Social Media Survey: Boost Your Survey Responses With Social Media

Social Media Survey

Social media has a large pool of users that is untapped. Leveraging social media effectively allows companies to know what their audiences are thinking and also, how to approach them, and the best way to do it is to utilize Social Media Survey to get to know your audience more thoroughly and what they actually want from your online presence.

There are 4.8 billion active social media users. This number can be attractive for brands looking to build a consumer base. There are various ways to know your customers, but the best way is to use surveys. Using survey software helps you learn what your audience thinks about your product/service.

You need to know which social media works well for your business. There are various options such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. So, choosing the platform is vital where you want to market your surveys.

This article is for brands/companies who do not use any social media channel to boost their survey responses.

Let us begin:

Why are surveys valuable for your business/brands?

social media survey for businesses
Source: Qualaroo

The brand aims to provide excellent service to your audience as well as give them seamless solutions. For that, the brands need to know them. They need to understand what the customer thinks about the product/service or what service they need.

By using a customer satisfaction survey you can be sure of that. Surveys can help you identify any potential problems your customers may face so that you can find solutions for them. Creating surveys for social media takes time, and you have to be sure that you reach the right audience. You can also use your creativity to gain the best insights from your customers. You get to narrow down the concern areas that bring awareness to your brand.

Now, let us see how you can use surveys on social media.

How to post surveys on your social media profiles?

How to Use Social Media Surveys (+ Benefits & Tips) | SurveyLegend
Source: SurveyLegend

Once you have created the survey, you can use the customized survey URL and share the surveys on your desired social media channel. This social sharing works well if your survey is for your existing customer base and also based on the demographics that are represented in your social media audience.

If you are using professional survey software, they have integrations with social sharing software like Buffer. Survey software also has a distributed feature that allows sharing the survey to various social media platforms with few clicks.

Spacing out when you post the survey on social media will increase the likelihood of reaching a higher percentage of your followers and improve the overall response rate.

Where to post surveys on social media for the best response rate?

While deciding where to post your survey on social media, you need to consider your target audience and survey goals. Here are some common social media platforms to target with demographics before making a decision:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

How to get more responses by posting your surveys on social media?

It looks simple to log in to your social media account. Sharing the link to your survey and done. This plan won’t get you anywhere with the responses. Here are some of the ways to get more responses by using your surveys on social media:

1. Different demographics work for distinct social media platforms

As a brand, you cannot make the mistake of assuming that the demographics of every popular social media platform work the same. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have their unique audience and are capable of providing unique insights measured from your survey. The brands need to target the ideal audience with the apt surveys to get stunning survey results from social media,

2. Use mobile surveys to acquire more respondents

mobile surveys
Source: Swift Polls

Mobile users account for nearly 70% of internet traffic globally. Sending mobile-friendly surveys also allows getting all these respondents to take the survey. So, if you have a web survey, you can make it mobile-friendly, or you risk losing a large segment of your target audience. Nowadays, online survey tools make it easier for brands to deploy mobile-friendly web surveys that can decrease survey drop-off rates.

3. Provide incentives for filling out the survey

There are various reasons why users do not attempt your survey. Improve the response rate of the users by incentivizing your web surveys by offering rewards. This approach can decrease drop-offs and increase the response rates in one go. Additionally, utilizing social media can allow people to take your survey and prioritize it even over their tasks.

It is not necessary to provide every user with a reward for completing the survey – you can enter their name into a raffle for a prize on completion of the survey.

4. Create Engaging Likert Scale Surveys

Many associate Likert Scale surveys with scientific research or something academic. But that is not true at all. Likert Surveys can be used in day-to-day life.

Likert Scale Surveys for Social Media
Likert Scale Surveys

You can choose between the 5-point scale or the 7-point scale. The Likert Scale survey can help figure out many attributes like attitude towards something, feelings and thoughts, behavior, and a lot more.

Consequently, they can be great for tackling complicated questions and getting straight unbiased answers from the survey-takers.

5. Send Email Notifications

You can send out emails to your audience as an advanced notification for your surveys. The more easy and simple the email is, the higher the chances are of people filling out the surveys.

Social Media Survey - Send Email Notifications
Send Email Notifications

Try not to overcomplicate the email, do not stuff it with filler words, and just keep in mind that the more informative and easy-to-understand the email is, the better for your social media.

6. Optimize Subjects Lines

A perfect eye-catching subject line can be the key to getting your followers to open the email and fill out the survey.

Research shows that 47% of recipients open emails based on how the subject lines are. And 69% of people even judge an email based on its subject lines to see if it is spam or not.

Having a question in the subject line can be great to pique the interest of the recipients and make them wanna click them. But try not to use the word ‘survey’ in the subject line, as it may look like a tedious task and people might not click it.

7. Follow up With Survey Reminders

Many people might get the survey emails but not open them due to their busy schedules or some other thing.

But do not let this be a downer. Additionally, you can send them follow-up emails, which can act as a reminder for them to fill out the survey if they want to. The ideal amount of reminders you should send is 3, and it is known for providing optimal results.

8. Use Images Strategically

Surveys with only texts can get boring and tiring after a while. You want your audience to keep filling them out and not ignore them.

To make them more appealing and attractive, all you have to do is use appropriate images that go with your brand and the type of questions you are asking.

Use Images Strategically for Survey
Use Images Strategically for Survey

You can use fun images that go with your survey, but try to be strategic with them and their placements because if not done properly, it can act as a distraction for your audience.

For different questions, you can use images as options rather than just text to make things more engaging and fun.

9. Keep Surveys Short

Surveys are awesome for business but do not make them super long. Keep them short and simple, so filling out a survey does not feel like homework to your audience.

Do not stuff them with unwanted information and try to keep the maximum number of questions under 10. Furthermore, do not make them complicated and if you have to you can break down long surveys into short ones and use them.

10. Respect User Privacy

As more people are getting on the internet the privacy concern is also growing. You can be a decent business and respect your users’ privacy by providing the option to fill out surveys anonymously.

Provide a clear disclaimer before your surveys about any type of data collected, its use, contact information, and options for data management.

If you are being 100% transparent with your audience, it will encourage them to fill up your surveys without any fear of data theft.

11. Publish Your Results

Don’t forget to post the results of your surveys. It shows that these are absolutely legit and also shout out the people who took the surveys and won any prizes or giveaways.

This shows your audience that these are legit and they can also win them if they participate and fill out the surveys.

Also, remember to share the results to show that the surveys are not in vain and are actually making a difference and are impactful. This builds trust among the audience for your brand.

Summing it up

Posting your survey on social media is a great way to get responses regardless of the demographic you are trying to reach. Try not to keep them short and simple yet fun to do. Don’t overstuff it with useless information and of course, use relevant images to make it more attractive. Be fully transparent and respect your audiences’ privacy. One can also send email reminders to keep the recipients interested. Whether you are using Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Instagram, the right survey software will help you get responses from your followers quickly and easily.

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