Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai – Which is a better AI powered writer?


In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to generate text. AI writers are computer programs that use artificial intelligence to generate text. In today’s world, when AI is in trend why not use it to optimize content as well as save time? Let’s look through Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai to see which is a better AI writer according to your needs!

An AI writer is a computer program that writes articles or other texts. It is designed to mimic the style and content of a human writer. AI writers are now used for a variety of tasks, including generating data-driven content, and writing code.

Here are a number of different approaches that AI writers can take. Some AI writers use statistical methods to generate text. Others use artificial neural networks. Statistical methods are typically used to generate texts that are similar to a training set of texts. For example, an AI writer might be trained on a set of texts that are all news articles. The AI writer would then learn the statistical properties of the training set of texts. Once the AI writer has learned the statistical properties of the training set of texts, it can generate new texts that are similar to the training set of texts.

How to know which AI writer is better for you?

When it comes to AI writers, selection criteria can vary depending on the specific needs of the project. However, there are a few key factors that should be considered when choosing an AI writer.

First, it is important to consider the quality of the writing. AI writers can produce high-quality, well-written content, but not all AI writers are created equal. Make sure to read through a few samples of the AI writer’s work to get an idea of style.

Second, consider the turnaround time. AI writers can typically write content much faster than human writers, but some AI writers are faster than others. If you need content quickly, make sure to choose an AI writer that can meet your timeline.

Finally, consider the price. AI writers can be more affordable than human writers, but prices can vary depending on the quality of the writing and the turnaround time.

By considering these factors, you can be sure to choose the right AI writer for your project.

What are AI writers used for?

There are many different ways that artificial intelligence (AI) writers can be used.

1. They can be used to generate realistic character dialogue for video games or to create believable non-player characters (NPCs).

2. AI writers can also be used to generate realistic fiction stories or to help with the creative writing process. One common use for AI writers is to generate realistic character dialogue. This can be used in video games or other virtual worlds to create more believable characters.

3. The AI writer creates dialogue based on the character’s personality, history, and the situation they are in.

4. Another common use for AI writers is to create believable NPCs. These are non-player characters that are used in video games or other virtual worlds. The AI writer creates NPCs that are realistic and believable, and that can interact with the player in a believable way.

5. AI writers can also be used to generate realistic fiction stories. These stories can be used to entertain or to educate. For example, AI writers can be used to create stories about history or to create stories that teach moral lessons.

6. Finally, AI writers can be used to help with the creative writing process. For example, they can be used to come up with ideas for stories or to help flesh out ideas.

Quick comparison between Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai

Features Heyfridai.ai Hypotenuse.ai
Types of content generatedBlog Idea &
Blog Section
Idea Pitch
Google &
Linkedin Ads
Blog articles
product descriptions
facebook ads
google ads
social media content
headlines and slogans
caption for Instagram.
Free PlanYESNO
Credit Card Required for Trial?NONO
Price19$ per month for 200k words
per month for 25k words
Languages SupportedEnglish22 languages
Mobile AppNONO
Free Tools and resourcesYESNO
Ideal foradvertisement
Content writers
social media managers
SEO folks
Templates and Use Cases40+ templates18 templates available
Inbuilt Grammar checkYESNO
Inbuilt Plagiarism checkNOYES
Chat SupportYESYES
Email SupportNOYES
Customer RatingsG2: 4.5/ 5G2 – 4.2

What is Heyfriday.ai?

Heyfriday is an AI-based writing assistant that helps you write better, and faster. Heyfriday’s AI technology is based on a deep learning algorithm that analyzes a large amount of data to find patterns and correlations. Heyfriday then uses these patterns to help you write better, and faster. Heyfriday is used by Fortune 500 companies, top universities, and leading publications. Heyfriday has also been featured in The New York Times.

Heyfriday is an AI writing assistant that helps you to get your thoughts down on paper. It is trained to understand your writing style and to provide suggestions that can improve your writing. Heyfriday can help you to edit your work, to come up with ideas for new projects, and generally make your writing process easier.

Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai

The types of content that can be generated through Heyfriday.ai are –

1. Blog articles

2. Product descriptions

3. Facebook ads

4. Google ads

5. Social media content

6. Headlines and slogans

7. Caption for Instagram

What is Hypotenuse.ai?

A platform for generating content called Hypotenuse.ai uses artificial intelligence to help you produce better content more quickly. If you write content, you are aware of the significance of creating high-quality work that interests your readership. However, it can occasionally be challenging to come up with original thoughts or to find the time to produce an article of high quality. The solution is provided by Hypotenuse.ai.

Some types of content that can be generated with this AI writer are –

1. Blog Idea & Outline

2. Blog Section

3. Writing

4. Business

5. Idea Pitch

6. Facebook,

7. Google & LinkedIn Ads

Detailed comparison between Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai

1. Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai : Content Quality


The content generated by this AI writer is very good. It is free of mistakes and mostly the grammar is in really good form. They never compromise with the content quality. The articles are generated at a good speed considering how they can generate any section of the blog and much more. The content might not be generated on the first try itself in some cases. other than that the AI writer is very good. There is also a lot of content variety to choose from. The types of content that can be written by Heyfriday.ai are ideal for-

1. Advertisers

2. Blogger

3. Copywriters

Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai


The content written by Hypotenuse.ai is also fairly good and has good quality. The search time is also not very long. The only problem with the AI writer of Heyfriday.ai is that they have less variety of content that can be written. The content generated by this source is good in quality and is ideal for the following people –

1. Content writers

2. Marketers

3. Bloggers

4. Social media managers

5. SEO folks

Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai

2. Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai – Content tones


There are various content tones available in the AI-written content of Heyfriday.ai. The content tones help to show the audience what the content is really trying to display. They also have an option where one can select the type of tone they want to use in a custom manner. The types of content tones that can be generated through Heyfriday.ai are –

Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai
Heyfriday.ai content tones


Hypotenuse.ai also has content tones to select from. This makes the content much better and conveys better meaning when read. They have a lot of content tones to choose from. Some of these are shown in the image below –

Hyptenuse.ai content tones

3. Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai : Prices


Heyfriday has a free trial of 7 days to go through its features and understand if this tool will be useful for one’s needs. After that, the user will need to get any one of the plans mentioned below.

1. Pro plan

This plan will cost you about 19$ for a month giving you following benefits.

200,000 Words/mo, Text Rewriter, Article Workflow, Various Tones, Auto-Save, 40+ Templates, Sentences continuation, Rephrase paragraphs, Expand phrases.

2. Power plan

The power will be accessible at a cost of 59$ per month with following advantages.

Unlimited Words(FUP), Magic Command, Length control, Multi-outputs, Up to 5 Devices, Text Rewriter, Article Workflow, Various Tones, Auto-Save, 40+ Templates, Sentences continuation, Rephrase paragraphs, Expand phrases.

Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai
Heyfriday.ai prices


Hypotenuse.ai offers two plans. They have no free plan. They do have a free trial. There is a plan where one can customize the word count according to their need.

1. STARTER PLAN – offers 25k words for 24$ with these features – Credits roll over from month to month, Article writing workflow, 200 watermark-free AI images (50 generations), Bulk product descriptions, Standard support, 1 user seat

2. GROWTH PLAN -Offers 87.5k words 49$ with following features – Credits roll over from month to month, Access to everything in Starter, Unlimited watermark-free AI images, 25 plagiarism checks on articles, Priority email and chat support, 1 user seat

HYpotenuse.ai prices

4. Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai : Languages supported

When comparing both the AI writers in terms of the languages they support, Hypotenuse.ai wins the game here. It has 28 languages that supports writing content. When looking at Heyfriday.ai, the content can only be written in English which is a drawback.

Hypotenuse.ai languages

5. Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai : SEO optimization and plagiarism check

Both tools have SEO optimization. The content is generated based on the keyword given and is very well generated in terms of SEO. Looking at the plagiarism check, it is only provided by Hypotenuse.ai, although only in the paid version. Heyfriday.ai does not have a plagiarism checker. So in this case the winner would be Hypotenuse.ai.

6. Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai : Extra tools and resources

As AI writers continue to evolve, they are becoming increasingly equipped with extra tools to assist users in their work. There are many different types of AI writers available online, each with its own unique set of features. However, there are a few extra tools that can be used to make your writing experience even better.

There are many extra tools provided by Heyfridai.ai which are also free for use. This makes Hetfriday.ai more advantageous.

There are no free or extra tools available in Hypotenuse.ai.

7. Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai : Templates

There are now many templates available online for those looking to create content using AI. While some of these are free, others come with a fee. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a template for your AI writer. One of the most important things to consider is the purpose of the template. Some templates are designed for general use, while others are geared toward specific types of content, such as marketing or technical writing. Make sure to choose a template that is appropriate for the type of content you plan to create.

Heyfriday has about 40+ templates. Some of these templates are very useful in creating content without having to explain the AI too much about the content that is required.

Hypotenuse.ai has about 18 templates, which is less compared to Heyfriday.ai, but the templates are really useful and the ones which are most commonly required.

Heyfriday.ai vs Hypotenuse.ai
Hypotenuse.ai templates

Wrapping It Up

Looking at the conclusion of which tool is better will entirely depend upon one’s requirements for the tool. Content-wise, both AI writing tools are great. The content generated by both tools is great. If one looks at the grammar check, only Heyfriday has it and Hypotenuse.ai does not have a grammar check.

In terms of plagiarism, both have plagiarism-free content, although only Hypotenuse.ai has a plagiarism checker. So if you require a Plagiarism checker it is better to go for Hypotenuse.ai.

When we look at the plans, Heyfriday has better plans with more number of words for a lesser price. They also have a plan with unlimited words. So, it is better to go for HeyFriday if the pricing is the main criteria of your choice.

Looking at the templates, Heyfriday has more templates than Hypotenuse.ai. Both have excellent customer support, so both are equal in this case.

Overall, Heyfriday is a much better option than Hypotenuse.ai if one can ignore not having a Plagiarism checker.

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