Top 15 December Content Ideas for Social Media

Top 15 December Content Ideas

December marks the festive finale of the year, echoing with the joyous chime of sleigh bells and the vibrant spirit of party hats! 

In line with our tradition, we’re thrilled to share our carefully curated collection of December content ideas for social media. Whether you’re aiming to spice up your social feeds without diving into a full-blown Christmas campaign or just seeking fresh inspiration, you’re in the perfect spot.

Our mission remains steadfast: to empower everyone to create top-tier visual content for their marketing endeavors.

If you’re looking for fun and creative December post ideas for social media, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we will explore effective ways to infuse your online presence with holiday cheer.

From interactive challenges to heartwarming stories, our goal is to ensure your audience remains not only engaged but thoroughly inspired throughout this joyous festive season. Read on!

Top 15 December Content Ideas for Social Media

Below are some enchanting content ideas to sprinkle holiday magic across your social media platforms:

1. Capitalize on Important Dates in December

December Content Ideas - Capitalize on Important dates in December

There are numerous occasions you can capitalize on in December, and they don’t necessarily have to be limited to Christmas and New Year. Even the little occasions can be turned into a theme for content.

For example, Instagram content ideas for December can include posts related to Christmas Card Day or even Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.

Look at the calendar, have a plan of action, and get your content ready beforehand. This way, you can strategically align your content with key dates, creating a diverse and engaging social media calendar.

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2. Share Some Interesting Gift Ideas

Share your top picks for Christmas gifts, highlighting unique and thoughtful options that will make the holiday season special.

If you have a personal favorite or a product you’ve created, be sure to include it in your list to add a personal touch to your recommendations.

Christmas gift ideas post

You can get more particular with your audience for B2B enterprises by giving presents to those who work in your specific sector. This one is great for a Twitter conversation!

3. Show Off Your Festive Team

December Content Ideas - Show off your festive team

Everyone enjoys seeing the people behind the brands. Show your social media followers what your staff is up to over the holidays, whether it’s decorating the workplace, donning Christmas sweaters, or arguing whether it’s too early to play Christmas music.

4. Don’t Forget Captions!

Captions are integral to social media posts and are also a great way to add a holiday twist to your typical December Content. Here are a few tips on creating creative captions to get the most out of them. 

  • Start with a hook or a question to grab attention and encourage engagement. 
  • Keep them short and sweet.
  • Remember to use emojis. 

You could also include an eye-catching call to action to drive that extra bit of engagement on your posts. 

5. Jolly Holiday Pets – December Content Ideas

Instagram just can’t get enough of loveable and goofy animal content. They are some of the most popular content on the platform.

Combining your social media content with holiday-themed pet content is one of the best December content ideas for social media you can come up with. 

holiday pet post

6. Start a Festive Discussion

Looking to start a discussion or have a heated debate? Consider conducting a social media survey to capture opinions on re-gifting, the appeal of gift cards as presents, and whether secret Santa is viewed more as a chore than a game.

December Content Ideas - Start a festive discussion

7. Festive-Themed Cocktails

Encourage folks to be more creative with their drinks during this time of year, particularly with all of those Christmas parties on the horizon.

Why not share your team’s favorite holiday cocktails and get suggestions from your audience? It will not only add a touch of warmth and merriment to your gatherings but also foster a sense of community and shared joy.

holiday cocktail post

8. Share DIY Cards Inspirations

Everyone appreciates a hand-crafted, personalized gift or card, so providing ideas and advice for make-at-home cards may be quite beneficial to individuals who want to show their loved ones how much they care.

December Content Ideas - Share DIY cards Inspirations

9. Conduct a Live Holiday Quiz

There’s a reason quizzes were everywhere during the pandemic; they’re simple to conduct digitally, and people like them. Set up a live broadcast and pose a series of festive questions to your consumers to test their seasonal expertise. 

If it proves to be a popular concept, you may even have additional quizzes throughout the year.

10. Provide Exciting Christmas Activities Suggestions

Provide your audience with options for Christmas activities or even Christmas dates for individuals who wish to do something festive away from their computer screen.

You can be as particular or as generic as you like (smaller local businesses might recommend actual places in the area, while other brands might suggest general activities like ice skating or decoration shopping).

11. Costumes Ideas

Costumes Ideas

Costume parties are common during holiday gatherings, particularly when animals or children are present.

Give your audience costume ideas and share photos of some of your proposals in action. Request suggestions from your audience as well.

12. Share the Holiday Playlist

Your best seasonal song selections will have everyone dancing around the Christmas tree.

You can also use Instagram Stories to construct ‘would you rather’ polls to find out which music your consumers like listening to. Additionally, you can create collaborative playlists on platforms like Spotify, where your audience can contribute their favorite holiday tunes.

Christmas playlist post

13. Tasty Treats and Festive Foods

Christmas could be a nice time to try out new recipes or baked products.

Compile a collection of amazing Christmas recipes to inspire your audience to get creative in the kitchen: think gingerbread, mince pies, star-shaped sweets, and so on.

Christmas foods post

14. Unleash Your Funny Bone

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, and fill your social media feeds with laughter! Sharing holiday jokes is a surefire way to spread cheer and light up the festive season.

Dig into your repertoire of merry one-liners or discover some new gems online. You can even turn this into a competition for your followers by encouraging them to share their best one-liners. 

Not only is that a great way to boost engagement, but it will also give you a treasure trove of user-generated content you can re-share.

15. Show Your Traditions

Show your traditions

December is the month of celebration, and each of us celebrates Christmas by following our unique rituals with friends and family. Share your unique traditions and encourage your audience to do the same, no matter how quirky. 

You can even make this into a competition or highlight the most wholesome or the ones that generate the most laughs. 

Wrapping It Up

December is the perfect time to get creative with holiday ideas. You can celebrate for a whole week or even a whole month! Make cool visual articles to share with your friends.

If you use our templates, show us on social media. We want to see how you celebrate these special days.

For more such insightful ideas and comprehensive guides, check out today!

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