Instagram Story Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Instagram story ideas for Real Estate Agents

In the landscape of real estate marketing, we bring to you the ultimate Instagram story ideas for Real Estate Agents, to engage with your audience and build trust. This is more so as Stories command a daily viewership of more than 500 million people.

Stories have come a long way since their inception in 2016. Today, they offer an exciting way to drive interaction and take your marketing strategy to the next level.

If you are yet to leverage the power of Instagram Stories, it’s time you take the leap. In this blog, we reveal the importance of Instagram story ideas for Real Estate Agentss.  

Come, let’s get started!

Why Use Instagram Stories for Real Estate?

Are you wondering about the impact of Stories due to the disappearing nature of the content? Well, that’s exactly why you should use this feature. It’s the fear of missing out (FOMO) that drives many people to check out a Story, and that’s where you can score your goal.

When done right, Stories can help you connect with your target audience and create opportunities to boost your business.

Here are some of the reasons for you to make room for real estate story ideas in your social media planning: 

  • Well, 62% of Instagram users say that they have shown interest in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories. Considering the vast amount of daily Instagram users, that’s a pretty huge number!
  • If the 24-hour limit of Instagram stories is bothering you, then relax. Instagram allows you to feature your Stories as Highlights under your profile, where they can live as long as you want.

Are you still focused on likes and comments? Guess it’s time to readjust your focus. Instagram Stories empower you to engage your audience through various fun, interactive experiences. For instance, you can use polls, questions, emoji sliders, quizzes, etc. to engage them.

Instagram Stories help you to reinforce your real estate promotions. For instance, if you are promoting a new listing, you can leverage Stories to intensify your marketing efforts.

When it comes to developing relationships with your target audience, real estate story ideas can come to your rescue. You can use Stories to share behind-the-scene images or offer a sneak peek into how your business works.

Now, this brings us to the next question of how to use real estate story ideas to amp up your marketing efforts. 

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15 Instagram Story Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Want some inspiration for real estate story ideas? Here are some interesting Instagram story ideas for Real Estate Agents to make your account stand out.

1. Buying and Selling Tips

It’s one of the simple yet most effective Instagram story ideas for Real Estate Agents. When you offer advice and tips on buying or selling homes, you help people make informed decisions. This can enable you to build trust and keep people coming back for more.

You can share any relevant real estate tip, such as ’10 Steps to buy/sell a home,’ ‘When is the right time to sell your property?,’ ‘Points to consider before listing your property,’ etc. 

What’s more, you can create jaw-dropping Stories in seconds using, an AI-empowered tool that can revolutionize your Story crafting skills. From stunning visuals to engaging captions, this tool helps you create everything seamlessly.  

2. Polls

When it comes to engaging your audience, you can’t miss out on Instagram Story Polls. It’s a fun feature that empowers you to engage your audience and get an idea of what they like or want.

There are endless ways in which you can make polls work to your advantage. For instance, ‘What landscaping style do you prefer: Modern or Classic,’ ‘Do you like this kitchen style – Yes or No,’ etc.

You can even infuse a bit of fun into the polls by offering two options that mean the same thing, such as, ‘Want to schedule a showing – Yes or Yessss,’ ‘Should I share the images of my latest listings – Yes or Yes Please!,’ etc.

3. Real Estate Market Updates

Keeping your audience informed about the latest happenings in the real estate market is another effective way to boost your followers. It can help you to gain visibility and reach out to a wider audience.

Make sure to share relevant news or information. For instance, ‘Home loan rates lowered. Should you opt for a home loan right away?’ or ‘The real estate market is rebalancing. How can you take advantage of it?’.

If posting real estate news regularly seems to be a tiring task, then get to do the work on your behalf. The tool can help you to customize each post to match your unique style and impress your followers.

4. Behind-the-Scene Glimpses

Instagram behind-the-scene Stories offer you a unique scope to create content to engage your audience. It provides your audience with a chance to witness how you work.

At the same time, it allows potential clients to develop an idea about whether you will be an ideal candidate for their real estate requirements or not.

For instance, you can make a video of staging and share it on your Story to draw the attention of your potential clients.

Not sure how to transform your videos into stunning Stories? Well, can come to your rescue. Using its state-of-the-art AI technology, you can craft captivating behind-the-scene Stories effortlessly.

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5. Sneak Peek for an Upcoming Listing

Another interesting idea is to share a sneak peek of a home just a few days before listing. This helps to draw attention to the property and create hype about it. You can create a short video or offer images as part of your sneak peek game plan. 

If hours of recording or editing isn’t your cup of tea, then relax. Allow to take over and sit back. You will be amazed to see how the tool can reduce your workload and enhance your Stories, all done and dusted in just a few moments!

6. Q&A Stickers

The question sticker is another feature that provides a lot of scope for your real estate story ideas. You can use this option to ask a question and encourage your audience to answer it. Alternatively, you can use this feature to start an “Ask me Anything” session about real estate.

The interesting part is that once your followers start sending their questions, you can share another Story to reveal the answers.

7. This or That Quiz

This or That quiz is an easy, fun way to boost interaction and enhance engagement. It is one of those real estate story ideas that never fails. Try to use catchy visuals to give your story a sleek look.

For instance, you can ask your followers to choose between two different listings, two design aspects, focal points of a home, kitchen layout, etc. 

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8. New Post or Reel Alert

Promoting your latest real estate posts and reels as Instagram Story makes for a great Story idea. It offers an easy and effective way to grab the attention of your followers and bring your posts or reels to their notice.

You can even create Stories to inform people about upcoming posts. Another idea is to create Story polls to determine the next topic of your post. 

9. Quick Tutorial

A quick or mini tutorial is a fantastic idea for an Instagram Story. Such tutorials allow you to share your knowledge on various real estate topics. The best part is that they can set you up as an expert in your field and earn the trust of your followers. 

You can select any topic for your mini tutorial, such as ‘Mistakes to avoid as a home buyer’, ‘Points to consider when viewing a home’, etc.

To make your Story stand out, you can use Generate personalized templates for your tutorial Stories and add life to them. This tool is just what you need to create engaging Story masterpieces!

10. Countdown Sticker

The countdown sticker works as a great attention grabber when used in Instagram Stories. You can use this sticker to promote your next open house or listing. It will help your followers to turn on reminders and wait for your offering.

Image Source

11. Client Testimonials

Client testimonials work as great content for Instagram Stories. It’s an excellent way to show your competence as a real estate agent and instill a sense of confidence in your potential buyers. Ensure to share the testimonials and good reviews from your client regularly.

This is yet another instance where you can use to generate real estate story templates. The friendly user interface allows you to customize and arrange pre-made media elements to enhance your Stories instantly.

Let the tool handle the technicalities while you focus on creating great Story content.   

12. Before and After Looks

If your specialization is in new construction homes or designing and staging, show before and after looks of real estate projects as your Instagram Stories. You can also do it with work-in-progress and after-completion looks.

This is one of those real estate story ideas that you can easily use to drive engagement. 

13. Virtual Home Tours

Go for a virtual tour of the interiors of your listings as your next real estate Story idea for Instagram. Home tours develop interest in a property by offering an immersive visual experience of how it might feel to stay in the house. 

But it’s not enough to just shoot a video and post it. Take advantage of to create videos that are of the next level. Compel your audience to take note of your videos by elevating their quality and visuals.  

14. Neighborhood Check

Give your followers an idea about the area of your latest listing and how it feels to live there. You can create a short video highlighting the pros and cons of the neighborhood.

Share interesting information and lesser-known details about the neighborhood. For instance, you can talk about community events, famous places, etc.

15. Make it Funny

Funny images and posts always work great as Instagram Stories. You can capture candid moments and use texts to add a punch of fun to the moment.

Whether it’s a video clip or an image, the fun factor works well in both cases. Plus, your followers will love you for making them laugh.


Instagram Stories empower you to establish connections and grow your brand. They are quick, effective ways to nurture your audience and drive interactions.

When it comes to crafting awesome Stories, can be your go-to tool. You can use this AI-powered tool to unlock a world of creativity. From stunning images and animations to rich videos and music, this tool can generate all and make your Story content stand out.  

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