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Thousands of Marketers and Influencers use to plan their content calendars and make sure it works the best for their audience! All this is a fraction of the time it takes today.
AI assist you in making an exceptional content calenda

Let AI assist you in making an exceptional content calendar

If you’re out of ideas for your feed or stuck in a rut, has your back. Let AI generate fresh ideas for you in a jiffy!

Post Ideas tailored for your Business and Audience

Post Ideas tailored for your Business and Audience

The ideas you generate with Predis are customised exactly according to the industry your brand operates in, and to your audience’s tastes. Our AI understands what you would love to convey and acts accordingly.

Edit ideas and polish them with

Edit ideas and polish them

Think you can do better than the AI? Yes, You can! Edit the AI-generated Posts to improve and polish them for your account.

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Edit creatives to make them the way you want

Not satisfied with the creative generated by the AI? Edit to improve and polish the creative for your account.

Never miss an important day with

Never Miss an Important Day!

Any important dates or festivals will automatically show up in your content calendar. Moreover, Our AI will also generate a personalized post according to your Niche so you never miss a posting opportunity!

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Schedule Posts directly to Social Media Platforms

Once you are done ideating and polishing your posts, you can direcly publish to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, GMB and Twitter.

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