Promoting Legal Events and Webinars on Social Media

Creating Engaging Legal Content on TikTok: Tips and Tricks

Social media has proven itself to be one of the best avenues to promote a business in today’s competitive marketing landscape. Law firms are no different. In fact, statistics show that about 71% of lawyers are getting clients from social media, despite the fact that 43% of law firms have no marketing budget whatsoever. 

Social media platforms offer lawyers and law firms as a whole the opportunity to establish a strong presence in their audience’s minds, and there are myriad tactics you can use to do so.

If you’re looking for the best tips for promoting legal events and webinars on Social Media, such as conferences or webinars, this guide will give you all the information you need. 

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Marketing your legal events on social media offers various benefits. From being able to tailor content to your audiences more personally to creating engaging marketing and promotional content, the list is endless.

This section discusses some of the best strategies you can use before, during, and after your event to promote them effectively. 

One of the most important things to remember about social media marketing is that it must be unique. Gone are the days when law firms, or any other business for that matter, could directly promote an event with no other content supporting how it could benefit potential attendees.

With the market being as competitive as it is, customers must see the value your webinar, for example, can offer them before they register for it. This is where it becomes crucial for you to create a set of unique posts marketing your event that you can use across the various social channels you have a presence on. 

For starters, you must start building some buzz for your event. This could be in the form of Q&As asking your audience questions they might have, which the webinar will answer for them.

For example, if you’re organizing a webinar on the legal implications of a new set of privacy laws, you can ask your audience questions such as:

  • How do the new laws impact businesses’ use of social media platforms?
  • How does this law affect businesses whose operations are global?
  • How will the law be enforced, and how will violations be dealt with practically?

Chances are, your ideal target audience for this webinar will have similar questions in mind and will need to understand how to navigate them as a part of their operations. These questions can then give them an idea of what the webinar will be about and how attending it can benefit them. 

Another idea is to directly highlight the benefits of the webinar. You can do this in the form of a series of posts or stories that you can then save to your Instagram highlights.

Here’s an example of how Leap, a notable legal software provider, advertised its presence at the Philadelphia Bar Association. 

Screenshot of LEAP Legal Software US event


A close look at the other posts on Leap’s LinkedIn page will show you how it consistently highlights its benefits for law firms and legal professionals. Combine these informative posts with a direct invitation to an event where law firms can find out how Leap can help them first-hand, making for excellent promotion. offers a host of tools, such as an Instagram Story Maker and a Social Media Ad Copy generator, that you can use to create compelling content to market your legal events. 

Promoting webinars on LinkedIn is another brilliant strategy that you can use, as it gives you access to an intent-driven audience that’s more likely to sign up or register for your events. 

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2. Creating a Sense of Urgency Using Countdowns

Nothing builds a sense of urgency for an event someone’s interested in than the thought of registering for it too late. Countdowns are a great way of building this sense of urgency among those segments of your audience who could find value in what your webinar or event has to offer.

After all, the fear of missing out (FOMO) plays a crucial role in influencing our behavior, and you must capitalize on it to ensure higher registration numbers and turnarounds. This is also where it helps to increase the length of your promotion cycle.

Statistics show that 24% of webinar registrations happen at least 15 days before the day of the event. 

This is why it makes sense to ensure that you start promoting your event at least a month in advance, as doing so ensures you stand the best chance of reaching a higher number of potential attendees. A longer promotion cycle also gives you the benefit of being able to use tools like countdowns on your social media channels to get more people to register. 

However, keep in mind that the posts that count down to the event continue to offer value to your audience at all times. For instance, you could use these posts to mention any notable speakers or panel members who will be a part of the event, along with what they intend to speak on.

The more transparent you are about the value your audiences can get from attending your event, the more likely they are to register. 

Your cover photos on your social media handles are prime real estate for you to promote a legal event you’re hosting. You can easily add cover photos to your law firm’s Facebook page, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn Page, and even change the profile picture on your Instagram handle. 

When designing a cover photo, always ensure that the primary USP of the event is highlighted and clearly visible. This way, it stands the best chance of being informative at a glance, enticing your audiences to learn more about it. 

However, the cover photo must work in collaboration with the other posts on your social profiles. While you will probably post several updates about the event, its speakers, its benefits, and more, you can pin the main promotional posts to the top of your social media profiles. 

Further, ensuring that the visual theme and information on your cover photos and pinned posts are synchronized can help audiences easily find more information should they decide to look for it. 

4. Capitalize on Influencer Marketing

According to statistics, the influencer marketing industry stands at $21.1 billion in 2023 and is only set to increase with time. Additionally, about 67% of brands are considering increasing their expenditure on influencer marketing, which shows the potential this avenue offers. 

Collaborating with legal influencers to help promote your legal events and webinars can thus be a great option. This is because it gives you access to a whole market segment that’s particularly interested in the law and its practical implications.

Influencer marketing can also be a great option to consider before, during, and after your event, as it ensures continued promotion across the event’s life cycle. 

If you can combine this with an on-demand strategy, you can increase your chances of reaching a much wider audience. An on-demand strategy, for instance, works by offering audiences access to the event or webinar digitally even if they haven’t been able to attend it live or in person. is a smart combination of HootSuite, ChatGPT, and Canva that offers you a host of tools to create engaging content for your social media handles. As a law firm organizing a legal event or webinar, for example, you must create compelling content that promotes and generates interest among your audiences. 

With, you can use the power of AI to create Instagram Stories, Reels, Shorts, and TikTok videos, generate Social Media Ad Copy, and even convert blogs to informative social media posts. These tools give you an array of options to promote your webinar efficiently, thereby allowing your marketing team to spend more time on crucial strategic operations. 

Whether you’re boosting legal events on Instagram or designing creatives for your LinkedIn page, offers a host of tools that can help you streamline your social media content creation. 

In Conclusion

A successful legal event or webinar can be a great way to establish your law firm’s credibility in a saturated market. However, ensuring its success requires an effective social media marketing strategy.

While there are several things you can do while promoting legal events and webinars on social media, you must keep aspects such as longer promotion cycles, the use of value-adding information, and the consistency of your promotion in mind.

Ensuring these while creating compelling content that promotes your events by informing audiences of how it can offer them value can go a long way in increasing registrations and overall turnout.

If you’re organizing a webinar and are looking for a way to streamline your social media marketing efforts, make sure to check out how can help. Its AI-based platform offers a host of tools that you can leverage to promote your event on social media successfully.

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