Is Instagram sound not working? Quick fixes.

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Instagram sound not working

Is Instagram sound not working on your phone? Many times we all go through situations where our Instagram sound does not work and we are left blank on what to do about it. it may be an issue with the phone or within the app itself. If you are facing this issue as well this is the perfect place for you!

This blog will help you to rectify the issues related to Instagram sound not working on your phone. Starting with the basics. Check your phone to know if it is on mute. Sometimes we all have our phones on mute and it slips our minds. If your phone volume is fairly on the right pace then there might be other problems within the app or the phone itself.

Close the app and reopen it. If these efforts are still in vain and the Instagram sound is still not working, follow this blog to know more about how to rectify these issues. 

Instagram sound not working?
Instagram sound not working?

Common issues for Instagram sound not working –

The Instagram sound not working can be because of a variety of reasons. After checking for the phone being on mute and still not getting the sound back, various other reasons are possible to be hindering the sound effects on Instagram. The app can be closed and reopened after a minute to check if the problem is rectified.

A common reason can also be if the reels are on mute in the app. If the phone is slowing and has a full memory, it can make the apps on the phone slow possibly hindering the sound effect in Instagram. The collection of a lot of app caches will also make an effect on app function affecting the Instagram sound.

Sometimes the reasons are unknown for Instagram sound not working. In such cases, the ahead mentioned steps will rectify the issues with the Instagram sound effect.

Is Instagram sound not working? Quick fixes

As mentioned above there are various reasons for Instagram sound not working. Check out the following tips to rectify the issues.

1. Check Bluetooth or earphone connection –

sometimes when we are connected to earphones or Bluetooth devices, the issue might be with the device connected. In such cases, check the earphone connection with the phone. In the case of Bluetooth devices, check if the Bluetooth device is connected to the phone. Also, check if the Bluetooth device connected has no issue with sound and hearing. This should rectify Instagram sound not working if the issue is the same.

2. Restart the device to resolve Instagram sound not working–

In some cases, the device may have some issues. Restarting the device will help in clearing this issue. Simply long press the power button on your phone and select the restart option. You can also switch off the phone in the same manner and switch it on again. This will rectify the issue of the Instagram sound not working.

Restart your device
Restarting the phone

3. Update Instagram –

There might be another reason with sound effects do not work when the app is outdated. In case any new updates are available, go ahead with updating the app to rectify the Instagram sound not working. Simply go to google play or apple store, and search for Instagram in the search bar. Click on the update option and update the app. This must rectify the problem if it is due to an outdated app.

Update Instagram - instagram sound not working
Update Instagram

4. Reinstall Instagram

In case the app is already on an updated version and the Instagram sound not working is an issue, then there might be some problem with the app. In such situations, the app should simply be reinstalled to rectify the issue. Search for Instagram on google play or apple store. Choose the uninstall option and uninstall it. install the app again and login into your account. This will rectify the issue in the already updated app.

5. Check for Instagram outage to check Instagram sound not working

Sometimes there might be an Instagram outage. The Instagram outage is an issue that can create such a common problem with everyone for some time. Check online for Instagram outage and wait till the outage subsides. Go through this website to see outage reports

6. System update

Sometimes using an outdated system on the phone may also lead to Instagram sound not working to be an issue. Simply update the phone to the newest system.

For an android phone, simply go to settings and select system update. Click on download and install to update your phone with the newest system update.

System update android
System update in android phone

For iPhone, go to the settings and the apple Id will automatically show suggestions if there is any new system update available. Simply update the system to the newest version.

System update ios
System update in iphone

7. Clear Instagram cache –

Sometimes the app cache can slow down the app and create issues like Instagram sound not working. This can easily be rectified by clearing the app cache.

For Android users, simply go to the setting and select the app manager. Look for the Instagram app and select storage. Now click on clear app cache and your phone is good is go.

For iPhone users, go to general settings and find storage. Click on Instagram and click delete. Now go to the apple store and reinstall the Instagram app.

Clear Instagram cache
Clearing app cache on Instagram

8.Turn off the battery saver –

In some phones, the use of a battery saver can hinder certain functions of various apps. This may cause the Instagram sound not working an issue. Turn the battery saver off and this may rectify the Instagram sound issue.

Turn off the battery saver in android
Turn battery saver off

9. Force close Instagram –

In some instances, force closing of the Instagram app resolve the issue. When other ways don’t work, this trick will help in clearing the issue. Go to device settings and open the Instagram option. Click on force stop the app. Wait for a minute or two and reopen the app. This will rectify the issue.

Is Instagram sound not working?
Force stop Instagram

10. Check your phone settings –

Check if the phone is on mute. Unmute the sound button and increase the volume to check if the Instagram sound is working. If it does not clear check the phone settings and for Instagram and turn off the camera and mic access and turn it on again. This will help rectify the issue. Also, check if the reel sound is on or not. Click on the reel to turn the sound on.

In the steps mentioned above, sometimes multiple steps might be required to get the Instagram sound not working to be rectified. If one step does not work, try something else. It is better to keep the app and phone updated all the time to avoid a glitch in the app. Check for an Instagram outage online in case nothing works and wait for it to subside.

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