How To Get Verified On TikTok In 2024 (The Process + Tips)

How To Get Verified On TikTok In 2024 (The Process + Tips)

Have you ever noticed those cool checkmarks beside big TikTokers’ names? Well, that’s TikTok verification—a sign of credibility.

Once you have set up your TikTok account and gained a good following, it’s only natural to think about getting verified on TikTok, as it helps boost the credibility of your account or brand.

It tells the world that you are real and legitimate in the eyes of TikTok and are who you say you are.

In this post, we’ll tell you what TikTok verification is, who is eligible for it, and the exact steps you need to take to get verified on TikTok and earn that blue tick.

Let’s get started!

What Does It Mean To Get Verified On TikTok?

If you follow your favorite singer, brand, celebrity, or professional sports team on TikTok, chances are you’ve come across a blue check mark next to their username.

TikTok verification badge

This checkmark serves as a verified symbol or badge given by TikTok, aimed at aiding users in making informed decisions about the content they consume and the accounts they choose to follow.

Upon approval for TikTok verification, users are granted a verified badge. This badge signifies that TikTok has confirmed the authenticity of the account in question, ensuring that it belongs to the individual or brand it represents.

Consequently, you can trust that the verified accounts you choose to follow are genuine entities, rather than impostors or fan-made accounts.

Why Get Verified On TikTok?

Getting your accounts verified on TikTok helps you solidify your brand and establish it as an authority.

Here are some benefits of getting verified on TikTok:

1. Authenticity

Verification helps to protect your identity and brand from impersonation and copycat accounts.

With the verification badge displayed prominently on your profile, users can easily differentiate between your authentic account and fake accounts attempting to mimic you.

This safeguard not only preserves your reputation but also ensures that your followers engage with the genuine content you produce.

2. Increases Visibility

Verified accounts often receive higher visibility within the TikTok platform. The verification badge helps your content stand out in search results, and explore pages, and hashtags.

TikTok may also prioritize verified accounts in recommendations and suggestions, leading to increased exposure to a broader audience. Know about TikTok “Suggested Accounts”.. This also leads to better engagement on your posts.

3. Credibility and Trust

The TikTok verified badge enhances your credibility and authenticity, helping users to trust your content more readily.

Viewers are more likely to engage with and follow verified accounts, as they perceive them as legitimate and trustworthy.

4. Brand Collaborations and Partnerships

Brands and businesses often prefer to collaborate with verified TikTok creators due to their established credibility and reach.

Verification signals professionalism and influence, making verified users more attractive partners for brand collaborations, sponsorships, and promotional deals.

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How Many Followers Do You Need To Get Verified On TikTok?

There is no fixed number of followers you need to have to get verified on TikTok. Some popular accounts on TikTok have millions of followers but no blue tick next to their names.

But, like other social media platforms such as YouTube, you can always request verification of your account on TikTok through the mobile app.

Though there isn’t any specific number of followers or likes you need to have, here are some requirements to get yourself verified on TikTok:

  • You must have logged in to your account within the past 6 months.
  • Your account should be public and have a filled profile, including a username, bio, profile picture, and at least one video uploaded.
  • It’s essential to enable 2-step verification alongside a verified email. This ensures that the rightful owner maintains control of the account and protects it from potential misuse by malicious entities.
  • Another requirement is being featured across various news outlets. However, TikTok doesn’t accept press releases or sponsored/paid media as valid sources for verification.

How To Get Verified On TikTok

Follow these simple steps to request verification for your account using the mobile app:

  1. Tap Profile at the bottom right corner of the TikTok app.
  2. Tap the Menu ☰ button at the top right corner.
  3. Select Settings and Privacy.
  4. Tap Account, then tap Verification.
  5. Follow the steps in the app to submit a verification request.

Remember, if you’ve registered as a Business Account, you’re eligible only for business verification. If you’ve registered as a Personal Account, you can apply for both personal and institutional verifications.

It’s important to note that requesting verification through the mobile app is currently not available everywhere. If you cannot find the Verification option in your account settings, consider applying for TikTok verification through their online form.

You’ll be asked to fill in your email address, username, and a space to write your request. Make sure to include links to news portals where you got featured and images related to your work.

TikTok verification request

5 Tips To Get Verified On TikTok

Here are some tips to increase your chances of getting verified on TikTok:

1. Keep producing content consistently

The more content you have, the more your reach and engagement will be, which in turn will increase your popularity.

Create compelling content on TikTok that has the potential to go viral, distinguishing yourself in the process.

Keep yourself informed about the latest TikTok trends, use popular sounds and hashtags, join challenges, and actively engage with the community.

This proactive approach will boost your visibility and pave the way for verification.

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2. Get verified on other major social platforms

Being verified on alternative social platforms heightens the likelihood of obtaining verification on TikTok.

A blue checkmark on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram indicates to the TikTok team your significant presence online.

Moreover, you can even link these accounts to your TikTok profile

Getting yourself featured in popular media outlets will be the best thing you could achieve to make it easy for yourself to get the TikTok verified badge.

It is one of the requirements for getting verified on the platform.

4. Collaborate with influencers

Do you have access to influencers on TikTok who might be open to collaboration?

Partnering with influencers offers a fantastic opportunity to expand your reach, gain more followers, and possibly catch the attention of TikTok’s verification committee.

Identify influencers within your niche or those who are open to collaboration. Compile a list and initiate contact to discuss potential collaborations.

5. Adhere to TikTok’s community guidelines

At any cost, make sure to stay aligned with TikTok’s community guidelines. Do not post content that is prohibited and always play by the rules to maintain a safe and positive environment around your account and content.

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If you think you’re a popular creator and deserve to be something more, it might be a great idea to get your TikTok account verified. Just follow the simple steps above, follow the best practices, and you’ll be on your way to getting that awesome blue tick on TikTok.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get verified on TikTok without followers?

Although you do not need to have a specific number of followers to get verified on TikTok, you need at least a few followers. Having no or very few followers tells tikTok you’re not a public figure or influencer at all.

2. Can you request to remove your TikTok verification?

At present, there’s no option to request the removal of your verified badge. However, if you change your username, the verified badge will be automatically removed by TikTok.

3. Why might TikTok remove verification?

Possible reasons for verification removal on TikTok are:

  • Transfer of the account to a new owner, rendering the verification invalid.
  • Change of username, requiring the account owner to reapply for verification.
  • Transition of the account type between business, personal, or institutional.
  • Repeated or severe violations of TikTok’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

4. How much does it cost to get verified on TikTok?

TikTok doesn’t charge any money to offer the verified badge. Anyone asking you for money in exchange for TikTok verification is a fraud and not to be trusted.

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