Using Instagram Reels for Landscaping Inspiration and Tips

Using Instagram Reels for Landscaping Inspiration and Tips

Instagram is popular because it offers beautiful visuals to its users that are entertaining and informative at the same time. The platform is excellent for businesses to woo customers by posting visually aesthetic content of the nature of the business banks on it.

For example, landscaping business owners can benefit tremendously from the platform by creating Instagram reels for landscaping that display their work.

With that said it can be daunting to come up with new ideas for every reel to post on Instagram. Through this blog, you will get ten fantastic ideas and inspirations, on top of which you can build your own landscaping Instagram reels.

Benefits of Landscaping Reels for Businesses

Businesses have already made themselves comfortable using Instagram posts and stories to generate more leads. They must, however, take note that reels generate more views because they are short and get to the point quickly. Your business gets about 90 seconds to capture viewer attention and showcase your best work.

This is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to capture a wide portion of the audience that engages with reels more than any other format of posts on Instagram.

Some benefits of using reels include:

  • Engagement: Reels improve viewer engagement and reach. While users quickly scroll down from static posts, reels capture attention for longer.
  • Content diversification: Your business can diversify its Instagram content using reels and stories in addition to static posts.
  • Social selling: If you are formulating social selling strategies, reels can become a central part of giving you more opportunities to showcase your landscaping skills.
  • Sentiment-oriented content: Reels enable your landscaping business to create a storyline of a project, involving the clients and their feedback, the before-and-after pictures of your project, and much more. It gives a sentiment-oriented selling point to your reels.
  • Promos: You can place products in your reel videos for promotional purposes.
  • HQ content: Reels can be used to showcase high-resolution content with trending audio.

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8 Reel Tips for Landscaping Inspiration on Instagram

Did you know that every single day, people across Instagram and Facebook play over 140 billion reels?

Here are ten Instagram reels for landscaping to help you create the best landscaping reels for your Instagram page.

1. Before and After Transformation Reels

Countless landscaping businesses like to capture user attention on Instagram by posting drastic transformations of a landscape after their work is done.

The “Before” pictures usually denote a problematic or bare space that a client commissions to the landscaper. The “After” pictures showcase the same space in the same scale and perspective but completely transformed from the landscaping work.

The reels made using such concepts highlight improvement and space-use possibilities to generate more engagement and impressions on each post. They are an excellent way to showcase how your landscaping business handles challenges.

Reel idea: JCS Lawn Care demonstrates how a landscaped space looked before they cleaned it and how it looked after maintenance.


2. Answer Common Questions

In order to generate better engagement on Instagram, your landscaping business can leverage the power of reels to answer commonly asked questions. Customers may look at your page and have several frequently asked queries that you can address then and there, giving them further options through a call to action placed strategically.

Reel Idea: Perfect Landscaping has posted slides to answer FAQs in their field. Your business can leverage the same concept to create a reel with questions like blanket pricing, services, serviceable areas, maintenance and repairs, etc.


3. Showcase Processes

Rome wasn’t built in a day – the same concept also applies to landscaping. It is a job of careful planning and precise execution. In order to generate public interest in the meticulous ways that your business handles landscaping, uploading process reels can create good engagement.

Reel Idea: The Secret Landscape Company leverages Instagram reels to show how the tree planting process is handled expertly by skilled professionals working with heavy equipment to achieve precise and neat plantations.

There can be many other processes you can showcase, for example, creating artificial ponds, planting flower beds, weeding, etc.


4. Create Walkthroughs

There is nothing more enticing to watch than a peaceful reel that takes the viewers from one end to the other of a landscaping project done well. If there is a circulation path that you have created in one of the landscaping projects, creating a walkthrough reel will help provide your viewers with an intimate and up-close experience of seeing the garden face to face.

Letting the peaceful sounds of the landscaping features grace the 90-second reel will add to the experience of seeing a project done well.

Reel Idea: Bliss Gardens beautifully captures the essence of their projects through short reels on their Instagram page:


5. Feature Focus

Every landscaping project is unique in its own way and right. There are bound to be one or two elements for each project that take the trophy home. Your landscaping business can leverage this opportunity to generate more audience engagement on Instagram.

Use special features that you added to your landscaping projects and create feature-focused reels on them. You can describe the feature itself, where you sourced it from (to help your associates and partners in marketing), how you installed it, and how it impacts the overall look and feel of the landscape.

Reel Idea: Perfect Landscape does a great job of showcasing their water features in this reel:


6. Create a Connection With the Community

Today, the trust a consumer places in a business depends directly on whether or not the business has the same ethics and values as the consumer. You can leverage Instagram reels to showcase that your business is resonant with the needs of the community by focusing on projects that are for public use.

Reel Idea: Bliss Gardens leverages Instagram reels to showcase their children-friendly landscaping project to create a play area with non-toxic and safe materials. This establishes a bridge between the business and the consumer where they can meet on common ground.


7. Showcase Your Specialties

Not everyone lives in a big house with a sprawling yard that can be endlessly landscaped. There is a significant chunk of the population that lives in apartments but still likes to have some sort of landscaping done on their terraces and balconies.

If your business caters to this demographic, you can create dedicated reels to showcase that you do this kind of work. It could become your specialty or sub-specialty, and you can advertise it using Instagram reels.

Reel Idea By The Leaf Landscaping specializes in terrariums and landscaping and caters to those who don’t have much space to give to plants.


8. Go Behind The Scenes

Landscaping isn’t a random, impulse-driven activity. There is a lot of planning, design, and processes that go behind the scenes to create the best outcomes for your clients. You can showcase this behind the scenes processes through reels.

Starting right from the client interviews, site visits, and planning stages to lead up to the finished landscape, you can capture bits and moments that are meaningful for your business engaging in the project. These can then be put together as a reel to show your prospects how detailed and meticulous your business is about the work.

Reel Idea: Applewood Landscaping showcases this concept beautifully by putting the planning stages into a reel like this:

[Source] Create Landscaping Reels Quick and Easy

There is no limit to creativity and innovation when it comes to creating content for reels to showcase your landscaping business. The real challenge is when you need to sit down with your professionals and actually produce the content.

Thankfully, saves you a lot of work by providing an AI-powered social media content creation platform. The dashboard is extremely straightforward and easy to use, putting all the necessary tools at your fingertips when needed. allows you to create all formats of posts for Instagram, including reels for landscaping business owners. Let’s demonstrate how to use to create reel templates for landscaping.

  • Login to your dashboard. Navigate to the left sidebar and locate “Content Library.” Click on it to open the menu, where you can choose the type of reel you wish to create.
  • For the purpose of providing an example, we select the Business to Post option. Once you select it, the interface will ask for several details so that AI can optimize the post for you automatically.

  • Once your inputs are done, it is time to select a template from the options provided. Alternatively, you can upload your own.
  • In the next section, the interface will request you to make all the necessary edits you require to the post before going ahead and posting it.
  • Once you are satisfied with the outcome, you can save it to your computer or schedule it to be posted later. can power your landscaping showcase with AI, speed, efficiency, and aesthetic visuals. Try today.

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