#83E591 #90C2E7 #EABB94 #EF96E9 #E7CDB8

Graphic nude color | Nude color palette

7. Warm Nude Tones

Warm nude tones have colors of Beige and various nude shades with lighter beige shades and grey undertone. These also resemble the Skin tone palette but lack the pink undertone that is usually present in the skin color.

#F09446 #EEA66E #EABB94 #E7CDB8 #E5E0DD

Warm nude tones | Nude shade palette

Designing with Nude Color Palette

Nude color palettes have a wide range from Beige to coffee and from Lemon chiffon to cookie brown. These shades go well with any color and are hence very convenient to use in any combination. Following are some ways in which nude shades are used in various day-to-day objects and surroundings.

You can try out the color palette generator to create beautiful color palettes from your images.

1. Interior Designing

Whether it is interior designing of a house, hotel room, or even a restaurant and a resort, nude shades come in handy for simple yet elegant décor. For decoration of the living room, warm tones of nude shades go well with wooden furniture. They go well with greenery and will complement the plants in the home space. Wall colors like Mahogany, Teak, light orange, Pastel pink, Aquamarine, and Coral green all go well with shades of nude colors.

When the color of the wall isn’t nude, it can be used to complement the setup in a décor form. A nude color palette can be used to accessorize the room. Nude-shaded vases, pottery, Paintings with abstract art, Nude shaded curtains can all be used to create a simple décor.

The key to use nude shades is based on how one desires the interiors to look like. It is basically like, going for warmer nude tones like clay and cornsilk if a warm interior is desired. It can get a little tricky to use nude shades for interior designing. This is where two tricks come in handy. Always try to pair nude tones with wood furniture and leather furniture that are nude or brown in shade, even white works. Secondly, it is always beneficial to color-code a light nude shade with a darker but subtle matching color. For example, take the combination of ivory with mahogany, both the colors look amazing together. With a little bit of greenery and art over the wall, this combination is good to go.

Interior design in nude shade palette

2. Makeup and Beauty | Nude Color Palette

In today’s world where even makeup is preferred in aesthetic combination what better than nude shades? Be it from bridal makeup to everyday casual makeup, Nude shades play a very elegant role. They not only make the makeup elegant but also make it simple and sophisticated.

At present nude color palette is famous with brides and bridal makeup. A lot of brides these days are going for simple Nude shaded lipstick and eyeshadow with nude glittery shades. This will help to compliment the heavy bridal attire and jewelry. Going with a dark-colored bridal outfit and nude makeup look is very complimenting with each other and also avoids overdoing the makeup. This is why brides these days prefer makeup that is light with nude shades.

The major tip to keep in mind while going for nude makeup is to conceal but not cover the whole face with a lot of foundation. Focus on using lighter eyeshadow on the eyelids that complement the lipstick that you will be applying. Apply nude lipstick and make the brows sleek and focus on them. The key to making a nude makeup pop-up is to focus on the brows.

Nude makeup look

3. Fashion

In the fashion industry, nude shades basically rock any look. From wearing a nude top with a denim skirt or with a black skirt, and even going with a leather skirt, Nude shades match all of these. They can be worn with anything and they would still make the whole look shine.

The versatility of nude shades comes from their matching ability with any color. They match any color and hence the nude shade palette is a must-try in Fashion. A nude coat matches any kind of clothing and is hence a must-have in the wardrobe. Also, nude tones go well with the skin tone making a complimentary look with it.

Using a nude color palette also helps in making one look warm and cozy. It is not necessary to make the whole look about Nude shade. One can just use a Nude colored blouse or a skirt or even just a coat, trying to match it with other items. Mostly matching will not be much of a problem because of how Nude shades match all kinds of looks. Also, when it comes to fashion in men, a Nude colored shirt goes well with denim or even a formal pant. They can even use a Nude coat to match with other outfits. Shoes in this shade also go well with any kind of outfit.

Looking at the overall fashion theme with nude shades, it is a really good option to make one look posh and elegant. It does not require a lot of effort in styling and making outfit choices.

Fashion inspo | Nude fashion inspo

4. Art

When it comes to art, Abstract is new in style. Abstract painting in a nude color palette is a very rich-looking form of art. Different shades of nudes can be used to create a color palette that can be used to create art. Patterns like a rainbow and floral art from various shades of nude colors at present are the kind of art seen around as décor.

The renaissance art with portraits painted in various shades of nude is an old form of art. Yet, it is known to have the same influence in the present times as well. Stone art as seen, is also a form of Nude shade art since it has shades of nude in its making. Other art forms that display a nude color palette are, clay art, and pottery art in nude colors is also a very unique and traditional form of art. In modern art, pottery has found its space due to its nude coloring and how it matches any space acting as the perfect décor.

Art pieces with Stone art and even Mandala art painted in various shades of Nude colors like tan, coffee, Champagne, Blanched almond, almond, and moccasin will look very modern and chic. These forms of art are good for décor as well as for display in the showcase. Art in a nude palette is a must-have or must-try for people in love with art and paintings.

Nude color palette art

5. Outdoor Decoration

Outdoor decorations like weddings and parties are mostly glam. But, they can be turned simple and sophisticated by using the Nude color palette. Nude shade represents individuality and neutrality. When combined with colors like plum, Dark blue, maroon, and dusty orange, they bring out neutrality with the dark colors. It makes unique color combinations to possibly be used for weddings and party looks.

Nude shades have a pink undertone, yellow as well as an orange undertone. These when kept in mind and used with the appropriate color combination can help in creating a very defined yet glamorous look. Who says everything glamorous has to be bright and glittery? When used in a smart way even nude shades can help in achieving glamorous party looks and wedding looks.

Nude colors wedding decoration

The first decorations that come to the eye are flowers and décor items at any weddings or parties. White and plum shaded flowers will do great when combined into bouquets. The décor with nude shaded table cloths and aquamarine coasters and table mats will do great for outdoor seated dinner tables. Champagne-colored curtains will go well with any kind of décor and floral arrangement. The peach-colored flower arrangement will go well with a pink or blue or neon-colored background. Lilac and lavender colors also look very subtle with nude shades and can be used to arrange as the curtains on the main function area as well as use them as the décor around the outdoor space.

6. Image Designing and Graphic Designing

The pastel nude palette is very useful in creating a good image background. Nude colors are very popular these days in image designing and graphic designing. They are also the mainstream for aesthetic art and images. Product shots can be created more charmingly by creating a nude shaded background. The nude color palette is very useful these days in product photography in making backgrounds as well as designs with it. Since nude shades go with almost any color they gain their versatility in image designing.

Even in the field of graphic design, these colors achieve great significance. They are used to combine with other colors like blue, crimson, coral green, aquamarine, Lilac, purple, plum, and Rod orange to create logos and Canva images for businesses and websites. The color combination can be anything as it goes well with the nude color palette.

Nude color palette| Nude shade background

Color Combinations That Go Well with a Nude Color Palette

Although the nude color palette goes well with mostly any type of color, be it bright or light, few combinations are just out of the world. The following color combinations are possible with nude color palettes.

  • Mahogany and Ivory
  • Champagne and dark blue
  • Corn silk with tan orange
  • Coral green with Parchment
  • Dark blonde with White
  • Vanilla and purple
  • Peach puff and grey
  • Khaki and golden yellow
  • Dark blonde and Aquamarine
  • Turquoise and Cream white
  • Papaya whip and brown
  • Sandal and Navajo white
  • Moccasin and metallic pink
  • Peach with navy blue
  • Golden silk with Fundi green

These color combinations can be used for bedroom, wedding decors, party decors, fashion inspirations, and art structures. To generate complementing color combinations and palettes from your images, try the color palette generator.

Peach puff and Aquamarine Nude color combination

Nude Color Palette and its Significance

While the seemingly simple “nude” color palette might evoke visions of blandness, delve deeper, and you’ll discover a world of remarkable beauty and expressive power. This diverse spectrum, embracing a range of skin tones and undertones, has transcended its fashion roots to become a cornerstone of art, design, and even graphic editing.

Nude shades whisper elegance in paintings, adding depth and grounding to artistic visions. In design, they provide a calming base, allowing bolder elements to shine. Even digital artists utilize subtle nude tones for lighting and backgrounds, lending a touch of sophistication and realism.

Wrapping Up

This expanded “nude” palette goes beyond aesthetics. It celebrates inclusivity, offering shades for every skin tone. It embodies versatility, seamlessly complementing other colors and creating endless possibilities. And finally, it exudes timeless elegance, transcending trends and seasons.

Its versatility transcends fashion, design, and even art, offering a canvas for self-expression and timeless elegance. Forget the misconception of dullness; these shades bring a quiet glamour, elevating everything they touch. Experiment, mix, and match to discover how this aesthetic color palette can uniquely reflect your style and unleash its hidden vibrancy.

So, the next time you reach for a “nude” shade, remember that it’s more than just a color; it’s a journey of self-expression and appreciation for the beautiful spectrum of humanity.

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