Maximize Engagement with Polls and Quizzes for Law Firms

Maximize Engagement with Polls, Quizzes for Law Firms

If you are considering adopting digital marketing and social media for your customer outreach, we have good and bad news. The good news is that these platforms are ripe for marketing and can help you expand your customer base beyond the limited circle.

But then comes the bad news. If you are just starting or have recently started using social media for your law firm marketing, you are not alone. Almost every law firm is using social media marketing for similar outreach.

If you scroll through your social media feed, you will notice post after post about legal jargon, complex cases, and courtroom dramas. After a point, you may not even read all the details and scroll past.

This is why we need to use an interactive approach to posting on social media. Say you stumble upon a quiz titled “Are you legally savvy? Test your knowledge!”.

Your curiosity piqued, you clicked and started answering questions about contracts, consumer rights, and inheritance laws. You learn something new, chuckle at a witty question, and even share the quiz with your friends.

Research indicates that this interactive content format can help you generate 2x more conversions and get 5x more views than static content.

So, instead of going the traditional route of sharing an endless list of brochures, legal posts, and press releases, we recommend trying out the power of polls and quizzes for law firm marketing.

Why is Engagement Crucial for Law Firms?

Imagine having thousands of followers but almost zero to no interactions on your posts. Most social media users today are bombarded with legal advice and clickbait posts, which they neither interact with nor read in detail.

To truly connect with your audience and build a thriving practice, you must shift from being a passive provider of information to an active participant in their legal journey.

Polls and quizzes for law firms can help you improve this gap and ensure that your audience doesn’t just follow you but also interacts with your posts. Engagement helps your posts reach a wider audience and has multiple other benefits, such as:

1. Humanizes Your Expertise

Legal jargon and complex cases can feel intimidating. Quizzes and polls allow you to showcase your knowledge in a relatable way, using humor, wit, and real-world scenarios.

This creates a more approachable persona, building trust and rapport with your audience.

2. Uncovers Valuable Insights

Polls and quizzes give you direct access to your audience’s legal concerns and interests. By noting the reactions to your polls, you can understand their pain points and tailor your services to address them directly.

This targeted approach leads to more qualified leads and happier clients.

3. Builds Community and Loyalty

Engagement goes beyond mere information exchange. Polls and quizzes create a space for interaction, discussion, and even a little friendly competition.

This fosters a sense of community around your brand, turning clients into loyal advocates who spread the word about your expertise.

4. Boosts Organic Reach

Engaging content gets shared, liked, and commented on, expanding your reach far beyond paid advertising. Every quiz taker becomes a potential brand ambassador, organically spreading awareness about your law firm and its unique value proposition.

5. Generates Leads and Clients

Well-crafted polls and quizzes for law firms can capture valuable data about your audience’s legal interests and challenges, turning them into warm leads for your practice.

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6 Ideas on Polls and Quizzes for Law Firms

Now that we understand the power of polls and quizzes for law firms, here is a look at some of the interesting quiz and poll inspiration for law firms.

When using interactive polls on LinkedIn or any other platform, you need to go for a topic that is in the news. If you are looking for poll ideas or law firms, simply scroll through your LinkedIn or social media feed and note the trending topics.

You can even understand this by the hashtags that are trending on the particular platform. Once you have the information you need, craft a poll that is relevant to it. 

2. Go Beyond the Normal

Most lawyers tend to stick to quizzes and polls that are focused on a particular topic and are serious in nature. But they forget a crucial element. Social media is not just for information sharing; it is also about creativity and entertainment. 

Take this example from The University of Law. It asks a fictional question that is still highly targeted toward the legal niche but goes beyond the normal. Such polls hit the mark and help your audience get some respite from the tense atmosphere of the courtrooms.


3. Answer Simple Questions

On platforms like Instagram, you need to use captivating visuals to help you get attention from your users. This is where a relevant question works.

By being specific and answering simple questions, you do not just have a pop quiz with random answers. You can even allow the audience to interact and ask deeper questions on the topic.

4. Ask Questions That Intrigue the Audience

Another way to use quizzes and polls for law firms is to ask questions on historic cases and use this as a talking point. Take this example on X by Cynical Publius. It allows attorneys and legal experts to chime in, while you can always add your viewpoints to it and capture the audience’s attention. 

The reactions to this poll tell you just how powerful polls and quizzes can be! 


5. Get Audience Reactions

Your polls and quizzes aren’t just about testing the knowledge of your users. This is also a great opportunity to get audience reactions and understand the problems they are facing. 

The polls or quizzes will also help understand the issues that most users face. By gauging audience reaction to these posts, you can even have a targeted outreach and gain relevant leads.

6. Build a Following Using Video Quizzes

Did you know that your quizzes don’t just have to be static? You can even add a video and ask your audience pointed questions, just like what Arash Zad did in his recent pop quiz. He answers the question and also includes a CTA to allow users to DM him for additional questions.


Using To Generate Stories

Ready to create polls and quizzes of your own? What if you could do this in a matter of minutes using a powerful AI content-creation tool? does just this. It can take your simple instructions to create powerful and engaging legal content in just a few seconds.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account or create one if you do not have one. Predis allows you to create a free account without any credit card required.
  2. Next, head to Content Library and click on ‘Create New.’
  3. From here, you can input your instructions to create the post you need.
  4. And you are done! In just a few clicks, you have generated powerful content that you can now edit and upload to your social media accounts.

Tips to Stay Relevant with Polls and Quizzes

Your law firm’s polls and quizzes might spark initial engagement, but what keeps your audience coming back for more?

Here are some tips to optimize your strategy and ensure lasting impact:

1. Embrace the Data: Don’t just create polls and quizzes; analyze the results! Track participation rates, time spent, and answer choices to understand your audience’s interests and pain points.

2. Keep it Fresh: Avoid repetitive formats and predictable questions. Experiment with different types of polls, quizzes, and even interactive elements like image-based challenges or personality tests.

3. Be Timely and Relevant: Don’t miss out on trending topics or current events. Integrate legal aspects of newsworthy issues into your quizzes or polls, offering insightful commentary and dynamically showcasing your expertise.

4. Weave in Storytelling: Facts and figures are important, but stories stick. Use relatable scenarios, real-life examples, and even humor to make your polls and quizzes engaging and memorable.

5. Foster Community: Encourage discussion in the comments, respond to questions, and address concerns. This interactive approach cultivates a sense of community around your brand and keeps your audience invested.

6. Cross-Promote and Repurpose: Share your polls and quizzes across your social media platforms, website, and email marketing campaigns. Repurpose engaging questions into blog posts, infographics, or even video scripts. This allows you to maximize your reach and squeeze every ounce of value out of your content.


In the ever-evolving legal landscape of social media marketing, standing out from the crowd requires more than just legal expertise.

You need to leverage your expertise to create content that gets engagement, educates the audience, and has a touch of creative spark. This is where polls and quizzes for law firms come in, transforming from mere marketing tools to powerful catalysts for building trust, generating leads, and nurturing a thriving law firm.

By incorporating these tips into your polls and quizzes strategy, your law firm can maintain a vibrant and evolving digital presence. By doing so, your law firm can navigate the digital landscape with confidence, fostering engagement, building connections, and ensuring a lasting impact.

For creating polls, quizzes, and other engagement content for your social media, you can use to get started. With AI content creation, you can speed up your social media posting cycle and improve lead generation and engagement.

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