How to Save Songs on Instagram?

How to save songs on Instagram

We’ve all been there: scrolling through Instagram, mesmerized by a reel’s vibrant visuals, only to be completely captivated by the accompanying music. Today, we’re here to crack the code and reveal the secrets to saving ANY song from Instagram, whether it’s embedded in a captivating reel, a fleeting story, or even a seemingly simple post.

Forget missing out on hidden musical gems or agonizing over unidentified melodies! 

We’ll explore multiple techniques to help you identify the best one based on your technical proficiency. Additionally, we’ll address common queries such as “How to download entire songs from Instagram” and “Is it possible to save songs from Instagram stories?”

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Understanding Instagram’s ‘Song Saving’ Feature

Have you ever come across a catchy tune on Instagram and wished you could save it for later? That’s where “Song Saving” comes in. It’s a nifty feature on Instagram that lets you do just that – save songs! Whether it’s a trendy beat, a melodious melody, or an edited track, you can keep it handy for your reels, posts, or stories.

Sometimes, those songs you stumble upon might not be readily available on other platforms like YouTube. In such cases, saving them on Instagram ensures you can listen to them whenever you want. Plus, you can even use one of these saved songs in your future reels or posts, adding that extra flair to your content to grow organically.

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Basics of Saving Songs

With Instagram’s algorithm giving priority to content featuring music, brands, and content creators need to hop on the melody train. That’s where knowing how to utilize the “Song Saving” feature becomes crucial.

By saving songs directly from Instagram, creators and brand managers save themselves time and hassle. No more scouring random apps in search of that perfect track you heard on someone’s reel. Instead, you can quickly access it, use it in your content, or simply enjoy listening to it right within the Instagram app. Its convenience and creativity rolled into one neat package.

Accessing Song Saving

The song-saving feature isn’t hidden or new. You can save a song in just two to three clicks. When you see a post, reel, or story, you might see the name of the song written in one corner of the content. The song is clickable, so you can click on it and see other content on the same song.

save songs on instagram
Accessing Song Saving

How to Save a Song?

To Save Songs on Instagram, you need to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the reel, post, or the story that you like.
  • Click on the Song Title. You can find just below the user name of the content creator.
  • Now, you will see a different screen where the song and other content on the same song are visible.
  • Click on the Save option available at the top right corner of the screen. The song is now saved.
save songs on instagram
Save songs on Instagram

Viewing Saved Songs

After saving a particular song that you liked or want to use in your upcoming post, you might wonder where the songs are saved on Instagram. The question here is logical enough because there is no direct option available anywhere on the feed or chat box.

Follow the steps mentioned below to view the saved songs:

  • Open your Instagram application.
  • Click on the Profile icon that is available lower right corner of your screen.
Save Songs on Instagram
Locate the Profile icon on Instagram

  • When you click on the Profile icon, you will be redirected to your profile, where you will find a Hamburger icon on the upper right corner of the screen. Click on the same.
Save Songs on Instagram
Find hamburger icon

  • You will see several options on your screen when you click on the hamburger icon. You must click the Saved option to see all your saved stuff.
Save Songs on Instagram
Locate Saved option

  • You will now see all the content you saved in different folders. Locate the Audio folder and click on the same.
Save Songs on Instagram
Locate audio folder

  • All the songs are saved in one place in the audio folder.
Song Saving
Find the saved songs in the Audio folder

Unsaving Songs

Suppose you accidentally saved a song that you do not like, or you might change your mind. In that case, you can unsave the song too.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to your Profile by clicking on the Profile icon.
  • Click on the Hamburger sign available on your profile.
  • Now, click on the Saved option.
  • Click on the Audio folder and click on the song you want to unsave.
  • Click on the Save icon again, which is available in the upper right corner of your screen.
Song Saving
Unsave the song

Well, you simply have to click the Save option again, which is available on the screen where the song and the content with the same song appear.

Why Use Song Saving on Instagram?

As a content creator, you do not have to be professional enough to edit the existing song or do something extra. Reels on Instagram allow you to create short videos that are brief, impactful, and fascinating. To make editing easier, there are timer and countdown options available. There are a lot of options.

For instance, you could overlay text that appears, disappears, moves, and more over these mini-movies. When the content is ready, background audio or music will make it perfect to upload. A pre-existing music library will be a great help; the reel can use sounds at any point. Let’s dive deep into the benefits of song saving on Instagram.

Song saving has several benefits:

  • Organize Your Music: When you save songs on Instagram, you already create a short playlist with all your favorite music. This music collection will help you in creating content and listening.
  • Discover New Music: When a song is released officially on YouTube or in a movie, it is uploaded on Instagram. How? There are millions of users on Instagram. So, when a song gets exposure (even a little), someone uploads it. Therefore, you can discover new music and save it, too. Also, you might like the edited or aesthetic version of the songs you generally never liked.
  • Share Your Tastes: You can save songs on Instagram from your friends’ posts or stories. Also, you can show them your playlist on Instagram and listen to the songs with your friends.
  • Quick Access: It is a great idea to save songs on Instagram. Suppose you like a reel and you are vibing on the music that the same reel has but are unable to find the same song on other apps or you might have to put extra effort into finding the same. In that case, song saving on Instagram helps a lot. You can simply save the song and listen to it later.

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Where to Find Song Saving on Instagram?

Instagram is among the most useful apps for brands, individuals, and companies. Among all the other features available on Instagram, song saving is the most helpful. However, there is no direct option for song saving on the dashboard. We have to share, like, save reels/posts, and many other options, but we need to tap more to save songs.

Instagram Stories

You can save songs from the stories of the ones you’re following and the public/business accounts.

Follow the steps below:

  • Open your Instagram application.
  • Find the story carousel on the top of your screen.
  • You need to click on that one person’s story whom you follow. If you want to go to a public account you do not follow; then you need to go to their profile and click on their Profile Picture.
  • Now, you will see the name of the song written just below the person’s username.
  • Simply click on the song title.
  • The next step is to click on the Save option at the right corner of your upper screen.
Song Saving on Instagram through Stories
Song Saving on Instagram through Stories

Instagram Reels

You might find an amazing song or audio while scrolling Instagram reels. Also, you might wish to listen to that song later or use the same audio in your upcoming reel. Let’s save a song from a random Instagram video.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, open your Instagram application.
  • Go to the reels section or just find the reel that you like.
  • Now, you will see the name of the song or Original Audio written just below the person’s username and the caption.
  • Simply, click on the song title or Original Audio.
  • The next step is to click on the Save option available at the right corner of your upper screen.
Save songs on Instagram through reels
Save songs on Instagram through reels

Explore Tab

Explore tab on Instagram is a whole package of random and exciting content. You can get random and popular content in the explore tab. There, you can also find different songs or the ones you haven’t heard yet.

Let’s save some songs from the Explore Tab:

  • Open your Instagram app and find the Search icon.
  • You will get the icon at the lower half of the screen. Click on it.
  • Explore Tab with random content including posts and reels will appear.
  • Now, scroll and get a post with a song that you like.
  • It’s time to repeat the steps of song saving. Click on the Song Title and then, click on the Save option.
Song Saving on Instagram
Save songs on Instagram through the Explore Tab

Understanding Song Saving Limitations on Instagram

Encountering difficulties saving songs on Instagram? Rest assured, several factors might explain this missing functionality. Addressing them can help you enjoy the full scope of this feature.

  1. Restricted Availability: Licensing agreements sometimes limit song availability for saving. While frustrating, it’s crucial to respect artist and copyright holder restrictions.
  2. Regional Constraints: Geo-restricted songs might only be savable in specific regions. If you’re traveling or using a VPN, this could explain the missing “Save” button.
  3. Account Considerations: Ensure you’re logged into an active Instagram account with a stable internet connection. Temporary glitches or bugs can be addressed by logging out and back in or restarting the app.
  4. Outdated Software: Check for and install app updates from the App Store or Google Play. Older versions might harbor issues impacting saving functionality.
  5. Storage Concerns: If your device storage is nearing capacity, downloading saved songs might be restricted. Freeing up space can resolve this hindrance.
  6. Content Type Variations: Stories and reels often allow song saving, while features like Live videos or IGTV might not due to differing content guidelines.
  7. Account Restrictions: In rare instances, Instagram might temporarily restrict your account, disabling features like song saving. Contact Instagram support for clarification if you suspect this applies.
  8. Troubleshooting and Reporting: If these steps don’t resolve the issue, report it directly to Instagram through their in-app support channels.


The final notes fade, and the reel ends, but the melody lingers. Don’t let that catchy tune or soulful lyric slip away! Saving songs on Instagram is more than just building a playlist; it’s weaving a tapestry of your sonic journey. Each saved track whispers a story – a memory sparked by a friend’s story, a hidden gem unearthed through Reels, or an artist discovered on a late-night exploration.

But how do you harness the full potential of your saved music? Enter, the ultimate maestro for your Instagram music collection. Organize your saved songs with ease, curate themed playlists for every occasion, and even extract high-quality audio to enjoy offline. goes beyond organization; it unlocks a world of creativity. Transform your saved music into stunning social media content, share your playlists with the world, and collaborate with friends to build the ultimate sonic experience.

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