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Post Ideas for Photography

In today’s digital landscape, Instagram has emerged as the ultimate platform for business owners seeking to thrive. Its vast reach and engagement capabilities have made it a crucial space to establish and grow your business. The exponential growth of photography pages on Instagram is a testament to its effectiveness in connecting photographers with a passionate audience. If you are a photography business, then we suggest you go through these content ideas for photography businesses.

Why Use Instagram For Business?

Instagram is a highly visual platform, and businesses can take advantage of this by posting product photos and videos, behind-the-scenes shots, and other visuals that would appeal to their target customers.

In addition, Instagram Stories provides businesses with a way to connect with their audience in a fun and informal way by posting photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. This can be a great way to engage an audience or show off new products and services.

Moreover, multiple tools for Instagram can be used to grow businesses and make sales. Reels, stories, highlights, running ads, and various other tools are available to leverage Instagram in a good way.

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Content Ideas For Photography Business

If you are a photography business owner or even a freelance photographer, you know how difficult it may be to catch people’s attention on Instagram.

There are many photographers these days all over social media. Hence, it is important to post content that stands out, is unique, and is appealing to the crowd.

Following are some content ideas for photography posts for Instagram:

1. Stick To A Niche

The first thing to remember while handling a photography page is to stick to a niche. You can be a product photographer, a freelancer, a fashion photographer, or even an event photographer. Instead of combining all these on one page, try to stick to one single niche and make your page distinctive based on that niche.

For example, if you are a fashion photographer, a good content idea for photography is about fashion and related content only on Instagram. Use hashtags that are related to your niche. This will increase your reach on the social media app, attract more people to your page, and get more clients interested in your services.

posting a niche on a photography account

2. Collaborations

One of the best ways for photographers to circulate their work is through collaborations. There are a lot of photographers who have just started their businesses or are at the start of their careers.

This accounts for the need to create a name for yourself in the world of social media. Hence, collaborating with fashion influencers, places, or other sources is a good way to let people see your dedicated work.

Collaborating with photography companies, influencers online, or even models will give you a polished content structure for your business profile on Instagram. For example, the two Instagram users below collaborate in photography through travel:


The artist tags the collaboration partner in the post, gaining more outreach through her Instagram business network.

3. Product Photography

The best way to make a name for yourself in the world of photography is to display your skills in product photography. There is a lot of potential in product photography, which is one of the most productive areas in photography.

Post pictures that you have taken of any products. This could range from a product shoot that you have done to clicking pictures of various products to show off your skills on Instagram.

product photography - Instagram idea

And you never know; if your content is good and it reaches the product owners, they might get in touch on a professional front. So, create great content, and don’t forget to tag the company handles.

4. Behind the Scenes

Instagram is filled with behind-the-scenes content at present. Also, a lot of people are intrigued by behind-the-scenes content. Especially when it comes to photography, people want to see the efforts and work that went into displaying pictures with such accuracy and precision.

Share the behind-the-scenes footage of your photography sessions. You can add it in the form of carousels, stories, highlights, and even reels. Do not forget to share your behind-the-scenes photos with the hashtag #behindthescenes. This will help you get a better reach on social media.

5. Client Spotlight

Show off your clients on Instagram. Share images of moments while working with a client. The best way to create traffic on Instagram is through story takeovers.

Let clients who are famous on Instagram take over your stories. Let the client communicate with the followers and give them an insight into how the process of being photographed is going on.

You can also share the images of your clients on Instagram and show your followers how amazing your work is.

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6. Location Features

You might need to be in many different places while working as a photographer. Try sharing the different locations of the stories. You can also make a reel with all the photography locations and add an aesthetic edit to it.

Showcase with the followers the different regions that you were in for photography. This will add a different element to your otherwise mundane photographic account and also show off your photography skills.

content ideas for photography business - scenic locations

7. Beautify the Mundane Life

Mundane life is what it is—routine, every day, and very ignorable. However, photographers like Vietsui ensure that people see how beautiful his country can be through his lens, even while living its most mundane, daily life.

Vietsui is known for highlighting Vietnamese culture, daily life, and tradition through visually stunning photographs that create cosmic engagements on his channel.

In the photograph featured below, he has given a surreal aura to a woman sewing a fishing net together to embark on her daily rip to the waters for the day’s catch:

beautify the mundane life


The post has created over 11,000 likes and different types of Instagram impressions.

8. Tips and Tricks

When it comes to photography, there are a lot of tips and tricks that many don’t know. Why not share these on your Instagram page? There are a lot of things that you can post about.

For example, you can post about what kind of backgrounds to use for which kind of shoot. You can also write about most people’s photography mistakes and tips to correct them.

Tips and tricks - photography content ideas

9. Before and After Edits

As a photographer, you very well know that photography isn’t just about capturing. It is also about editing the captured shot effectively.

Therefore, you can post the pictures in a before-and-after editing pattern. Every image looks polished after it has been edited. You can also show the audience a glimpse of how to edit the images effectively.

before and after post idea

10. Side-Hustle

All photographers have a creative knack for beautiful things. If you have another hobby besides exemplary photography, you can make it work for marketing photography on Instagram to create a side hustle as well.

An excellent example is that of illustrator-photographer Vimal Chandran, who sums up his talents through enrapturing, expressive photographs shown below:

side hustle


He simply illustrates over his photographs to tell the world that there is more where his art comes from, automatically marketing his other skill as well with the same post. It is a great way for multi-talented artists to create additional income using Instagram.

11. Equipment Reviews

Being a photographer, you obviously require a camera to click pictures. Along with this, many other pieces of equipment come into use while capturing images.

Posting reviews of various cameras and information about the equipment is a good idea for the photography business. Try to educate people on what kind of instrument to use, when, and where.

This will be a unique idea for posting on Instagram. Adding these reviews as highlights or in the form of a reel is also a good idea.

Equipment reviews

Instagram post - camera equipment review

12. Photography Challenges

People who use Instagram know that there are a lot of photography challenges on Instagram these days. Going along with these challenges is a good way to keep up with the photography community on Instagram.

You can also create your own challenge, which can become a trend on Instagram over time. Make sure that you use the proper hashtags when posting about various challenges.

This can be a unique idea for posting on Instagram and can go viral!

There are a lot of trends on Instagram. Every now and then, different trends start on Instagram. For example, recently, there has been a trend for people to post about the first photograph they took vs. the photographs that they have taken now.

There are multiple trends like these on Instagram. The best way to go about Instagram trends is to keep an eye on them and post about them before they become old. It is important to look out for various trends when using Instagram and post them effectively.

14. Bloopers

What you upload to your photography stream may appear perfect, but the world knows there were at least 50,000 takes behind that perfect shot.

Consider the end credits of every Jackie Chan movie; the reels show how many takes it requires to get an action sequence right, and people love it!

Show the world your blooper moments. Take this page, for example:


The photographer intended to take a majestically wind-blown lion mane shot of the two golden retrievers featured but ended up with some extremely hilarious photographs instead. The engagement on the post is high, as you can see.

15. Invite Participation

Enhancing viewer participation in your posts is a great way to drive engagement and create a buzz in the Instagram community. One of the most unique content ideas for photography is to create a community poll, quiz, or vote on photographs.

For example, you can feature five of your best works for an annual vote for a free giveaway. Or you could invite community photographers to share their works for a poll and vote on Instagram through your page.

This way, they would gain brand awareness, and you would gain more impressions and engagement. Your brand would also have better outreach amidst a community of fellow photographers.

A good example is that of the Community Wildlife Photo Awards. Their feed is all about inviting funny wildlife photographs and judging the winner through an established panel of photographers.


Wrapping it up

Suppose you are a photographer trying to get the best out of your Instagram page. In that case, these ideas mentioned above in the blog for content ideas for photography business are a good way to go about finding content ideas.

You can choose various ways from the above blog to enhance your following and engagement. To do this, it is always better to post frequently. This can take a toll on many people because of the amount of time it takes to create content regularly and post it on time.

Therefore, to make your life easier, use tools that will help you automate most of the time-consuming tasks.

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