Brown color palette – designs, shades and examples

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Are you also bored of blue, green, and red combinations? Doesn’t it feel too mainstream? The answer to this is in the following article! The brown color palette in itself is rich and has a connection with nature. It is a very nature-oriented color that will bring out the best of the natural element in any environment. This color has an orange undertone to it which can be altered by the addition of yellow, white, red, and blue to it bringing out various shades of brown.

In the artistic world, the color brown is derived by mixing orange and black color in the required proportion for the desired shade to be achieved. Alternatively, in the digital world, this color is derived from the combination of red and green bringing out the shade of brown. Various shades of brown are visible in nature. From wood to soil, and from eye color to hair color, it is a very rich color. This is a very autumn oriented color.

The brown color palette is a dull color, but who says dull cannot be sober and good? Brown when used in a very subtle way, keeping in mind not to overdo things when using it will create a very defined look. The hex code for brown is #563517. Brown has various shades with various undertones of different colors. They can be with a black undertone in darker shades, with a yellow undertone having sandal and yellow-brown shades, and with a little red tint giving it a red-brown undertone.    

Brown color palette –

The brown color palette has a lot of shades. These shades paired with other light colors and subtle colors will bring out the best in any place. The brown color signifies solidity, matching the earthen vibes. It is a color of resilience, security, and safety. It brings out a sense of closeness to nature. Look through the following color combination in a brown color palette-

1. Copper Palette –

The copper palette is named after the major color copper brown in the palette. The other colors in the palette are Café royale, rope, Peru, and saddle brown. This is a complete palette of brown shades. The hex codes of the colors are

#C27933, #7D3F0F, #99521C, #C27933 and #74330B.


2. Raw sienna palette –

The raw sienna palette is an elegant combination of light and dark shades of brown with pink-toned nude shades. This palette has the color – Raw sienna, Mule fawn, Eclipse brown, corvette, and wheat nude shades. The hex codes are,

#CF8A4F #93502A #301E14 #F8CAA0 #F7BDDD.


3. Earthen palette –

The earthen palette has its roots in the earthen shades of brown including colors like Kumera, sepia, Chocolate brown, Copper, and Creamy yellow. This palette signifies earthen rhythm and its significance in introducing peace in areas where used. The hex codes are

#936025, #6F4616, #54350D, #BE7333, #FBF6CF.


4. Wood palette –

This palette has various shades seen in wood, in the outer rim as well as the inner rim of wood ranging from lighter to darker shades. This shade-like earthen palette has a natural element to it. the various colors are – Cedar brown, Pickled bean, Desert brown, Akaroa, and cream white. The hex codes are

#3B2415, #693F26, #A26F25, #D5C2A5, #ECD8B1.


5. Coffee palette –

As we all have seen no two coffees that we make match the color completely all the time. There are even variations in that! This palette includes various shades of coffee inspiring great use in daily life. The colors are Grain brown, Cape Palliser, Brown Derby, Dark brown, and smoked brown. The hex codes are –

#e1cbb1 #976f47 #7b5836 #e1cbb1 #422a14.


6. Ironstone palette –

This palette has various colors of stones and rocks. This palette is close to the earthen palette with a shade of grey in it. the colors range from Ironstone to Cape Palliser. Other shades are Cod gray, Black, and Core nude with a pink undertone. The hex codes as seen will be

#854937 #070505 #f2eeed #854937 #edcab6.


7. Orange-brown palette –

From the name of the palette, it is obvious that it has a compilation of various shades of orange and brown colors. The color ranges from Pumpkin skin to Oregon zest. Other colors are chocolate brown, Orange- brown and wheatish nude. The hex codes of the colors are

#b3630a #914704 #dd8519 #b3630a #e4ca9e.


8. Dust palette –

The dust palette unlike its name is a very beautiful palette with shades of brown and gray. The colors in this palette are shadow, dune, Asphalt Black, Caramel brown, and nude brown. This brown color palette has a beautiful caramel shade to compliment the dark-toned browns. The hex codes of this palette are

#87644b, #837469, #ca9e7a, #87644b, #110705.


9. Yellow-brown palette –

This palette has a royal shade of gold. This palette matches the brown shades perfectly. The shades in this palette are – Old gold brown, Beige, brown tumbleweed, Smoked brown, and Millbrook brown. This palette has colors with hex codes of –

#d6ad42, #39300d, #59402f, #d6ad42, #fef4b1.


10. Totem palette –

This palette is named for its essence of colors. The essence of colors like black, brown, orange, orange-red, and sandal color. This palette has beautiful shades of orange seen in the sunset sky. The hex codes of various colors here are –

#cc9618, #241001, #783506, #cc9618, #ff7512.


11. Grape- brown palette –

This palette has a mesmerizing shade of grape making a change in the palette formation from other groups. The color compliments the shade of gray-brown well. the other shades seen are black, Solid pink, potters clay, and nude skin tone. The various hex codes are –

#081824, #4f243c, #8c3a3e, #081824, #cc8d5a.


12. Natural brown palette –

this palette has various shades of nature combined with brown. There is red, Mocha, medium carmine, matcha green, and dark sea green. This palette is like a rainbow palette with colors complementing each other well. The hex codes are

#da412f, #79201a, #b05131, #d7d463, #90ccb2.


13. Sea bed palette –

This palette has shades of brown in the bottom bed of the sea with the ocean shades of subtle blue. The shades of blue seen here are Casper blue, Bali Hai, gray-blue, sandal brown, and iron brown. The various hex codes of the shades are –

#aac2cc, #86a7b4, #d9e0e0, #cf9e28, #8e5110.


14. Sand palette –

This palette has shades of sand seen in different layers of the sand bed. Therefore this beautiful brown shade palette when organized well can change the color use game. The various shades of brown seen are – Chardonnay, Brandy punch, brown, Cola, and black. Hex codes seen in this palette are

#fac882, #d9912b, #966115, #fac882, #241200.


15. Pink-brown palette –

This palette has a shade of brown combined together with complementing shades of pink and magenta. Therefore the various shades match brown because of the red undertone of the brown color. This brown shade palette has a Totem pole, energy yellow to balance the pinks, Geraldine, Khaki, and Navajo white. The hex codes seen here are – #af220b, #f3dd68, #f79e80, #af220b, #fbc5a9.


The brown color palette – designing and examples

The brown color palette is a very sophisticated color combination. Although it is dull and dainty in some people’s point of view, anything when smartly arranged can be turned into flattery. This color signifies dependency and resilience. This color is rich and posh looking.  It is seen in a lot of places. Did you ever notice how it was the major color seen in Hogwarts in the movie Harry potter?

It signifies warmth mostly. Hence, this color when surrounds us and makes us feel a sense of security as well. Brown color has a lot of significance in art, fashion, makeup, culture, and interiors/exteriors. This color has a lot of shades ranging from toffee and caramel which are lighter variants to dark brown and chocolate brown which are darker. This color reminds the deliciousness of coffee, caramel, and chocolate in its shades. The following are some ways to use a brown color palette in day-to-day life.

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a) Interior designing –

Brown is one such color that is always present in décor in some way or the other. It is a very warm color perfect for homes and their decoration. Brown is widely seen in most homes in the form of furniture and cabinets if not something else. It is present in the form of wooden furniture mostly. In terms of painting the room in a brown shade, there can be a lot of color combinations that can be used these days.

Brown color can also be seen in the form of leather sofas and plant pots. To create a brownish look, the key is to stick to wooden furniture or wooden cabinets. As for wall color, color combinations like mahogany and cream white, coffee and pale pink, lemon yellow and grey-brown, caramel and lilac color. These are new combinations that can be used to bring out the best in interior design. This will also make the home look warm and neat.

Another way of incorporating a brown color palette into home décor is by using brown mats, carpets, and curtains with the appropriate color combination. The various color combinations with brown are mentioned ahead in detail. Décor pieces and flower pots can also be used in various shades of brown when other colors are already used in walls and other home décor objects. The use of brown will bring out a unique element to the whole house.

Interior designing in brown color palette

b) Outdoor décor –

outdoor décor can also be done with the help of brown color. The natural earth color and nature helps in incorporating brown element into the outdoor décor. Unlike interior home décor, outdoor home décor will already have trees, sand, and various natural element adding to the décor.

Furthermore, furniture made of wood can be used to add a brown element to the balcony, weddings, parties, and resorts. The hotels can be painted in brown and other combination shades to get the brown color palette element to them. These will add a quirky yet warm element to the whole outdoor look. To make the décor more interesting brown curtains or sheds can also be used for outdoor weddings and parties.

Flower arrangements in light brown and pink, nude brown shades, and purple colors are all good options. These will make the whole place look subtle and elegant. These are some ways to make brown color palette arrangements.

Outdoor décor in brown color palette

c) Fashion and makeup –

In the field of fashion, brown is a staple element. A Brown coat, shirt, blouse, skirt, pants, and boots are like a must-have in the wardrobe of a fashion enthusiast. This is very much visible when one sees fashion influencers these days. And what more? The color brown in itself matches every skin tone and skin type. This makes it a go-to color for coats and shoes mostly.

A brown leather skirt with a white or cream blouse is a perfect combination for a get-together, small events, casual outings, and even work. A Brown suit is one of the must-haves in a man’s wardrobe. A brown lehenga has also become a trend these days in marriage and functions. It has replaced the mainstream color red. This demands a neutral brown tone makeup or nude makeup look.

Minimalistic makeup with brown eyeshadow or brown lipstick is becoming more popular these days. Brown is a very versatile color and is the master of neutrality. Even though it is a dark color it enhances a minimalistic vibe.

Fashion inspiration in brown color palette

d) Art and history –

Brown has been an ancient color of art and architecture. The walls of ancient art are seen to have scriptures in grey and mostly brown color. There are animals instilled on the walls like horses which are again brown. Elements like iron oxide and clay were used in painting earlier and also depict the wide use of brown color in art.

Vase, flower pots, and pottery are all brown-oriented since old age. It is still in trend and doing well. it is instilled with multiple colors now but has still retained the staple brown color palette. In the late 15th Century, the artists started instilling brown into art. At present brown is a staple color in art and architecture. It is the way nature can be depicted in scenic paintings and art forms.

Brown color palette art

In the later ages, portraits with brown detailing became famous to give paintings a prestigious touch. Portraits and paintings were seen more in brown touch after that the era of the 19th and 20th centuries. It was also seen as a uniform color in a lot of places and became the color of resilience and warmth. Brown was also seen in abstract art in modern-day art. This color is famous in the form of coffee painting these days. Hence it is running since old times in the field of art.

e) Digital designing –

in digital design, this color has been used to add a subtle and scenic environment to the art and structure. It is used in digital editing as well. Photos with brown light editing are becoming famous these days. It gives a kind of a black and white and old-school effect. Instead, this old-school effect is not boring. It is interesting and very elegant.

Pages and their design are also done in the color brown. A lot of logos are designed in brown color by either using it as the background or as the font. Mostly, Brown is a color of superiority when seen in subtle color shades. Hence, they become a light choice for photo editing with a brown undertone.

Brown color palette digital art

Brown color palette – combinations –

  1. Tan orange and sand brown
  2. Mahogany and cream white
  3. White and coffee brown
  4. Tan yellow and dark brown
  5. Olive green and light brown
  6. Raw blue and cedar brown
  7. Prussian blue and nude brown
  8. Peach and brown tumbleweed
  9. Black and burly wood brown
  10. Grey and brown
  11. Dust yellow and smoked brown
  12. Pastel blue and grey brown
  13. Pastel pink and chocolate brown
  14. Lilac and wheat brown
  15. Lavender and copper brown

Therefore these colors can be used in various combinations in indoor and outdoor design, in the fashion and makeup industry, and also in art and design through digital portals as explained above.

Brown color plaette

In conclusion

Brown is a very interesting color to play with. It has a lot of scope in creating good fashion and makeup inspiration. Brown is a very warm color that can create an environment in a nature-oriented and resilient space. This color is very popular in the fashion industry. Also, it is trending in décor inspiration and party organizing into pages.

Brown in itself may seem dull and incompetent. however, as assured it can turn a place into an amazing and beautiful space when used carefully with other colors. It matches any color from white to black and from olive green to maroon. It is all about creating the perfect color combination using the palettes mentioned above.

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