How to Use Neon Color Palette? Shades and Combinations


Different forms of lighting impart a feeling of calm to individuals and their environment. Neon lights are like frosting on the cake because they magically brighten and enchant the world. Neon color palette is the most brilliant and audible of all color palettes.

Expensive events, high-end parties, graduation ceremonies, traffic signals, and restaurants use these lights to create a pleasant ambiance. They may be seen from a mile away at night, as they are so bright. They are ideal for attracting attention in a crowded environment.

The selection of a neon color palette, on the other hand, is a complex affair since it symbolizes the events, purpose, and attitude. As a result, considerable consideration must be given to the choice. The page discusses common neon color kinds, how to design with them, and what colors go with them.

So, let’s get started and look at some gorgeous neon color palettes that may help you create wonderful things.

What Colors are Neon Colors?

Neon Color Palette
Source: Color Meanings

Before we get into the meat of the text, let’s define neon colors and learn about their history and genesis. Neon hues are brilliant, vibrant colors that shine and brighten their surroundings. You can draw people’s attention and increase visibility when necessary with their loud tone.

Fluorescent hues, since they are brilliant and vivid, may not be the first choice of individuals who prefer subdued tones to make an intellectual impact. However, neon hues adopt the psychological characteristics of the colors from which they are produced.

For example, the neon blue hue creates a quiet and peaceful ambiance, but the neon pink color creates a vibrant and engaging tone for the event.

They’re made by blending primary and secondary hues like blue, red, green, yellow, and purple. When fluorescent color light comes inside the visual spectrum to humans, it produces strong and vibrant colors. These are often colorful and flamboyant.

Neons are created by the gas element neon. The term “neon” refers to any fluorescent or ultra-bright color, which includes.

  • Green: Neon, Green, and Electric Lime
  • Red: Bright Red and Electric Orange
  • Blue: Electric Blue as well as electric cyan
  • Pink: Neon plastic Pink, neon magenta, purple, bright Purple

Quick History of Neon Color Palettes

Neon Color codes
Source: Pinterest

Bright hues that shine with intensity make up neon color palettes. In the late 1800s, William Ramsey and M.W. Travers in London identified the uncommon chemical element neon. George Claude invented the first neon light in 1902.

His buddy proposed utilizing the lights as advertising signs, and by 1912, a barbershop had one. By the 1920s, neon advertising signs had spread around the globe. Neon hues have been popular for many years after then.

Neon gas emits a reddish-orange glow. While other hues are often commonly referred to as neon, they employ a different gas or fluorescent gas illumination. Neon colors are eye-catching and loud, and they may be utilized to draw attention in crowded street areas or for safety equipment. Let’s have a look at these classic neon color palettes that are sure to inspire you!

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6 Best Neon Color Palletes To Make Your Brand Look More Attractive

1. Cyberpunk Rainbow Color

Neon Color image

Cyberpunk is a science fiction subgenre set in the future. It’s also ideal for getting ideas for vibrant colors. We used the iconic, brilliant hues from the inspiration board for this cyberpunk neon rainbow color scheme.

neon color palette
#F3C611, #BD3936, #17EBE6, #FD8210, #57C195

2. Neon Blue Color Palette

neon blue image

This color scheme is based on several tones of blue and their complementary colors. To promote evenness, this neon blue color palette offers three hues of blue: a lighter, medium, and dark tint. Within the neon blue color pallet, the complementary orange and yellow are excellent for generating contrast.

neon blue shades
#7C82D5, #1D1350, #1D098F, #EAEAF2, #0100CB

3. Neon Pink Color Palette

Neon pink Palette

Color palettes in neon pink are ideal for modern club posters and brochures. You may make a number of designs with these colors that will catch anyone’s eye. This neon color palette from the 1980s is based on purple and is balanced with a handful of blues.

neon pink codes
#ED00EB, #6AEFEE, #F196E9, #72037A, #01ACC2

4. Cyberpunk Neon Green Color Palette

Neon green image

This neon green color palette is not your typical neon color palette from the 1980s. This cool green and blue, bright neon color palette may also be utilized for electronic music posters. The two green colors are more pastel, whilst the blue colors span from light to dark.

5. Cyberpunk Pastel Neon Color Palette

Neon color pastel image

This pastel neon color palette was made as a nice alternative to the traditional bright fluorescent neon color palettes. These pastel hues may provide a pleasant and soft radiance. To get the most out of this pastel neon color palette, apply it over a dark background, much like the standard neon colors. For a more refined appearance, combine the colors and create a gradient.

neon color palette
#7776D8,#C35142, #F73BC5, #FDBFD1

6. Cyberpunk Retro Neon Color Palette

retro neon image

We were inspired by these photos and space-age hues if you want to go vintage. This neon color palette from the 1970s is ideal for artwork and Photoshop effects. In contrast, blues, greens, and magenta are used. Because cyberpunk artworks and movies are set at night and against dark backdrops, these colors will definitely stand out!

retro neon color code
#7284CF, #A711AE, #7ACCE2, #5356AB, #CC3BD6

How Does Neon Color Sit on a Color Wheel?

The next issue to address is neon color and where it falls on a color wheel. This section will discuss the link between neon colors and other colors.

Fluorescent colors are vibrant and brilliant variations of main and secondary colors such as red, yellow, blue, and green. Because neon colors release light to generate luminosity, they stand out from the crowd.

The old color wheels were devoid of neon hues prior to the twentieth century since such brilliant pigmentations were produced later. Instead, several chemical processes were utilized to create them.

Standard print design methods that exhibit fluorescence and lighting are needed to produce these hues. Specialist pigments, such as Pantone spot colors work their magic to generate bright hues. Neon colors are more often employed in digital color wheels because their composition matches precisely with a light-emitting RGB color model.

You can try the color palette generator to generate a neon color palette from the image in an instant. color palette generator Color palette Generator

How to Use a Neon Color Palette for Your Brand?

choosing Color Palette
Source: 99Designs

The neon color spectrum can be utilized to brighten up your designs, draw attention to them, and wow your audience. However, for the finest outcomes, you should evaluate what role each color serves.

Depending on your purpose, you may utilize the complete palette to create eye-catching, provocative, and stimulating designs, or you can use one bright color as an accent.

Lower the brightness with a simple neon color for fashionable but soothing graphics. Mix bright pink with white, light blue, or pale pink, for example. Bright orange may be used with olive green, brown, burgundy, white, cream, or golden yellow. Electric blue looks well with subdued blues, whites, silvers, corals, and oranges.

Wrapping It Up

Neon color palettes brighten designs and draw attention—they are difficult to overlook! Another wonderful method to employ brilliant neon color palettes is to create call-to-action buttons in these hues. Neon color palettes have been utilized in print design to generate contrast against black or white backgrounds. Experiment with combining neon-on-neon color palettes.

We gave you various 80s neon color palettes that could be utilized for any project in this post. This is a terrific method to rapidly make a design seem elegant and trendy. Do you have a go-to bright color scheme? is a great place to get exceptional neon color pallet ideas.

We hope you’ve been inspired by the aesthetic color palette. Try out the color palette generator to generate beautiful color palettes easily.

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