Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts – Explained

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts - Explained

Managing multiple accounts on Instagram can be annoying. Many users want to keep multiple accounts but find it time-consuming to manage them. As our online presence expands, the task of managing diverse profiles becomes complex. 

The entire process of switching between accounts, remembering passwords, and maintaining different content for each can quickly become overwhelming. If you’re among thousands of users who are looking for answers to how to manage multiple Instagram accounts effortlessly, you’re on the right page. 

In this guide, we will explore practical strategies that will simplify your effort of managing multiple Instagram accounts. Read till the end to maintain a dynamic online presence effortlessly without any headaches. 

Is it Possible to Have Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Yes, Instagram allows users to have multiple accounts within a single app. This feature is especially handy for individuals who want to separate their personal and professional lives. Multiple accounts allow you to maintain distinct identities for various interests. 

Instagram allows users to add up to five accounts and switch between them without logging out and logging back in. If you’re using the Instagram 7.15 or above version on your Android or iOS phones, you can enjoy this feature. 

When managing multiple Instagram accounts, keep in mind that it’s best to do it on mobile. The reason is that Instagram’s desktop version is not user-friendly for managing accounts. 

How to Open Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Adding an account on Instagram is simple and switching between multiple profiles is seamless. Whether it’s a personal account, a business venture, or a creative outlet, Instagram makes it convenient for users to express themselves via various profiles. 

To create a new account, follow the steps given below: 

1. Open Instagram and go to your profile page.

Instagram profile

2. Tap the hamburger icon (the three-line icon). 

Navigating to Instagram profile settings

3. Scroll down and click on Add Account.

Navigating to the 'Add Account' option in 'Settings and Activity'

4. Next, click on Create New Account.

Selecting the 'Create New Account' option

5. Choose a username for your account 

Choosing a new username for your Instagram account

6. Assign a unique password. 

Creating a new password for your Instagram account

7. Finally, click on Complete Sign-up. 

After opening a new account on Instagram, most users often wonder how to manage multiple Instagram accounts easily. All you need is awe-inspiring content to engage your followers and attract a new audience base. How would you do that? Boost audience engagement by posting compelling posts videos. 

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How to Switch Between Accounts on Instagram?

Now that you know the step-by-step process to add a new account, let’s learn the procedure to switch between accounts to use them proactively. 

  1. Go to your profile page and click on your username displayed in the top left corner. A pop-up window will appear enlisting all the accounts you’re logged into. 
  2. Select the account you want to use and it will open on your phone. 
  3. You can post, like, comment, and engage with content using this account. You can switch to another account any time you want. 
  4. To switch to another account, tap on your username and select a different account. 

How to Remove Accounts from the Instagram App?

Sometimes, users might want to remove one of their accounts from the Instagram app. Deleting extra accounts eliminates the need to switch between them while saving the time and effort you spend on maintaining distinct profiles. 

More often, users simply want to make room for a new account. Since you can only keep a maximum of five Instagram accounts, you may want to get rid of an old one and make a fresh start.

Here’s how you can delete an Instagram account in a few steps.

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile.
  2. Click on the hamburger icon and click Settings (Note: On an Android phone, click on Multi-account login. On Apple, choose Login info).
  3. Next, click on the username to deselect the account you want to remove. Click Remove.

This will help you remove the selected Instagram account from the Multi-account login. However, the account still exists in your Instagram app.

How to Delete an Instagram Account Permanently?

Continue the following procedure to delete the account permanently from your app. 

  1. Go to your profile and click on the hamburger icon. 
  2.  Click on Accounts Centre. 
  3. Under Account Settings, select Personal details.
  4. Next, select Account ownership and control.
  5. Click Deactivation or deletion.
  6. Now, select select the account you wish to delete permanently and click Delete account. Click Continue to complete the procedure.  

Now the selected account will no longer appear in the drop-down list of accounts. You may repeat the process to delete other accounts from your Instagram app. 

Benefits of Having Multiple Instagram Accounts

In the digital era, where versatility is the key, having multiple Instagram accounts gives users a dynamic platform to express various experiences of their lives.

Whether for personal or professional reasons, the benefits of creating multiple accounts are numerous. 

Let’s learn about these advantages.

  • Audience Targeting: Different accounts allow you to tailor content to specific audiences. It helps ensure relevance and resonance with different groups of followers. 
  • Segmentation of Interest:  Maintaining a separate account of personal, professional, or hobby-related content will allow followers to engage with the content they are interested in. 
  • Brand Versatility: Businesses can create dedicated accounts for different product lines or services they offer. This will enhance brand visibility and cater to different customer interests. 
  • Privacy Control: Keep personal and professional aspects separate to control who sees what. It helps to maintain the level of privacy. 
  • Content Experimentation: With different accounts, you can test different content strategies without affecting the established theme or content of your main account.  
  • Community Building: Cultivate distinct communities around each account to foster a deeper connection with followers who share specific interests. 
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Wrapping Up

Managing multiple accounts on Instagram is not just a skill, it’s a strategic necessity for many users. As we have explored the benefits and methods to add or delete multiple accounts on Instagram, learning the ways to manage the accounts efficiently empowers users to use the platform effortlessly and seamlessly. 

From tailoring content for specific audiences to engaging with diverse communities, the flexibility provided by multiple accounts acts as a powerful tool. Whether you’re using Instagram for personal or professional outreach, the key lies in finding the balance that suits individual needs. 

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