Why can’t I see comments on Facebook? Reasons and fixes

Facebook is a leading social media that many users are into since a long time. Even before snapchat or Instagram, Facebook has been a very popular social media site that most people prefer. It is an app where photos and videos are posted, and also there are other options like posting disappearing stories. But sometimes there might be some bugs in the app and many can’t see comments on Facebook.

This is a common problem faced and reported by many users. Isn’t it frustrating when you open Facebook after a long day and can’t see comments on Facebook? This issue can be rectified with tricks in the following blog. Since Facebook is a popular social media and many users are constantly on the site at the same time, there might be some bugs and glitches in the app. Read further to more about what to do when you can’t see comments on Facebook.

comments on Facebook
Facebook comments

Why can’t I see comments on Facebook? Reasons –

There can be a lot of reasons why you can’t see comments on Facebook. It might be a glitch in the app or the website. There might be a glitch in your phone as well. If you are using social media on a browser, there can be a problem with the browser or there might be a glitch in the browser.

There are times when we face issues where comments are not visible to us. Otherwise, the comments might be visible but when we try to load more comments, we can’t see comments on Facebook.

A lot of times using a battery saver will also cause a certain glitch in the app. This is simply because the battery saver hinders certain functions in the app creating a bug. Other reasons could be the internet connectivity and related issues. Following are some easy and feasible tips and tricks if you also can’t see comments on Facebook.

Why I can’t see comments on Facebook? Quick fixes –

There are multiple factors that go into Facebook issues as mentioned above. Go through the following tips to quickly fix the issue if you can’t see comments on Facebook.

1. Check internet connectivity

Most of the time there could be a problem with internet connectivity. Checking the internet connection will help in knowing if this issue is due to slow internet. If the issue is due to the internet, turn off and turn on the internet. If it does not help then simply turn into airplane mode. Turn off after a few seconds and this should resolve the internet connectivity issue. Checking the Wi-Fi connection will also sort the issue if the connection disturbance is from that side.

2. Check for Facebook outage

Sometimes you might not be the only one who can’t see comments on Facebook. It may be an issue due to the Facebook outage. If there is a Facebook outage, most people using Facebook will be facing the same issue. Open google and check for a Facebook outage and if it is present, you might just have to wait till it comes down. Check for a Facebook outage if the other means do not work to restore the comments.

3. Clear Facebook app cache | can’t see comments on Facebook –

Accumulation of a lot of app cache can also result in technical issues in the app. Simply clear the app cache of Facebook to resolve this issue.

For android phone, go to settings on the phone. Click on the application manager and find the Facebook app. Click on it and go to the option of storage in it. now click on clear app cache. This should resolve the problem if you can’t see comments on Facebook.

For iPhone, go to settings, and open app manager. Click on Facebook and delete the app. Reinstall the app again, this will clear the app cache.

clearing app cache
Deleting app cache

4. Restart your phone

Sometimes the phone might be the problem, and there could be some glitch within the phone. Restarting the phone may help in clearing the glitch. If you can’t see comments on Facebook even after restarting, try to reboot the phone. To restart the phone long press the power button and choose the restart option. Switching off the phone and switching it on again will also help in rectifying the issue.

restarting your smartphone
Restarting the phone

5. Update the Facebook app

Using an outdated version of the app will only hinder the functions of any app. It will also reduce the quality of its function. So, it is better to always keep the app updated to avoid these issues. Go to the play store and search for Facebook. Click on the update the app option. On iPhone go to the app store and search for the Facebook app. Click on the update option. This will also help in rectifying the issue if you can’t see comments on Facebook.

updating facebook app
Update the Facebook app

6. Refresh the app | can’t see comments on Facebook –

Usually, if there has been an internet connectivity issue, the app might be stuck and not loading the comments. Refreshing the app will restore the page and the comments will re-appear. Simply slide the screen down on the home page to refresh the app. Now go to the comments and click on load comments to see if the problem is rectified.

7. Force stop the app

If other options do not work and the comments are still not visible, do not worry! We have another trick to help you resolve the problem. Go to settings on your phone’s home page. Click on the app manager and find the Facebook option. Now click on force stop the app. Wait for a minute or two and reopen the app. You will see the comments are now visible.

force stop facebook app
Force stopping Facebook app

8. Reinstall the app

Meanwhile, an easy way to deal if you can’t see comments on Facebook is to simply delete the app from your phone and reinstall it. Go to the app store or google play. Search for Facebook and uninstall the app. Reinstall the app again and log in to your account. This should most probably deal with the bug.

9. Log in again | can’t see comments in Facebook –

A simple way to rectify the issue if you can’t see comments on Facebook is to simply log out of the account and log in again. Go to the settings in the Facebook app. Scroll to the bottom to see an option called ‘Log out”. Click on it. once logged out, log in to the account again by typing your Email and password. This should rectify the issue.

10. Tips when using Facebook on browser

If using Facebook on your browser and you can’t see comments on Facebook, follow the tricks mentioned below. Reload the home page. If still not helping clear the browsing history. Go to settings on Facebook and click on account settings. Find an option called browser and click on it, select clear data. This will clear the cache and restore the efficacy of Facebook. Try to log out and log in again to rectify the issue. You can also clear the tab and reopen Facebook in another tab.

When in trouble with Facebook comments not being visible, follow the above tips and tricks to resolve the problem. Try to keep the app updated at all times. use a good internet connection to avoid getting glitches. If not able to resolve the issue, report the problem on the Facebook app to get it rectified.  

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